Robotic Kleya looks like one of those facial recognition diagrams.
Bandit: “She *smiled* at me once!”


So he’s stopped rebutting ‘girlfriend’, eh?


refuting I think is the more appropriate word, and it seems so. poor guy has got it hard. might as well be pronouncing hearts when he talks about her.


So… Did Jane clobber The Dude and we didn’t get to see it? 🙁

Bandit’s expression in the last panel is goofy-cute…. I just keep reminding myself that he was probably responsible for Nanea’s death.



No, we saw it… Good hit too!

It was about the same time that Jane became my favorite character too 😀


it was funny, especially cause Brandon deserved it. although I admit it was more of a hit to his pride then to his avatar.


Oh, right. Of course. (silly me…..)


nah, its natural to forget stuff over time. we speculate like this on every page, and I am sure we all have other things to think about besides this(admittedly rather delightful) webcomic. sometimes the old just falls out one ear when the new comes in, yeah?


Besides, when we left Jane she was talking about dealing with the TENka guys personally, so for a moment I thought we’d missed that.

Plus what happened to The Dude didn’t seem worth whining about days later… My suspicion that everything the Dude does is part of an act is deepening.

Hey, maybe he’s to blame for the vicious streak of those AI twins somehow! 😉


I think The Dude is just overly dramatic. As you pointed out, he is taking being pushed down by a girl rather harder then he should. Note also how amused Bandit is by this behavior.

And no, I think the AI twins evil personalities are just the result of Bandit not thinking through his choices well or overseeing their results with much, if any, detail. If he was aware of just how nasty they had become, I don’t think someone as aware of popular opinion as him would let them just run wild like that.


I Love Bandit’s expression in the last panel. It conveys a lot of emotions. Really well done!

The Merry Lurker

No, she can smile ~<3 <3 <3 <3

*WHAP!* Earth to Bandit!!


Bah, she totally can smile, but if you see it then bad things be in your immediate future.

The comic incentive page fails the reverse Bechdel test.