Random thought : what if Mina’s mum is Bloody Mary er… Jane!
I know it doesn’t make any sense, at all, but it’d be a cool plot twist.

Lady Elsanor

I agree, that was my first thought. But then at this point she is the only mother figure we’ve seen.

The Aussie Bloke

Yeah, this is either obvious foreshadowing, or an obvious red-herring.

Place your bets! 😀


If which one it is isn’t obvious, THEY’RE NOT OBVIOUS =p

The Aussie Bloke

Well, it certainly isn’t subtle, whichever it is.

Mary Shoup

No way, not with Mae /dying/ if they don’t get her to a city soon, or maybe she really is that insane?

Tim C

I don’t think it’s possible that Mina and Mae would not know about something like that.


Well, the two girls DO have Mae and Mina’s hair colors…

Pretty shading :). Good to see at least someone is aware of the difference between game/realitysoap character and real life personality. Jane isn’t as crazy as she pretends to be. She knows it attracts viewers. In other news, people have dissected the latest youtube app and have found indications there will be paid channels in the near future. I immediately thought about a world like NaV. Low quality cheap stuff, and high(er) quality paid content. Of course the high quality can be accessed for free later (bittorrent, shady streaming sites) but in a world as fast as today, who wants… Read more »

Oh hey Aneeka, question: is Sandra’s inability to keep a secret a deliberate part of her character?

Between telling Danni about Kleya’s keyboard, telling Mae about importing her, telling the team about her fixed Kido, and now letting on that Bloo- Jane has kids, I’m starting to suspect she’s basically the Julian Assange of L.i.f.e.


I feel like asking: since Sandra revealed her real skin tone…

Is she African-American, or Hindi? Her surname and the somewhat lighter skin tone would aim for the former, but the way she dresses hints of the latter.

Then again, she could be Afro-Caribbean, probably from Jamaica or the Lesser Antilles.


Would location align that much with nationality far into the future?


Love the look on the Dude’s face. Jane’s kids would make a great team with her. Too bad they can’t tag in.

Also, can’t wait to see what her family actually looks like (someday).


Wait, is that Waterman???

The idea of Jane having kids is scary no matter what they look like.

That lack of follow up makes me wonder if TENka is even still there, beyond a handful of operatives.

Jane has kids. I kinda like that. Shows how different can players be from their ingame avatar. She might still be a psycho, but I’m pretty sure no one expected her to be a mother. She might as well be a mature and sane adult who only plays Bloody… I mean Jane for the fun of it. What I want to say is that, players and their ingame avatars are not the same thing. Jane is an insane and merciless character who’d kill all of her team mates without hesitation to get her popularity back, but the player behind her… Read more »

Jane is at least mentally stable enough to program (i’ve done some programming and it’s not exactly ‘simple’) and to form coherent arguments that the robots can understand. Besides, if she was really a psycho killer, video games wouldn’t do it for her.


Kleya noticed that Jane’s code was kind of rough, though, as if she’d stuck together several unrelated programs.

As for mental stability, as a mom with two kids, let me tell you that’s a vote against sanity right there. 😉 (But it could explain a lot… See my other comments below.)


But she also said the sheer roughness of her programs was making it difficult to tell what the dolls actually /did/. Maybe that was Jane’s goal? Instead of making it a secure program, she made it one too chaotic and rough to properly read.

(also, programs stick other programs to each other all the time in the form of classes. It’s really kind of cool.)


O_O kids?! We’re doomed.


hahahahahaha…guys…you gotta remember not everyone portrays themselves accurately online. often, they roleplay a little if the situation can support it. so…what I am saying is she might be quite nice now. you all are assuming she will be insane/evil(in the popular mindset there has always been little to no difference)when in fact perhaps that was just how she wished to be seen by those she would compete against. intimidation works.


Wow the hair colors of the dolls do match Mina and Mae’s wow. But that would be a little bit difficult to keep from your kids so I doubt that Mrs. Lily is Bloody Mary.




Jane killed her teammates because they insulted her kids. Calling it now.

Well, of course, she didn’t really kill anybody. She ended the Game careers of several players via their current characters. She might have done that for any number of reasons, including because TENka or her game manager told her to, e.g. to make room for new players (Bandit and Dude), to try to flush out Kleya, to improve ratings, etc. I seem to recall that there’s a rumor going around that Jane’s player is an Outsider and the stress of staying alive is contributing to her unstable personality in the Game. Having kids to take care of would certainly up… Read more »
Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

OMG! It’s Saisuke! He’s on for free!

Actually, the hair looks a bit too long. Maybe it’s a girl? It’s Annie!

Squid Mushroom

my guess is Dr. Grace


Sandra’s looking up, so thinking that’s a shoulder instead of a head


It kind of looks like Jane and Sandra know each other. Since Sandra insists that they call Jane “Jane” and that Jane had messaged her earlier. Any ideas why they would know each other?

Maybe Sandra has a thing for outsiders since she also went after Kleya?

Demon Master

Calling it now. Your all wrong. It’s me. I own it all! Bwahahahahahaha conquer the world /insanity rant inserted here/


Just…a thought. In the third panel it would be properly stated as one of the two; “Jane is WHAT you should call her,” or alternatively, “Jane is how you should REFER TO her.” That is, unless English isn’t her first language, in which her statement makes perfect sense. Then again, we’ve seen no sign that she doesn’t speak English fluently, *shrugs*