AKKKK i was so afraid this was going to happen… oh no no no no… crum!


Hrm… maybe she can, erm, erase their memories or something?


That wouldn’t be at ALL villainous.


Well…huh, that’s bad. I wonder what will happen now.

Mr. Random

It can only be bad.
Which means it can only be interesting.


Did anybody make a backup? Erm… Hopefully overloading the blobs’ avatars doesn’t fry their real-world brains… After all, most of them should be using fairly simple headset and keyboard interfaces….


Even if nobody is permanently hurt, this is going to broadcast her identity to anyone who might be looking for her.

Iron Ed

Oops. Temper, temper, Little Kleya!

I do like the quote in the vote incentive though, even if I never played the game. πŸ™‚

The Baron

I think it’s cool looking, but I don’t really get what the incentive is about.


Google “all your base are belong to us”. The Know Your Meme result explains it well.


Ah HA!

So it turns out the blobs with hair were actual people that were disguised as blobs the entire time. This TOTALLY explains why they had hair. It was the clue that they would have their faces revealed soon. I shall keep that in mind if I ever see a blob with a distinguishing feature again. I am sorry for doubting.


Ooooh sh**, it looks like things are about to hit the ceiling fan big time o_o

jay bird

May be she sill stop herself before it gets out of hand?


Uh-oh. So they didn’t go away, huh? Well that’s not good. I wonder if they even noticed anything? Kleya, quick, pretend you were joking! πŸ˜€


Well that was villainous. With innocent victims. And extremely public.


I am curious if the avatars will blow up or freeze up. Either way D will prolly have to clean up the mess. Poor girl can’t control her issues long enough to be a proper hero.


…and this is where Kleya regrets asking D not to get involved in LiFe (198 + 207)…
…although a significant part of that was it would make it easier for dad to discover her, which is heavily implied to be A Bad Thing…

Meanwhile, also relevant to the hero/villain dilemma – the crowds in 245


The evil android chrome hijacking ad is back. Can’t even see the page (had to use my PC to do this post) as it immediately hijacks the browser and takes it off to some stupid webpage and attempts to install something that my tablet doesn’t think is a good idea to install.


Kleya, CALM DOWN and get out of there!


Twist plot!

jay bird

Give a late teen with mental issues and a temper powers over computers, and you’ve got kleya.


Not even late – As I’m reading it, Kleya is 15 now.


17, I believe. The Dude talks about her being 15 during the ending (and taking out an army with her mind) and I think it’s said somewhere that this is around 2 years after the ending. Don’t recall where though so I might be wrong.


D stressed master subroutine:



What happens next? Kleya is almost banned from Life. But then Jake intervenes and puts her on probation. And then she punches him.
That’s probably not what happens… this comic is always keeping me on my toes! Love it!

Given Kleya’s faked two different VR interfaces to date (standard keyboard/mouse and an old Kido headset), with the help of D she can probably also change her gateway (apparent physical connection point) into LiFe, so, if she wanted to, could create an entirely new profile if she did something that would attract unnecessary attention. While she’s previously told D to stay out of LiFe, if she gets away with this, it would probably be worthwhile routing her connection to LiFe through a subroutine of D that would stop her doing anything that could potentially harm other avatars (perhaps with the… Read more »

I vote for the punching.

Punching doesn’t seem her style. Maybe she’d write in a big ugly smiley that would follow him around all the time, even in L.i.F.e., and the claim she can’t figure out how to turn it off. πŸ˜‰ She needs to develop a new way of losing her temper, like Skuld in Aa Megamisama, such that when she shouts at people, they end up with the Japanese character for “idiot” stuck on their foreheads. πŸ˜† But I could just see her fans wearing those as a badge of favor, and deliberately trying to get her to lose her temper so they… Read more »

Well, she has already slapped him…. I love the “idiot” idea.


Enrage Kleya and she’ll customize your avatar for free! πŸ™‚


Didn’t she tell D to not interfere with L.i.F.e. ?

In reference to other media, an overload would probably kill someone on a Kido or any other directly connected neural device. Though I suspect if the world is as dire as it is, there is probably next-to-nobody with them. More likely it would just freeze/crash the avatars like we’ve seen when everyone was watching.


Everyone was watching Mina, not Kleya. The only witnesses to what happened are the people she overloaded and their watchers. Still, that’s a lot.


Can you say… ABORT. ABORT. ABORT.



Can D not stop her from making a stupid mistake? Where’s that d*** dragon when we need him?!




I still think hat-person in the middle is that new character from a few pages ago. And I’m very sure she will recognize Kleya, even if she finds some way to pretend she didn’t hack.


AH! Bad bad bad!

Aneeka, you have an amazing way of continually keeping me on the edge of my seat….


Quick Overload your own avatar and let it get blamed on a (different) hacker!


Looks like a bunch of NPC’s that were made to provoke her. Clever, though now she has revealed herself, and her chance to redeem herself is dwindling fast


Either that, or the Erbana route took away her ability to hack


I have serious doubts she actually did what she has been accused and convicted of. If she actually did it, it was out of her control.

I think she was either framed or manipulated into a terrible situation.

I think her ‘cyborg’ condition is part of the problem and part of the solution.


I’ve been wondering what they meant by ‘cyborg’ girl, but I guess I know now πŸ™‚