yea i knew she is going to do that, the look on her face…awww she really thought about his feelings (even as a NPC)

Chris Godsey

Seems someone had a change of heart.


I actually think you should have gone for the second version in the vote thing, the effect was so much more striking.


I can see it now:
Danny stands up to Jane, saves the village. Her popularity sky rockets, while Jane’s plummets. As the month ends, Jane, now far under the necessary popularity line, is kicked out. Kleya, being in second place, now becomes leader, and Water Man, now proven right by his petition, comes into the group again.


I don’t know. Crazy is much to popular a thing for Jane to lose so much. Don’t forget that what she’s doing here is pretty much par on course for her and all her current fans (or most of them) know it.
It might actually help Danni’s popularity if she was to stand up to Jane here though. Yet could also lead to her first ingame death.

Any popularity she has, she got while fulfilling her role. She won’t lose her fans for being a bit evil or crazy, because they are fans of that role. Now in other circumstances a villain might not get many fans (though even serial killers oftens have a fanbase), but it’s a game so people can be entertained by a good villain. Acting too herolike however would probably cost her popularity, she could go anti hero, or anti villain but big character changes might cost her the fans she has, while her past will make it harder to get new fans… Read more »

Fair enough, all. I’d forgotten that Jane built her initial popularity on insanity. . .
But then, Jane’s popularity WAS waning when she killed her last group.


Danny can’t fight Jane here, because they are in ‘separate instances’.
The scream she’s hearing is because of a generic tutorial event, that’s happening because she hasn’t gotten to the village yet.


Forgot about them being completely separate here, true.


Granted the target is an NPC without even a name, I still didn’t expect this. Covering the kid’s eyes was a nice touch, though….


Perhaps it was just me, but the second version of this page makes it more ambiguous who she is going to attack. In both pages it starts off looking like the mother is going to be attacked but in the second version it seems like the child will be attacked. Maybe I’m misreading the intention behind the color choices though…


All of them in the same session means that by Jane going for evil she taints the entire crew.

Owen Smith

They’re playing solo remember. I don’t think it’s Jane that Danni is reacting to, the scene in the village looks different.


Actually, when I look at it again I think you might be right. If you look closely you can see a little purple blob that looks like the female villager, but no Jane. I think it is the same place and villager, but different instances since each character is playing their own version.


This was actually the sweetest thing ever, even if Jane still is about to kill the villager. I love how you were able to depict her sadness/regret even when you can’t properly make out her eyes, Aneeka. And her compassion in covering the boy’s eyes. So perfect.


Wait, are they all in this together? I thought they said the game was a one-player deal, so they are all playing alone.


u guys do remember this is a tutorial and not the actual game lol


She’s playing the crazy violent woman and yet, there are some things even she can’t do.


She’s obviously thinking of her daughters with this. If she didn’t, I don’t think she would have bothered with covering his eyes.


Why do I get the feeling she isn’t killing either of the NPC’s……I think she’s after a lock of hair for some reason^^.

Could be totally wrong ofc, but I never saw the point in killing quest givers in an RPG, even if I was “evil”


Yep she’s trying to cut that hair off… Just below the chin.


I have to agree. But why? What are we not seeing?


I think that even if Kat acts a little villainous, she’ll look like an angelic kitten compared to Jane.


I think jane is just insane


Smart move. NPCs might have a few gold or whatever on them, but more importantly she is preventing others from beating the quest. Clever girl.


I think this will boost Janes ratings. And it definitely makes her a more well rounded character


Way to kidnap an innocent child Jane


I somehow doubt that “child” is what it seems.

Methinks Jane knows more about this game than everyone gives her credit for.


Sneaky, I two pages later I finally realize what Jane is doing. Well played!