Holy jeez! O_O I was so sure that Kleya’s problems with winning were fixed for ever and ever now that she lost. Aneeka keeps making me look bad by not following along with what I think is going to happen. First that Bandit turns out to be the Kleya’s love interest, despite probably being way older then her (not to mention making NPCs that harass people TO DEATH. Grr. Hate him.), and now THIS? 🙁 On the bright side though, Hacker Vision makes an appearance. I LOVE HackerVision. Oh man, I so hope that this is not Kleya having a… Read more »
Alex C

We only ever see their avatars. Their real ages could be anyone’s guess.


I mean that I hope that the wire image of Jane that was created is something that was made from hackervision, instead of some mental hallucination. It’s my belief the wireframe mode is a direct result of an AI program that works with her while she is playing. However, since it was originally created by young Kleya, it is always trying to get her to hack and WIN every game.

Since she lost, it created the form of Jane in order to try and pressure her psychologically into giving up her effort to stop cheating.


On the bright side, now she doesn’t have to lead a group we know consists of someone who drives her crazy, blames her for the deaths of probably thousands, AND apparently has a crush on her and a crazy woman with a creepy special who is probably ban-evading.

Frankly, I’d choose that over victory, especially if winning meant that I’d get blamed for the actions of the entire group.

The Merry Lurker

Yeah, but think of this– she’s still IN the group…. and Jane is leading it. Imagine how it will be when she has to follow orders from the one person to whom she lost. Talk about testing your limits!

Kleya, you still have a long way to go.


Um… I’m having a little trouble interpreting the Hack-O-Vision… Did Kleya just tear BlooJane’s avatar apart? They’re not even still in the same Game arena, are they?


I think she may have just killed Jane. o.O Or destroyed her connection

This takes care of 2 problems:

1) Jane as Leader
2) Danni not in the group

but then…
1) Kleya is leader
2) Kleya just did something really bad


Yes, that’s the impression. But I doubt Kleya is going to be the leader, unless she just showed that Bloody Mary is really that other girl (Jane, was it?).
THEN she’d be disqualified and we would have our semi-happy ending.

Probably Kleya didn’t kill BlooJane’s user, unless that person is using a direct neurological hookup. Kleya may have just destroyed BlooJane’s character file, though. I’m not sure how the Game administrators would deal with that. The live observers would know that BlooJane had an account and in fact came in first in the Trials. Kleya’s action may have not only erased BlooJane’s file, but also done something to the Game system to prevent it being restored. In a non-corrupt administration, the managers of the Game should manually re-create an account for BlooJane and let her re-upload her Avatar and Specials.… Read more »

Uh oh… keep it cool, Kleya.


On the other hand, if she did win, she would still be haunted by the means she would have been obliged to use… and the others would be 100% she’s indeed herself.

Sooo… continue to feel bad, you couldl have felt worse.


Uh… hm. So what did she just rip apart? I don’t think it’s any kind of illusion. Was that someone’s wireframe? Did she tear an actual person apart just by doing that?


Well, as all true heroes know, you can’t always win. The RPG’s with the stories I’ve tended to enjoy the most have usually had a boss fight or scene where you didn’t get a choice about having your a** kicked.


People learn very little from success. Failure, losing, is the bigger learning opportunity.


I don’t think she ripped apart anything. Rather, it’s an internal conflict that her mind is externalizing in order to try to make sense of it. It’s a lot easier to image something is there that’s not than to admit that you have a mental problem. The mind is a funny thing.


This is my view of the strip as well – in the digital world it would be easy for her to visualize something to “rip apart”. It doesn’t look like that was the real Jane avatar at all, more like what Kleya thinks Jane would say (if she thought like Kleya does).


That’s how I see it, too. When you feel bad, your brain replays those sentiments over and over (been there, had that…), and Kleya’s dislike of losing will remind her of the one she lost to.

Next time, she will be ready for Bloody Mary, and would be able to better strategise knowing what she knows.


I think that the image of Jane was created by her hackervision program. I think it’s a full fledged AI and it tries to torment her into hacking.


Maybe I don’t know what you were originally going for with panel five, but what you ended up with is excellent, one of the best panels I’ve yet seen from you.


I loved the re-script for vote incentive. I vote for my favourite comics once a week anyway, but your vote incentives are some of the funniest out there. 😀


Ditto that. 🙂

Cybertramon 001

Panel 5 is creepy awesome. I think I can see how she became leader of a terrorist group. I also get a feeling that at some point someone is going push the wrong button and that face will be the face of Death.


If Keyla is entering the game (which she is or most probably will) I know she’ll make for an interesting player due to her lust for winning.


She’s already in because she’s in second, so the only reason she wouldn’t get in would be if she got kicked out for misbehavior. Given that TENka only suspects that she’s the DM leader, and doesn’t actually have any proof, the only reason she’d get kicked out is if she actually destroyed Bloody Mary (which I doubt, because the cast page describes her as the leader of the group, and it probably wouldn’t call her that if she was for less than 10 pages) AND there was proof she had done it.


Don’t forget, Bloody Mary was leader of that group that she slaughtered, creating the 5 spots that were open for these game trials.


Oh but it does say Kleya’s game group. Maybe that says that just to throw us off…