Schedule Update



I am all healed and well! Huzzah! Just in time, too, cause I’ll be at SLC’s FanXperience this weekend (and watch, I’ll pick up the famous con crud and get sick again. Noooooo!!). I’m in the Artist Alley, booth A1. Here’s a map to find me for anyone who’s attending:2014 FanX Con - map

*Dude Details:

This story insisted in spilling itself out of my head. I’ve been trying to get a certain blob story to work but it refused to cooperate. Then mittfh made a comment last Friday about the characters drawing each other in their own style. That sparked an idea in my head so I started doodling what their art styles would be like and how their personalities would react to being asked to draw. And that’s when the Dude starting going on and on in my head. The whole story was formed in about a day and then drawn in about 4 hours. It’s always awesome when a story forms itself and doesn’t fight you at all, but instead, demands to be written. Makes all the head-banging while writing worth it! (it also helps that the art style is really, really easy!)

I have no idea if you will like the story (cause I know quite a few of you hate the Dude), but I think the story is hilarious and can’t wait to share it. It’s updating M-F because the story came as a series of tiny pages, more like a picture book than a graphic novel, and I have 35 of them. So, instead of running for 18 weeks, I’ll just run it for 7.

In the meantime, I shall be furiously building a buffer so there will be no more delays during the Reality scene!

Thanks everyone!