Kat, don’t let it happen!


That’s exACTLY what’s gonna happen 😀
Jane is going to try and Kat will stop her 🙂 by non-violent means ^_^

I called it! 😀


Uhm… I’m sorry, but the vote incentive hasn’t changed yet. It could be something with the time difference or so, but I thought you should know.


Actually, not killing kids could work for Jane. Some of the worst multiple murders, in… fiction, have a thing about letting kids grow up so they can become a more worthy challenge. Let them live, feed on their hatred, and then, when they come for revenge, after training for years with beating you as their only goal, you finally kill them off.

Also, doesn’t this game have resurrection rules? I’m getting the impression that you are out if you die even once.

I think the problem with Jane not killing kids is the fact that to get a 90% rate she has to kill 90% of the people she encounters, and kids would probably make up more than 10% of the people in the Game. Also I’m pretty sure the only kids in the Game would be NPCs and wouldn’t grow up. Though if time did pass in the Game that could be pretty interesting. And yeah, it seems like if you die in the Game, you’re out. However, there may be things put in place to keep everyone from dying. Like… Read more »

Well, even if not killing kids puts her under a 90% rate, it might not be too bad. We don’t really know how the system works yet.

As for kids not growing up. It’s all about roleplaying. Doesn’t matter if the kids grow up or not. All she needs is to put on an act that says she’s doing this because she’s a terrible person and not because she’s got a soft spot for kids.


Hello Aneeka,

I just tried to become a BFNP, but PayPal told me I needed a credit card for that. I was like WTH? The main reason I am using PayPal is so I can avoid using those. Why can’t I go the simple way and pay by using my PayPal account?

Also I don’t understand the voting results you can see in the vote incentive. Like, at all. Probably because I can’t find the survey. Can anyone shed some light for me please?



So? It’s a person in a comic. People make mistakes.

@comic: Wow, and just right after we got the info that parties have to have 5 members except in rare cases. So either killing will cause you to just respawn or they have special permission or someone is already waiting to join… Also it looks like currently no fans are allowed to follow their stars, because otherwise they would already know about the upcoming killing. And why can’t Danni say that Kat is Kleya? As for the one dying: I wouldn’t dare to take a guess. I’d expect Kat and Danni to work together to stop her, so she might… Read more »
Kat stopping Jane peacefully could be interesting, but I’d rather here what Jane got banned for. But let’s face it: Kat is Kat. Not going to be killed. Danni is basically protected because Kat would probably try using herself as a human shield. Bandit is too major to not be there, and I’m sure there are other reasons she wouldn’t go for him. If they actually kill off someone, I’m totally expecting Dude. (Which’ll be a pity, since he’s good for a laugh (to laugh at, anyway,) so here’s hoping it gets derailed. Maybe they find another group rather immediately,… Read more »

A nightmare checkmate!


I hereby declare that I should be hit in the head with a hammer for that abomination in the second sentence. How dare I put “here” instead of “hear”!


PS: Violence is only one of two possibilities to spike interest among the common crowd. The other one would be skin-tight outfits (to say the least). 😛


“Due to the disappointing results from the tutorial, we will need another interesting start. So, I’ve decided to let Jane make sweet love to Kat while Danni dances seductively in the background the instant we log into the game.”


“Also, Bandit and Dude need to put on these neon pink leotards and tutus and spin in place next to Danni.”


This makes me wonder whether the Game has an actual Red Light District. High viewer ratings are practically guaranteed if a group decides to show some fanservice (or watch some fanservice). Maybe they even play some 50 shades of grey. ;-p

I wonder whether the characters are actually able to have sex.


Wow… the animals in the background are beyond creepy O_O, what a contrast


What animals? Do you mean the vote incentive? I thought they were cute..


In the small version image they look cute yes,

But in the high-resolution, the black eyes and misshapen forms… bad vibe man
(Aneeka, I still love the story! :D)


Told ya Dude had yet to freak out…

Wait… WHAT?!!
But… but… you can’t! They need to play! ._.


What. Kleya is not going to be happy about this. On the other hand, their popularity is going to skyrocket when the token good teammate risks her life to stop their psycho team leader from killing anyone.


Jane is a sweetheart. No really. This persona is an act to generate popularity. You just watch.

As for her ban, she may have been caught or strongly suspected of hacking, but TENka considered her valuable, so they protected her with the PKing story. That would explain the grin when Kleya saves Danni. She knew Kleya read the code and predicted her attack, and thus now knows she’s a hacker as well.

But I feel sure she’s a sweetheart.


