I love the perspective in the middle-right frame :).

Also, Danni is done for, byebye!


Kleya just couldn’t help her self, could she? Maybe Danny will get that 5th spot through votes.


Then again we still don’t know Kleya’s max health even with the special, she may have lost anyway


Sigh. I figured it was coming, but at the same time, COME ON!


sorry… but the vote insentive is lame compared to your typicals…. its one of the things that i’ve liked about your comic. (and also why its probibly high up there too)


Actually, I think the incentive is absolutely perfect. Silly incentives are fun, but Dr. Grace’s expression right now is priceless. That is one happy, self assured, evil genius. There is no better way to say “I *knew* it.”


Couldn’t agree more. I rather liked the incentive for those reasons as well. 🙂


Oops! Danni looks kinda surprised when she hits Kleya. Wonder if she expected her to dodge?

“It’s hideous!” *snicker* Danni really dislikes Kleya’s simple Special outfits! 🙂


So she’s not strong enough to hold to her ‘convictions’. A shame.
Oh well, ‘to thine own self be true.’


I’ma thinking that Kleya really needs to get her priorities in order. Being the not-villain means being willing to suffer setbacks for the benefit of others. The whole “Do Not Lose” thing seems to be her major hurdle to overcome… until she can learn that sometimes winning isn’t the important thing, or that her gain is someone else’s loss, she’s going to keep being very bad at being a hero.


She just needs to stick to win-win situations…

just a shadow

actually if she sets a gole for herself (as a game of her oun her vs those who hunt her) as to win by getting someone else up into the game she could trick her mind to take both philosophies. autohypnosis is useful… 🙂


That is a very nasty way of using NICE. Hit them with it mid attack, thus ensuring a counter.
Bad Kleya




Yeah, somebody’s screwed.

I still think Danni’ll get voted in by the Bandit’s fans.

Tim C

Kleya-made specials are a good deal better than any of the others in the Deathmatch, clearly. The second-highest damage was no where close, and that’s with Danni boosting speed, too.


While the media portrays hacking/cracking as a technical activity, in practice it’s often a social one.

“It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people that count the votes.” — Stalin.


So this is how supervillains feel.


Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but does anyone else think Danni isn’t acting herself? We haven’t seen or heard from her between that hacking “attempt” and this fight…


Holy crap you’re so right!! And she was the target of the hacking too. Then again, she’s using her trademark ballerina moves … Still, I think you’re onto something here. Can’t wait for the next page ^^


Hmm…double-knockout perhaps? I wonder how they’d judge that.


Probably the same way they do everything else, By votes.


The specials are all about the suspense and the drama (mostly the drama), huh? Just have to make an entrance first.


Random (probably wrong) theory time!

She programmed Nice not to attack her OR Danni because they are partners, no matter who they attacked. This only gives her a health boost and makes it look less like she’s throwing the match!


With 82 damage, they might both lose. That would be interesting.


That might be what the vote incentive is hinting at.