‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 25

It's Hero Smiley!

And if I was doing chapters, this is where Chp One would have ended.

Full color will soon be returning! Just need to get rid of the twins real quick...

Also, News Flash: I put an advertisement up for the webcomic and it will go live next Thursday. I want to be back in color before that happens so next week, there will be three updates. I'll be updating Mon, Tues, and Fri (edit: days have been changed). It's a one time thing, though. After next week, I will resume my normal update, though I am officially going to update every Tuesday and Friday. I'll be changing the header and fixing up the site a bit more during the weekend.  I'll also be updating a few webcomics to make things clearer. I'd love comments if anyone has any other suggestions, or if you like the new changes.

Thanks for reading in either case!