Hiatus – 2015 – 01

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I've been meaning to take a break/hiatus for a while, but kept putting it off, thinking I’ll take the break when I’m super stressed out instead of just, you know, really stressed out (yes, I’m a workaholic). But apparently my tablet decided to take matters into its own hands and went off and broke itself (okay, I dropped it, but it didn’t have to insist on shattering its screen this time!).

It will take about 2 weeks for my rebellious tablet to be fixed. Around that time, a couple thousand of NAV Vol 3s are going to show up at my door. I promised myself last time that I wouldn’t try to update a comic AND ship hundreds of books at the same time again. Actually, I promised myself during the first Kickstarter, then reneged on it during Vol 2's Kickstarter thinking "It can't be that bad", only to fervently renew the promise.

So, this basically means I’m taking all of September off. Not quite what I was planning on, but life happens and, yeah, I really do need the break.

I still intend to update with something, regardless. Yes, yes, I’m insane. But speaking of insane, we could have a little fun with Jane (ha, that rhymes). If I have any fans that are artists (or budding artists!), I have a few Jane-twisted nursery rhymes that guest artists could try their hand at. Here’s one, for example:

(parody of Little Miss Muffet)

Little Miss Jane

Sat on her skein

Counting her lures and prey

Along came a spider

Who sat down beside her


(The End)


Behind the vote incentive, I wrote out a script of how I’d probably draw out the scene, but I’d be happy to see anyone’s version of this Jane-twisted rhyme. If you're interested, let me know and I’ll post up your drawing during the break. It would be fun to get a variety of them. Otherwise, I’ll post up something else. Sketches, probably, from discarded/upcoming panels. And whatever else I have on hand while my tablet is on vacation.

Thank you all for your patience! And thanks so much for reading my comic!!