‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 87


Yep, Mina's mom wears the generic outfit as well. Since she rarely leaves this apartment, she sees no point in wasting money to buy a real outfit.


And alas, no incentive this time. I'm currently in an area with faulty internet; it's a miracle I even got the comic up. If I get better internet before Friday, I'll post the incentive up.

In the meantime, if you like my comic, please feel free to vote! You can vote every day 🙂

EDIT: Incentive is up! Someone had suggested long ago to show what Kleya normally sees and that's what this incentive does 🙂 Enjoy!

James Smith

A hundred’s speaking to soon. Give it a second, a thousands gonna make them crash like Red Leader on the Death Star, but faster!!!

Seros Senric

Personally, I think that her first thoughts on why its struggling is malicious code says a bit about her character.
And also, I think that having that many people watching you all the time is a lot more creepy than having a malicious program that could destroy your data (or worse, post your personal details on 4chan).
The last panel only reinforces my opinion on how creepy it is.

I wonder how Kleya will handle this. I know I’d get very nervous with that many people watching.

I’m not sure what you mean by the first statement, it’s simply an applied example of Alan Turing’s test for intelligence- an artificial intelligence is sufficiently advanced if it can convince a human into believing it isn’t artificial. Basically, the conversation and everything seemed too FORCED and UNNATURAL to Kleya, so she got suspicious and started snooping around the code. It’s just like if someone human was impersonating someone you know and didn’t do quite a good enough job… except that in Kleya’s mind, when something seems off her first conclusion is CODING instead of PEOPLE. Which, honestly, wouldn’t being… Read more »

I think her suspicion is being brought about by the fact that everything looks all distorted and everything. Personally my first thought on something like that would either be that there is a virus or that the apartments are super cheap and so don’t have enough resources allocated to them. Presumably she’s been there before, so she knows it isn’t the later, really only leaving the former as a real conclusion.

As for the watchers, I’d assume they’re fans, but nothing says TENka couldn’t have some people watching as well in the same way.


The representation of the watchers is neat! Ah a pity about the net, well at least you got the page done in time.

Hmmm on generic outfit… what’s the outfit like for guys?


I would guess the same, except for jeans or shorts in the place of a skirt.


That last one with the watchers is creepy.

James Smith

Especial with the ones ON her skirt. That can’t be a good thing.


Wow, you really did a great job (: But Mina’s mom looks young…almost like she was her older sister 😛 Oh well, i can’t wait for the next update!
Oh and…does the watcher can see Mina’s every move? Or She can decide whenever or not the watcher can look?

Annaliese Lemmon

I was surprised at that too, and then realized that in virtual reality, older people are most likely going to depict themselves as in the prime of life.


Ooooook, getting creepy


I bet she is going to hack the watcher “cams” and they will turn off for a few minutes.


I’m thinking that would be way too overt for her at the moment. If anyone from TENka or L.i.F.e is watching, they’ll know what is going on without much trouble. Also, she is going to have to deal with them ALOT and she can’t hack them every time they are around.


The last panel is very well drawn and definitely has a certain shock value.


Did you add in the distortions later? I swear I didn’t notice them the first 2-3 times I read the comic (Yeah, I check alot even when I know there isn’t an update yet.)


Just found you site. I am enjoying your story.


Whoa, the watchers are kind of creepy…