‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 235


And Dude lost his opportune moment. Paddy's doesn't seem to be going too well, either.


For the vote incentive, I re-scripted panel 3 for the fun of it. Also, it includes a mistake I almost missed before posting up the page. Gasp! 😉


As per request, I took pg 233's panel 5 and made it into a wallpaper.

You can find this one as well as two others featuring Jane here.


As for the survey, this was the result for the first one:

It was a pretty close race, but I can only invest in one item for now, so it looks like it'll be buttons!

As for the second one, it looks like I will offer the cheaper international shipping. I'll do a pre-order in May. Keep an eye out for it!

Thanks for your input, everyone! And thanks so much for reading my comic!


Yesss, wallpaper!
That is an epic one. 😀

*is totally rereading The Wanted Child, wishing the second one was out* 😛
And I love Jane.

I see the Bandit’s almost-forgotten armband.
Hehe. Knowing eachother for … We assume something close to ten years is a lot.
But don’t they live in different Cities?


After playing the game “find the differences” I found the mistake in the vote bait!


Okay, now that is unexpected, what are they plotting? Having played too much CK2 lately I can think only of bad things.


Why is the Dude looking like someone punched him in the gut in the 4th panel? And Danni isn’t looking that pleased, either.

Any bets on how long until Kleya figures out who Jake is?

Poor Paddy, Jane is quite right. That avatar doesn’t inspire trust, whatever it is that he’s trying to talk Kat into.

Sandra’s use of “us” in that panel is interesting. Just whose idea was it for Bloody Mary to whack her team? The team’s manager, maybe? Who were the other players, and what are they doing now that they’ve dropped out of sight?

very good points. I like how your thinking on this. something is up, and its obvious that Jane is something of a plant. seems only people who are there honestly are Danni and Kleya. the rest are plants by one faction or the other. which brings up a point I hope we can answer before long…who is the other faction?*anticipation* either she does realize who Jake is already or it will be awhile before she does. she either realizes who he is cause of how he beat her on triggering specials or he is safe until he lets something slip… Read more »

I don’t think Kleya knows who Jake is yet. She’s annoyed by his attitude, but not nearly wary enough. If she knew, she’d be angsting about whether to stay in the Game.

She may never have known how Jake felt, honestly. Brandon may say “girlfriend,” but he’s clearly needling Jake, so we can’t take anything he says literally. Kleya may have been so wrapped up in the competition of the Game that she never noticed Jake as anything other than a rival.

Mary Shoup

Actually on one of the pages, she says/thinks something like “He beat me? Only one person was ever able to do that!” Well I thought she did, but maybe that was my imagination because I can’t find the page.

Mary Shoup

Whoops. Well the point being she’s suspicious. I doubt she knows for sure who he is but I think she suspects that her ex-partner is in the Game somewhere.


true. she might have ran for the tall grass immediately if she realized it was him. he was in TENka then, and still is. I suspect she would have a hard time trusting him to keep mum. although that is exactly what he is doing now. which means if I am right then there is some irony there. poor Jake, he just wants some love.

Mary Shoup

She probably thinks it isn’t him or that he doesn’t know who she is/can’t possibly know. If she knew he knew, or if she knew who he was, I can’t imagine her sticking around!


with a fake looking grandpa avatar, who can say no? If that is his best art we’re in for disappointment 😉

Squire James

My basic guess is that the team managers want to make them a villain team (like a team headed by Bloody MaryJane can be anything else). Kat of course is being simplistic and saying no. Well if that’s not what’s going on, it’s only a matter of time…

Mary Shoup

I thought Paddy was showing them design ideas for new avatars and she’s probably saying no to that.

I highly doubt Bandit/Jake would ever be on a villain team.


Okay, that is unexpected. Bloody, Sandra and Patrick are part of Conspiracy? Moreover they seem to know/guess who Kat is and judging from Sandras earlier comments they are not as “We love Tenka” and “we hate everyone who can code” as the rest of the world. The wisdom of age, it seems
Also, nice use of Shadows and lightning effects. Didn’t notice them until the closeup of Sandras face, but they seem to be in the world ever since they entered this map.


nothing suggests they know its her. but they do seem to know what they have in her. an ace programmer trying hard to cover up how good she is. in a world where they need programmers and most that survived are allied to TENka…is it any wonder they want to gain her trust?


i think the dude felt like he can never be heard or isnt valuable since it seems no one notices him. It does make him pefect for Danni though, she suffers from that as well (even though i like both of them).

As for Kat, i hope she sticks to her guns and becomes the defacto leader of this motley crew


I really hope The Game is like a live action league of legends. I can totally see it. Bandit is ADC. The Dude is support. Kat is AP solo mid. Jane is jungle. Danni is top. It’s a really good composition from a meta standpoint.


We know that Saisuke can fight alone and the group thought that the lake on its own was the game. Probably not a MOBA.


Chikai … I think you nailed it. That’s exactly how they would be set up in a League game x-D


HA! Grumpy Kat. “No.” XD