d***…Kleya is goin to lose and y, she feels bad for something she did in the past….f*** lol

Nice scene… Mom doesn’t look much like the face in hackvision, though. Actually that looks more like younger Kleya from the Kickstarter page…. Speaking of Hack-o-Vision, I can’t figure out what the words are supposed to be this time. They usually make more sense. Is Kleya getting wobbly from damage? Finally, I keep reading comments that people play L.i.F.e or the Game to earn money to buy food, but that can’t be right, can it? As far as I can tell, L.i.F.e is costing real money to play, and you can earn “L.i.F.e. money” within it to pay its fees,… Read more »

well, elizabeth, if you’re an “outsider”, then life is free and you can do jods and such to earn real money to buy food and such (I’m gessing that is the only way some outsiders can get money), but if you live in the city, life is not free and you can’t gain money from jobs (“they want you out on the fields, not in life”-danni) they want you to work in fields to grow crops and such to feed the people, if you want money, you have to get in the game.

… One huge run-on-sentence (°^°)


city folk have to pay money to be in L.I.F.E outsiders on the other hand get in for free life money and real world money are the same you earn the money in life and that lets you buy food in the real world and the game pays you money if you get in

city folk get the protection and resources of the city vs having to pay money to be in life while the outsiders get in for free but dont have the protection or resources that the city folk have

I know city people have to pay to get in and Outsiders don’t, and I know Citizens can’t earn L.i.F.e. money by singing, etc. and there are plenty of things to spend L.i.F.e. money on, like clothing color changes, apartments, game entrance fees, and fines. What I still don’t understand is whether L.i.F.e. money is any good to Outsiders in the real world. If food and even oxygen are scarce, would anyone be willing to trade them for game points? Yes, I know people today spend real money to buy developed characters in online games, but not if they live… Read more »

Ah, just figured out the Hack-o-Vision image and text. The image of the face is from the doll on BlooJane’s shoulder, so perhaps the fans aren’t the only ones who thought the dolls looked like Mina and Danni.

The text is from the “Initiating” command option on the last page.

At least I think so….


Noooooo emotional trauma



That’s all I can really say. Kleya must have some tainted marks in her past…


If I’m reading this right and the memory of her mom’s death (?) stops Kleya from hacking, it’s sort of a good thing, even if sad.


This has to be among your best artwork to date. Nice job, Aneeka.


This is an interesting page, not least because it includes hack-o-vision, a Game character, a L.i.F.e character, and a real life character, all drawn in sequence in their respective styles.

Glad to see Kleya lose this one, too. Her pathological need to win is not helping her, on any level, and she’s hopefully realizing that now. She’s a creative, quick thinker, but she has a really hard time seeing the big picture – I hope that whatever past trauma she’s reliving is going to help her broaden her perspective.


L.i.f.e? Danni’s a game avatar too =/


I’ve been reading your comic for a while now and this is the first time I’ve liked one enough to comment (And I read quite a few, a number of them pretty good ones so that’s saying something)

I wanted to say that I’ve really liked your webcomic so far, and I think your art has really improved since the beginning.


Hmmmm…..I wonder, did something…….unfortunate…….happen to Kleya’s mother because of a hack she did? It’d certainly help this scene to make sense.


Heh, after all the strips of the “bad drawn” KatV8, I’ve forgotten you actually know how to draw properly xD
Kleyas mom looks really nice on this page.


Wait? Danni isn’t an outsider? I thought Kleya thought she’d die if she didn’t help her?


Danni is a citizen, but she can’t work the way she wants to (injury and can’t do ballet now…?) and so would probably commit suicide if she doesn’t get into the game and make money & therefore be able to stay in LiFe.


I mean she’s ALREADY helped Danni, too bad the powers that be screwed things over so she went to the loser’s grid to fight Danni, but if Danni can eat then she might as well give her donations to someone who’s actually starving.

Like herself…


I don’t know, I didn’t have trouble with that:
Mom: What have you done? Kleya: I don’t lose! Mom: What have you done?! You have to stop! Kleya: I never lose! Mom: Stop!

that one guy

In the background of panel two it says FIZZLE! I just noticed that. Kleya must be having some sort of conflict between her guilt over the pain that she thinks she’s brought to people and her obsession with not losing.


I think that’s just the visions fizzling out.


Is this what it feels like to be hit with an emotion-affecting attack?

that one guy

Perhaps one of the four programs that Jane cobbled together for her special, has an anti-hacking program which messes with your mind… and this is the result of it. Thoughts?


and suddenly bahamut is summoned