Sir Read-a-Lot

I think I’m starting to ship Jane and the Dude. That would be so much fun to watch.

Ignore the fact that there’s a good chance Jane is married. I can dream, can’t I?


Sorry, but in my ship universe, the Dude’s already taken.

By the Bandit.

(I know I’m dreaming, but still…)


voted, but got the previous incentive with Sandra one empty word bubble away from asking bandit that ad-libbed question


Haha, I’m loving Jane more and more with every panel she appears in. Please Jane, never drop the act!
Also, d****t Saisuke! I wanted to see the game already! From here on out, Saisuke is my scapegoat for everything that goes wrong, regardless whether it relates to the comic or not!

Brandon may talk a good game, but he doesn’t have the marbles when push comes to shove, eh? ;3 and seems like Saisuke is a big deal. well, makes sense. don’t want the new team getting eclipsed so easily by the established player. cause no way the new team is gonna be able to compete for the fans of someone who has aggressive fangirls. and why should they get paid until they start doing stuff? again, a reasonable decision. although I think it will be tough on Danni’s family. haha, Jane does know how to do things with style, eh?… Read more »

“My blade doesn’t stick to my back here, but I’ll gladly stick it elsewhere.”

Golden. Just, golden.


You know how danni was thought to be deceased? I think Jane is realy keylas mother, and went back in the game to look out for her


The photo of Kleya’s family didn’t have any brothers/sisters.


Maybe one of them was taking the picture?


for there to be more siblings, her mother would have to let her father touch her again. I get the feeling there was more than a little enmity between the females of that family and their patriarch.
and Kleya wouldn’t be feeling so bad about whatever happened with her mom if she thought there was any chance her mom survived. I don’t think she would have stopped looking even if it killed her if she thought her mom might have survived.

Mary Shoup

Could also be adopted children, like ones she found and is taking care of.


I suppose. although I doubt that so much I think my sheer disbelief is lowering the chances of that happening. I imagine raising Kleya was a fulltime job for Kleya’s mom, and her dad…well, its implied he wasn’t terribly paternal. but whatever. what will happen will happen and we will find out.


Well, Jane has a semi-new art style, even if it isn’t “nice.” 😉

Saisuke, eh? Perhaps he’s not Bandit after all….


Or maybe he is and is well aware of the delay being his (other persona’s) fault.

Probably not! But mayyybeeee…


So, does Jane’s avatar look almost the same as Bloody Mary’s?


No. has both pictures. They don’t even look close.


I think the base model is the same(no surprise there, its implied that TENka hasn’t come through with upgrading things so there is more ability to show diversity) and the fact Jane also uses dolls. but all other details are different. so if its the same person she choose something that looks very radically different on her reset.


Not sure why I get this feeling, but I think Jane and Kleya will get along famously (when not butting heads or competing.) Maybe it’s because they’re both notoriously feared and loathed, but they’re actually very…maybe not nice, but human.


The Dude really is afraid of her? Haha, that’s so funny! 🙂

But “glady”? Shouldn’t it be “gladly”?

Nu Jinx

The first web comic Ive ever read…and I just read it from beginning to end…life…I need a nap.
What fun its been to read I look forward to checking in…who knows when BYE!


You know a character’s crazy when the sanest thing they’ve said since they first showed up is “My blade doesn’t stick to my back, but i’ll stick it elsewhere”.


this is the part where Bloody Mary reveals that she is actually a completely sensible human being with a strange sense of humor… right?


no. where would the fun be in that? if she does have such a sense of humor, revealing she is acting would ruin her fun. if she -isn’t- acting, then its more fun to intimidate Brandon. either way, she has more fun if she keeps on going has she has been.


So. . . is Jane’s schtick altered nursery rhymes?


seems like. thinking on that, it does make her more likely to be Bloody Mary. but its purely circumstantial as it only points out a turn of mind that appreciates stuff like that.


Can someone tell me which nursery rhyme is it this time? Trying to find out via google proved useless.


Wow. It took me a while to notice the doll on Jane’s head. Nice touch.