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Brief Synopsis:

In a post-apocalyptic world, the virtual reality “L.i.F.e.” is what most people have left to interact with others and earn money for supplies. Like everyone else, Kleya is trying to rebuild her shattered life and get into the Game, the main source of entertainment and escapism. Alas, she has a few secrets that would be deadly if they ever got out...

'Not A Villain' is a continuous storyline with three different art styles depicting the different settings.

Here's a quick idea of the styles:

Banner - Intro for Readers - Setting art styles

The story is best enjoyed by starting at the beginning.

Or you could start at the About page for a more general description, check out the Character page, or simply dive into the Archives and see where chance leads you.

The webcomic began in 2010 and updates every Tuesday and Friday.

If you wish to contact Aneeka (author and artist of this webcomic), go here!