‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 198


It's Mae! Still stuck on the couch.


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well well well, looks like D does more than squish nasty bugs. and seems people just assumed she would move to a city. bet this causes drama. heh, Kleya makes things so hard for herself. she should have seen this coming and planned for it. but then I get the feeling she is still young. I can’t remember thinking beyond the next 5 minutes at that age XD.

Boos to Kleya. HackerVision, or D as he is now revealed to be, is the best darn character in this comic! The page where he taunts Kleya about how she is “no longer the best” and her reply is totally my favorite page thus far! I even like reciting those lines to myself sometimes. I got this voice in my head now on how he sounds when he talks. D, don’t give up. Keep on helping out in your brutal, cheating way. Someday, she will come around… or reprogram you into being boring. Whichever. 🙂 I wonder how “insert”ing would… Read more »

Interesting interaction with D in this comic.

I wonder how Mae knows Kleya has been asked to move.


I wonder how much D is a real AI, or just a very advanced intelligent assistant (for those in its whitelist).

If it’s an assistant, I forsee a lot of ‘MS Clippy’ like trouble.


So all hack-o-vision is D?

Congrats on the ebook publication!


not been revealed what all he does. good chance when she has hacking options its D. and we don’t know how intelligent D is. or for what purpose D was made. he may only offer those options, assuming it -is- him, to Kleya. purhaps that is just part of her interface with D, or D is just aware of her options. too much conjecture, although its fun to guess anyway >3


Long standing question I have about Mae…
If money is an issue, why did the Lilly’s change Mae’s outfit instead of spending it on Mina’s? Mina is in the entertainment industry where her appearance is very important and one of her first lines of dialog was to express how expensive a simple colour change is. I know Aneeka introduced Mae as being spoiled, but practicality dictates that if you have that kind of money kicking around, use it on Mina. (That being said, I’m not the one with a daughter injured and possibly dying so maybe this comes across as cruel).


I don’t recall it being said who paid for that. perhaps Mina did. she might baby her sister as much as everybody else for all we know. considering Mae has a possiblely short shelf life, not really surprising they do spoil her. tomorrow she might bleed out and then they are stuck with remorse and finding a good hole to put her in.


I’m starting to suspect that D is a ghost that rides in with her connection at this point.


So…was Mae playing a video game when she froze up, or something? What else would she be doing to be frozen in that position?


I bet she was watching the trials and got excited before being stuck… or maybe she just had to pee.


I get why the AI would get so involved with L.i.F.e. situations. It must be extremely boring for D now that Kleya is reformed.


I think D just wants to help out any way he can, even if that involves cheating. He sees Kleya as his best friend, even though technically she is like his God lol

Annaliese Lemmon

Ha! I didn’t realize that was the Dude that Danni was shaking on page 59. Too funny!


I’d say the best place to get stuck is the couch. mine is so soft and comfy that I’d probably just fall asleep siting up.


Remember that on pg 110, after D took out the hacker, that Tenka called him their “anti-hacking system.” It seems that D is an AI that Tenka “owns” that they took from Kleya or was reprogrammed to serve her.

Either that, or HE is the virus they’ve talked about that killed Dr. Grace’s son.

Or both. Though the second option seems the most likely, at least to me.


Kleya’s reaction on p 110 makes it clear that she thinks the authorities are taking credit for her work. Calling D an anti-hacking system is amusing, though, given how D keeps trying to help Kleya hack. 😉 It makes perfect sense that Kleya would leave herself a back door in an anti-hacking system she developed, but this back door comes with a barker and a neon sign listing the day’s specials. 😆


I dunno. The more I look at it, the more I’m thinking that D is THE VIRUS. The one that Bandit is worried about catching him hacking in pg 156 and 157, since he went after the hacker that was attacking Danni.

That, and Kleya wants him to stay out of L.i.F.e, which leads me to believe that she doesn’t want him infecting (and possibly destroying) the digital world that’s keeping everyone alive. Also, the “Insert?” option only strengthens my theory that he’s the Virus. Implant the virus into an avatar, and he can spread…


I disagree. I think D is just a helper AI Kleya made to help her with hacking when she was doing it, and of course handling defense. Using an AI makes sense, since computers operate at many times the speed of humans.

Of course, at the same time, we dont know much about The Virus, other than it seems to be separate from Kleya, which leads me to believe that D is not the Virus.


not enough is known to really say what D is, what the virus is and so on. the only hint we have is TENka taking credit for D’s work. just too much left unknown to do more than work some theories and see if any are right. but lets have fun trying to figure it out in the meantime 😀


But, at the same time, the Dude also mentioned no one wanted to touch The Virus because they knew only Kleya could “handle it.” My guess is that D IS The Virus, an AI who just happens to really like Kleya, and when the police said their anti-hacking system got the hacker was probably a cover-up, and TENKA just following on The Virus’s heels. So D is like a really big and really nasty monster who could end everything, but won’t because it would interrupt his napping, and he has Kleya to keep him entertained.


haha, the assumption that TENka was following on his heels is that they could get that close. I always felt they were terrified of doing something that would provoke the virus. although no matter what D is, your righ., he is quite huge. his program has to be rather complex no matter what his level of intelligence is.


True, but remember that today’s computers (though I know you’re talking about NAV) can’t even do a fraction of what humans do with their sensory, processing and effector systems.


I don’t think D was out to destroy the world, if he was mature enough to understand what he’d be doing. I doubt he controls enough bots (if any) to keep the net sustained without humans.


the reason “i believe” that TENka would say that D was their anti-hacker system to cause people to fear them. When someone does the dishes for you and someone notices do you say “oh thanks” or oh i didnt do them idiot.”?


i didn’t do them idiot

I had always been led to believe that was the appropriate response, if you weren’t your family is weird


That’s a bit harsh, stealing credit is bad, but it hardly classifies a whole family as weird.