Love the reality pages. And I just finished reading your book… amazing, and and I can’t wait for the next one.


Ok, so Dad is a bad guy… or at least an opponent. Possibly the President… of TENka? (We know someone called “the President” is looking for her.) That would explain how Kleya got her cyber stuff. I guess an interesting question is whether Kleya tore off his part of the photo before or after her mom died. Did he do something that led to her tantrum, e.g. leave her mother, or is he after her because her mother died?

I love D. Always trying to be helpful. 😉

The Merry Lurker
Hypothesis #1) Kleya’s father is Dr Grace, and the child he lost to Deconstruct Me was Kleya. Either she was kidnapped and he thought she died, but she instead went on to become their leader; or her crimes as part of Deconstruct Me (especially causing her mother’s death, perhaps?) have caused him to disown her. This might also explain why he wouldn’t want to turn Kleya over to this President fellow, and wants to deal with her in his own way. Hypothesis #2) Kleya’s father is Saisuke, and he’s just using a young avatar. Who ever said the person he… Read more »
Bandit references Dr. Grace’s son, so I don’t think that’s Kleya. I agree that Saisuke could be looking for someone for any reason, including to kill them– his “nice guy” image could be a complete fake. He could even BE the President, except that they seem to be keeping the President behind some very special security, which would be negated if he’s going online to play games. Whoever the guy in the photo was, Kleya pretty clearly looked up to him (in more ways than just height) when the photo was taken. There’s a lot of emotion tangled up in… Read more »

But I like the reality pages!!


Really a torn photograph? That’s super cliche, I’m disappointed.

On a bright side, the story clarification is nice.

The Merry Lurker

Oh, come on. Who -doesn’t- have a few pictures they’ve torn people out of.


What’d you want? A chopped up one? *Chuckles*


Sometimes people can’t help that a photograph gets torn up.

We had a house fire a few years ago and quite some photographs ‘survived’, but between the smoke damage and the water damage we had to do some heavy operating on the ones we really wanted to keep.

Since the whole world seems to be a disaster area I’m guessing quite a few things got torn up.

(Not saying Kleya didn’t do it herself, but till it’s confirmed I’ll keep my options open. I admit there is something emotional about tearing instead of cutting them up.)


It’s been like forever since I’ve seen someone use that trope, so I disagree on it being cliché.


Are you going to put the half pages together when Reality is done?

Mary Shoup

I doubt it, comments would probably get lost. But more than likely for the book!


Yeah, I like the reality pages, too. Will be strange to go back to L.i.F.e. after that!

And a little more information about D, interesting.

Mark Lilly is probably the father of Mina and Mae?


I agree on the different style. It’s almost like the two are totally seperate comics/worlds.

This (half)page even seems to mix both styles for the first time.


well well well, finally got confirmation D is what Tenka calls thier anti-hacking program.
and…I think there is more to this “he” than was previously revealed. kinda makes me sad for Kleya…


I think we knew D was the anti-hacking program back when the server crashed. The question is whether D is the “virus.” If so, they’re already more suspicious than Kleya wants them to be.


knowing and able to reasonablely suspect are not the same thing. and who knows when the plot will reveal what they are refering to when they speak of the dreaded virus. maybe tomorrow, maybe another handful of chapters.

the virus could turn out to be a different program. not likely with what we do know right now, but all that means is we don’t know enough. so far we are only getting tantalizing glimpses of the world and its circumstances.


Nooooo… Please tell me reality comes right back really soon. Lie to me if you have to, just let me have hope!


Last two panels are loaded with surprise. All the implications, hmm…


PS hope we will get to “see” (the?) two instances of D clashing. Virtual dragons fighting aw h*** yeah :’D

Stig Hemmer

People seem to think the picture shows Kleya+mother+(torn off)father.

What if it is Kleya+daughter+(torn off)husband?


Considering that when Kleya caused the “Ending” she was 15, and its only been two years since then, which would make her 17, I don’t think she’s married with a child.


Hmmm…she doesn’t want what “he” will do if he finds her again…
Maybe dad=tenka=who installed the implants
Which she uses now, but was maybe not a willing recipient?

The tension of the storyline is wonderful writing! Keeps us all guessing (and coming back for more!) Great job, A!


*finishes re-reading the archives twice to get all the details*

Captivating story. The reality pages were a big surprise – I love how gaunt and unkempt Kleya looks, for someone who is a talented hacker and could most likely redirect whatever she needed/wanted to herself.

Great job, Aneeka!

Ok heres a theory, the person in the photo is her dad, whom she looked up to, he’s TENKA’s president which means he’s great with computers, so he probably taught her all her computer stuff but she of course is a natural and continued to learn more, now if he became corrupt and started attaching those computer things to people he thought had computer skills in order to help keep L.I.F.E going with Kleya being the first victim, with his plan to turn them into a sort of human computer forced to spend their lives fixing the game for everyone… Read more »