Hey Aneeka! Maybe a bit of critique? I have no idea how to read the chat bubbles in panel 6. That is, it isn’t as clear as it normally is who is talking when.

Of course, I’m also a complete noob at reading comics, so I’m sure a more experienced reader would know how to read it. I just wanted to let you know. Otherwise, the comic is, as always, excellent!


I think its meant to be read top left to right, then work your way down in the same fashion. although it may not be apparent until you reason it out. that is the problem with lots of work bubbles, it can get confusing. but needed as it shows the sisters are having a fight.


arg, misspelled word. my brain’s auto correct strikes again ><


Something I have always used as a rule of thumb for reading the connected chat bubbles is look at the “tail”, i think that’s what it would be called, connecting them, usually the shorter one goes first then the longer one. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet. That’s just my tip for the day.

Loving the comic so far Aneeka, keep up the good work!


Cue the dramatic music… Would Kleya have enough clout to get help for the Lillys if she were willing to bargain with Sandra?

Come to think of it, why is Jane still an Outsider, given that she seems pretty well connected?

Jane doesn’t seem quite as crazy as she acts for the crowd, so hopefully she’ll leave Danni out of whatever she has planned for Bandit and Dude. Not that I have a clue what she really is planning– she’s a lot more complex than she seemed early on. 🙂


Methinks the first panel and the last are not related. . .


I wonder whether Blood Mary’s “personally” means “in live person” as opposed to “in virtual game”.


Nonono Jane…
Don’t you dare hurt the little sister, she’s one of my favorite characters!
I don’t care if you didn’t even do it!


Jane knows Kleya is at least somewhat powerful and voted to keep her on, so I don’t think she’ll mess with her. I think she’s going to look for positive leverage… like medical supplies.


Honestly, it’s fairly obvious who Jane is and why she knows so much about Kleya. She’s already helping her daughter, after all.


I’m not sure what you mean, that she’s her mother who isn’t dead after all?

If that’s what you mean the strongest sign for that I’ve seen is that she knows how to deal with Kleya’s online friends and that she’s really morbid about in that case just almost dying?


that shes this mother.


I think this refers to the theory that “Jane” and “Mom Lilly” are the same person.


if the dolls are evidence of that, it is rather weak theory right now. suppose it could be right, but until more evidence of a convincing sort shows up I will have to be skeptical of that theory.

Lady Elsanor

Totally. It’s like little trumpets sounding off in the first two panels.


Advice on the feet- people don’t really give feet a second glance. Without scrolling up, I couldn’t tell you how many people are showing feet, if they’re wearing socks, etc.
As long as they appear the anatomically correct size, the image will look faultless. Also, I’d suggest a little more shading to reinforce the third dimension.

– Other than that, I think the comic is great and I am really enjoying the story. 😉


the feet are fine I feel, Aneeka. but you should show feet more, where appropriate, as motivation to improve your technique in drawing them. not gonna get better by avoiding it 😀
try starting the feet at different points each time until you find a way that satisfies you. it could be your just not using a starting point that works to your strengths. kinda like faces, if you don’t define the right places first it will always look off or wrong.


but feet so smecksy. everybody looorvs feet


Fans seem to imply positive viewers.. people might follow Kleya because they dislike her. Negative viewing is full of bad effects though, but not entirely without merit.


that theory…indeed has merit. wasn’t there a radio personality that had twice as many haters listening to him? and he was indeed popular.


I think that in the Game, Kat will be one of those “either you Love ’em or Hate ’em” kind of characters without any real middle ground. Which is good for getting ratings in the short term, but makes for a divisive and stressful fandom.


Mina is being just a tad hypocritical here, no? She didn’t have a problem with it when Kleya defender Mina against her fans…


thus you see the problem with Mina. she means well, but she is desperate and and somewhat self-centered. the combination means she might end up being overbearing.


There I fixed that for you.

*the combination means she is overbearing.