If the haters are lucky, they’ll just learn what it feels like to be shouted at with crowd level volume.


Seem’s like the fans have someone they hate quiet a bit then, hmm?


Ok, I think I see another Kleya outburst on the way…


Lol yup I bet she’s gonna say ‘Lets all be nice!’ xD

Seros Senric

I like how Kleya was worried for a bit because she thought someone knew who she was, and then seemed to relax when it turned out they were just upset about her being in instead of Waterman.
And then, when they start insulting Danni, she gets really upset.

Maybe there is hope for her being a hero. Caring for friends is a prerequisite, right?


It’s actually a pretty common trait on both sides of the table. Going against the greater good for the sake of protecting or avenging your loved ones is a very common motive for doing evil.

She’s never wanted to be a hero, though. She just wants to not be a villain.


Aw c’mon! I can understand WHY kleya doesnt like/want fans! Fantastic work as ever!


So there’s the main entrance, and there’s the paid-only entrance with less paparazzi.

Seems very reasonable.


On unrelated news: Blobs! MORE OF ‘EM! So this means that there will be a chance for people to get put in there? Hating Danni? (would anybody want that? :D)

Techno Gray

With this kind of mob mentality, I’m feeling less bad about “The End” and Kleya should too.


…you think people cheering for their favorite contestants at a sporting event and booing those who abused the system to get unfairly ahead is grounds for destroying the planet?

OK then. Just making sure.

Mary Shoup

Wait, I thought Kleya would be able to directly upload to the game from her apartment? Or does that still cost $$$?


Good point. Sandra does mention that it charges extra and I doubt Kleya has been paid yet (since she really hasn’t even started). I bet she’ll use that in the future but for now, it looks like she’s doing the walk.


Is this a post-apocalyptic Marvel universe? Why are civilians such a**holes?


Because they are human.


Fair enough.


Some things never change. I wonder how the whole anonymity and no ‘real’ consequences thing have evolved in this virtual online space? Are people less or more easily tracked down?


“We hate you because some other people favored you over someone else in a group we have no or little control over, so we lash out at you because you are more conveniently more accessible then they are!” Don’t you just love society?


I suspect someone will have to be preparing themselves for the WRATH OF KLEYA…

Come to think of it, she should make a special called that, or maybe just WRATH. Of course, it’s not like she’d need a special for that.


Looks like the normals just don’t get how the petitions work, then, if they’re calling Danni a cheater for getting in.


Whether it was her intention or not, she got unfairly ahead of people who were superior combatants by exploiting a loophole in the system. The booing is absolutely justified.

Mr. Random

Not really.If it’s purely about rules, then Waterman was the one abusing loopholes. The Bandit’s character is basically a Rule Lawyer, but one that knows the spirit of the rules as well. If he voted for Waterman to leave, then Waterman’s petition to kick out Bloody Mary was cheating. Technically. All Danni did was accept his position. If anything, it’s The Dude’s fault for kicking Waterman out.


pretty much. but he was more popular, so people don’t like Danni for being unpopular and getting in. remember, most people are like small children. they want what they want and dislike the ones who are seen to take from them or expect responsiblity. if you are lucky you might be of the few who mature into your emotional teens 😀

No, because they’re booing the wrong person. Danni did nothing to get into this situation except agree to take the spot. If she had declined, Waterman would still be out and the next contestant in line would have been offered the spot. Kleya might deserve some booing for not taking her vote seriously, but that’s not how mobs work. The question is, will Kleya’s anticipated rant change the mob in any positive way? Hopefully she won’t just lose a lot of fans. If she were better with people and politics, she could use this opportunity to strengthen her position while… Read more »

Kleya. Arm around Danni in comfort/support mode. NOW! (And display your full wrath if the booing continues and they don’t take the hint.)


Or at least arm on shoulder + encouraging look. It will be so much more powerful than raging at the crowd, because they don’t need to be taken down, Danni needs te be built up.

Also: whenever the masses are terrible like that, I understand why some people don’t exactly want to be heroes (to them).

Mary Shoup

I don’t know, a shout of “You can’t claim to be my fan only to tear down my partner!” with an arm around Danni’s shoulder and loading like that would be super effective I think, more so than an outburst like we saw at Mina’s gig or JUST the supportive arm hug.