As fascinating as that sounds, Kat already predicted movements e.g. from Bandit, so the kat should have been out of the bag quite some time ago if they could find code-readers this easily.


Yeah, that is my impression as well. She is going into a game to kill people, in order to get teh funds to feed and take care of her real life children.

I think this is what the Author is going for actually:
Actually Good Morto on a team with Actually Bad Erbana. 😀

Cray Z. Bouy

I assume she’s joking. Right?

Kessy Athena

My theory is that Sandra is saying that purely to get a funny reaction out of Dude when they log in and thus attract watchers. You gotta work with your group’s strengths, and I think one of the few things Dude can really contribute to the group is comic relief. 😉


NOOOOO!!! Who will it be, I wonder.


Jane starting the next session by killing a party member may be the plan. Don’t expect Kat to play along. Maybe some kind of special to incapacitate a character with “guilt”.


I nominate… JANE!
No one will ever suspect Jane killing her!


Mmm… that has multiple negative aftermaths. Would cause to lose the killed player’s fans, to reduce the overall strength of the group, to lose any confidence in Sandra, and several others. Also, what would prevent the others to team up and kill Jane instead?

What’s actually Sandra up to?

If she is being serious the less popular and less skilled player is Danni, which would make her the obvious choice to minimize collaterals (letting aside Kleya burning down Sandra’s city, of course).


So it’s either Danni or the Dude that will get killed. Unless one of them fights back, that could also get some views


Also. it’s SO obvious that Jane is a mother. Possibly Kat’s


It would be much more creative to have her kill The Bandit – both her and Sandra seem to be opposed to Tenka and apart from being amusing in terms of their group popularity, it might be strategically worthwhile to see how far would they go to protect their new “golden boy”.


Pick Dude! >:)


yes! thank you. He is dead weight. Jane needs to gut him like a fish >:D


I just remembered this (1st panel):

Yes, I just read starting from page 223, i.e. the page NotFred linked to show she’s a mother, and I got some more interesting info: 1. Their debut is being pushed back by 2 days, because Saisuke is going to play 2 days straight apparently. So far, not much time has passed and I don’t think that the time when the lights were out counts toward the 2 days. So they have a lot of time before Jane can murder someone and I am calling that headhunters appear somewhere in between (i.e. groups which have lost some member(s) and can’t… Read more »
Sandra’s comment “Save the act for the fans” suggests she knows Jane in LiFe (obviously not personally in Reality), and knows in LiFe Jane doesn’t have the persona she adopts in-game. It’s likely Sandra is privy to some outline details of Jane’s Reality. What may be planned is for Jane to make a convincing attempt on one of the other teammates’ lives, but allow them just enough opportunities to get out of the way. Possibly the biggest reason for this strategy would be to help the other four teammates bond and learn to work together, despite their widely diverging styles.… Read more »

Am I the only one who thinks Jane hasn’t done anything wrong, is actually the very caring mother of some children in Reality, which may or may not have died during the Ending, and her sometimes hostile behaviour is just due to her knowledge of it being a Game? I bet she wouldn’t hurt a fly in the real world. She probably has killed all of her teammates for wanting to kill a child, too. Just a thought.


Aneeka, the speech bubbles “thanks Dude” and “Pick Bandid first!” I think could be re-positioned to make it clearer that the Dude spoke first, and the Bandid is answering

Cheers 🙂


the core problem is that,given her history and Intended playstyle, its highly unlikely Jane will ever be anything but a liability to the rest of the group long term. she’s role-playing a knife-happy psychopath, and making her teammates part of that 90% would fit with the persona she’s using. my judgment may be impaired, given i got TK’d by y Crew’s demolition expert in my first ever shadowrun session yesterday. the 20 Pounds of C-12 going of MAY have been survivable, the fusion reactor loosing containment and reigniting the dormant volcano was not >.>


you could arguably make soem parallels there..

Iron Ed

I think Jane will -try- to kill Kat. ‘D’ won’t let that happen. 🙂

Sierra J

Jane should kill Bandit, and then Bandit should come back as a hero nemesis.

I’m with mittfh if we think Sandra is a good manager–she has to pull this group together somehow, and giving them some threat to face together will do it–or it won’t. I’m not so sure she’s got the right touch, given her muttered crack about Jane and dead children–I will bet that Jane’s sore spot there is VERY sore. Anyway, Sandra is trying. However, I am starting to wonder if Sandra is Sandra–sorry about the paranoia, but “Doctor Grace” has been very docile and dumb for a long time. This is a nice tidy experiment to run on Jake AND… Read more »