‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 245


Look at how supportive the crowd is!


And hey, my site got a new look! Just in time for the new avatars that will be showing up shortly.

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Oh, and the vote incentive gives some background on the blobs 😀  Enjoy!


Have you been playing around with the blobs Aneeka? They seem more detailed now.


…Are they just trying to upset Kleya because they WANT her to get angry?
I suppose it’s lucky for Kleya that humans haven’t changed much, to be popular, you don’t necessarily have to be nice, humans still enjoy seeing other people get mad, or putting other people down, just a pity that none of those types can be defined as a hero.

Sides, at best, Kleya seems to be best suited to a Brooding Antihero


That actually struck me as a sarcastic comment. You know, the whole “Oh yeah, sure, go ahead and do that, I’m SURE it’s the best idea ever!”

No way to know for sure, but I do like how the crowd is starting to divide a bit.

Tim C

I parsed it that way: There are some people in the crowd who enjoy seeing Kleya rage.


I do believe Danni is already performing friend duties. Saving someone from themselves is definitely a friend thing ^^

Also the crowd is definitely not getting on Kleya’s good side. She doesn’t want to hear she would be a good villian 😀


Love the new look of the site. 🙂 Though, it appears I now have trouble viewing it on my phone. Somehow I can’t zoom in/out to a comfortable distance as the screen has a fixed zoom size? I end up clicking on all sorts of links by accident making it really hard to read the comic.

… Not sure if it’s just me.


I have the same problem. :/

I have a completely different problem. Every time I hit an arrow button to move the curser it changes the page. While I’ll admit a feature like that is kind of handy when reading, because I don’t have to click on anything to move to the next page. It’s extremely annoying when I want to make a minor correction to a comment I am writing. If I see some minor change, like a comma I didn’t have. I generally use the arrow buttons to move the curser to the spot. Now I have to click on it with the mouse.… Read more »

The new look isn’t displaying very well on the iPad. Are you forcing the width to a particular number of pixels? Or maybe you’ve cet your central column to 100% of the width? Not that I mind the ads ending up off screen, but that’s probably not what you intended.;)

The bit with the crowd trying to get Kleya mad is interesting. (I wonder if Brandon is in the crowd?)

Is the “Go Danni” in the third panel meant to be positive?


“Go Danni!”
Well, at least Danni has one fan.
The Blobs look really good this time.
I winced at the “Kleya would make an awesome villain!” Definitely not what she wants to hear. Is Danni pulling Kleya through so she won’t lose her temper and more of her fans? Because that’s very considerate of her.


I am generally of the opinion that large fanbases generally make everything worse. But sadly they must exist.


Actualy. If they did become a villian group, it would make for an interesting story with keyla wanting to be a hero. I’m guessing Jane will vote for villian group, and possibly Bandit and the dude so they could try to draw out Keyla’s true colors. Though on the flip side. It would make an interesting conflict if they were hero’s to, because obviously Jane is playing the villian…

You have such an interesting story here Aneeka. Good work

The Aussie Bloke

For some folks, their favourite moment in a story is when the hero gets pissed. I, for one, particularly enjoy watching Kazuma the Shell Bullet, Naruto Uzumaki and Masane Amaha go apes**t.


D***, it’s been years since I’ve seen anyone mention S-Cry-Ed. One thing all those characters have in common is that they aren’t completely insane; they do have some good intentions behind their actions. Lucy from Elfin Lied (manga), Shiro from Deadman Wonderland (anime or manga), and pretty much all the characters in Higurashi (anime) are just outright deranged. In general you don’t want to be around them when they lose it ‘cuz everyone’s gonna die.