“Sanity is relative” HAS to be my new favorite saying. I’ll put it up there with “you said I wasn’t crazy, but the voice in my head disagrees with you” as a way to freak out my friends!

But some of those friends read NAV so…
“W-What do you mean I stole that from NAV?” *shifty eyes*

Jane really has a point. has I have said previously, sanity is just understanding what is right and wrong for your culture. so to a different culture you could very well be insane simply cause you don’t understand their right and wrongs. but alot of beliefs on right and wrong are shared between most cultures, so sanity is fairly close for most places. another thing to consider is no one sees the same world. we all see a different world cause we can’t directly interact with it. we view it through data provided by sensory organs and our own beliefs.… Read more »
Heh heh that’s pretty cool. This is why I enjoy anthropology. What’s seen as rational to one culture might be very strange to another. Like deliberately mislabeling buildings so there’s no 13th floor (obviously they just want skip numbers to make the buildings seem taller than they actually are!) Even Bloody Mary’s slaughter of her entire team had a rational reason behind it, according to Danni. She wanted to make herself more popular. Can she really be called insane when her actions makes sense in a game where villain groups exist? Corrupted, probably, but insane? In all seriousness I have… Read more »
ah, but is Danni right about the reason for it? can we really know why Bloody Mary did it before the question is presented to her and she answers? sure, the reason is logical, its why people would believe it. but is it right? there is a difference between good logic and correct logic. since people want there to be logical answers to all things, they made her doing a party kill for profit. they could understand such a reason so that is the one that stuck…but without knowing Bloody Mary’s reasons or enough of her motivations and circumstances to… Read more »

I still think the team kill was part of a deeper plot, and probably Sandra was involved. Remember, having your Game character “killed” does nothing to your real life body or even your L.i.F.e. avatar. The rest of that team is still around… and now nobody is paying attention to what they are doing.


Someone (I forget who) defined insanity as repeating an action over and over and expecting a different result.

I think that is more being delusional than insane. there are some very crazy sane people out there. think of some of the sociopaths they put on trial. for the most part they know what society expects of them. its why they can function so well without people catching on to their horrible crazy. they are sane. they know what is seen as right and wrong and its consequences. to go off on somewhat related tangent, while we can see that while Kleya is definitely arrogant, at least somewhat self centered and a bit delusional(she seems to really believe that… Read more »

Even that is only relative. Drilling wildcat wells, expecting oil and rarely getting any, or finding water, natural gas, etc…


*Someone (I forget who) defined insanity as repeating an action over and over and expecting a different result.*

But that works very well with computers. 🙂
Make some reboots and you are bound to get different results everytime.

Cu KyleFL


I think its meant as repeating a single action over and over. computers may do the same task in a different manner every time. although I give you points for showing how mischievous computers are.


I already use that saying… Also a few similar:
Weird is good.
Insanity makes you interesting, and with no insane people we would still be in the stone age.


So is she going to be the healer or something?


Paddy’s face in panel #2 is priceless.

The Merry Lurker

Yes, you’re nice, so please don’t kill me…


ooooh, ominous. love the comic, keep it up!


I was thinking more about “you will not pass” as the re-scripted dialogue :p.
And she may not be totally sane :p, but at least she’s got character.


I thought the re-scripted dialog was going to say “I will be nice by yelling at old men!”
But I didn’t want to comment it since the vote incentive hadn’t updated yet and I didn’t want to risk re-treading Aneeka’s joke :p


Glad I voted today. I hope that the “hard copy” will have all of the edits like this. Really so cool. You could present the storyline and have asteriskes to point to the appendix in the back for alternative/ explanatory panels.


Geez Kleya, that wasn’t very ‘nice’ of you!

Stomme poes

“Kats are always odd.” Indeed.

Someone sent me this, and due to the social goals of the game, it made me think of (some of) the themes in NAV. URL:

The point is to stay popular so you don’t get sent out to die. Interesting.


“Gulp” indeed. So was the background just for effect, or did she accidently hack the code and change it in-story?


likely just artistic license. showing that her feelings were intense enough to perceive.

Techno Gray

Jane is quickly becoming my favorite character.

Can we be nice, but dump the cat look? Since it was only adopted because Kleya can’t draw people ears? What about a butterfly? A similar flowy wrap skirt and top all in shades of yellow with detailing in pink and an awesome butterfly mask? And I like the quarterstaff idea mentioned a while ago. Butterflies have a lot of potential special designs too, and they’re a lot more harmless than cats. Or if we are going with the cat theme, could she be persuaded into dropping the colors to something darker? Healer has been brought up, but what about… Read more »

its Kleya’s choice. in real life she is a dark figure. so she is trying to reinvent herself into a lighter persona through her avatars.
part of that is the colors. pink and yellow…bright. cat girl…how many cat girls can you name off that are something not cheerful, peppy, perky, or some other like quality?

Professor Harmless

Well, catwoman for starters. Bubastis. And if you ever worked your way through the Something Positive archive, you’d recognize the true horror of the cat girl if you saw it. o_0


hahaha, so what, 2 and a large herd of followers of the kawaii? my point is still valid. cat girls are in general shallow, cute, and air headed. the exceptions prove the rule, cat girls are there to lighten up tense or dark situations. they are everything Kleya is not, which makes being one good camouflage and a reminder of her goal.

Tre, I don’t know enough about cat girls in general to refute or prove your stereotype- but I will say that Professor Harmless provided three examples and you provided none, so you do have a little something to learn about debate. Anyway, when you think about actual cats it’s a different story. Most cats are selfish and lazy. Not the same thing as nice. And have you ever seen any cat-from a lion to a housecat-play with its food? Definitely not what I would call nice. I thought it over, and I guess what’s really important here is staying recognizable… Read more »
Katrina S

Kats are always odd ….. hey I resemble that remark!!


Thanks for posting that Stomme I might have to buy/check that out when it’s released. Seems like it could be fun


And thus we see that, for all that she is a master of computers, Kat does not understand humans. At all.

Great job, keep up the good work!


She doesn’t even understand herself.


That is so true….


So, maybe it’s just me but the way those three are together and how Sandra says those last lines makes me think that they are apart of some type of organization together. Maybe one created to oppose TENka. But like I said it could just be me seeing thing that aren’t really there.


She still has alot to learn about what it means to be nice.

Tim C

“Nice.” She keeps using that word, but I don’t think she knows what it means.


Agreed. 100%


Previously “The Kat”, and now “Kats are always odd”. Does Jane see catgirls-called-Kat as a recurring character type? Is she just doing this as another deliberate quirk?