D: *hugs a Kat*

ana lee

Kats are cute

Chiu ChunLing

Those eyes aren’t saying “hug me.”

They say “you are advised to move to the minimum safe distance as soon as possible”. Which is not a good thing when there isn’t a minimum safe distance.


Minimum safe distance is logged out.


With the Virus about that is still not enough distance…

Chiu ChunLing

Unless you have your own system that isn’t dependent on TENka. Only one person we actually know to exist in this ‘verse with such a system, though I’d have to suspect that others are out there, just leaving the stupid hacker-hunters to rot in the bed they made by driving away everyone who knew how to keep things running.


So… I been reading this comic since you started all those years ago. (if you have not notice those post from neoshadow or dusky πŸ˜› )

I felt this chapter was a bit anti-climatic compared to the others. Normally you end with dramatic cliffhangers, but this felt like it was kind of expected.

I hope the next volume really picks up. πŸ™‚

Also starting #BlameBandit . Mark my words, bandit choice here will probably a big impact considering when and where the volume ended.



(there is literally no way in h*** she came up with this on her own, or she WOULD have an excuse for why it doesn’t apply to her)
(like, i dunno, the part where she COULD cheat but didn’t only because she was trying to fit in and stuff?)
(this is VILE)


Agrees, these words are echoes of words shouted at her by either one or both of her parents. I could hear it now:

“What’s wrong KAT? You don’t want to be a weak powerless failure like your MOM do you?!”

It amazes me how the words of parents from potentially decades ago can haunt us for so long. Parents have a huge responsibility and so often they either carelessly delicate their responsibility to others who it doesn’t belong to… Or they mishandle and abuse it. Such a shame.

kit ramos
I’m not completely sure of that, I mean sure we know she’s good and hacking and has at many times shown that she had no qualms doing so. But I think recent events had her thinking about things differently. There where more then a few times in the last encounter that she could of done things much easier by pulling out a cheat or a hack, but instead she did the much harder route of pulling it off legit. And yea she was doing good for a while then just totally got her a** handed to her, by a well… Read more »

Nah #BlameBandit . Bandit is the root of all evil.


Geeze Kat, calm down. You’re being a teensy bit dramatic there.


… Dude, do you really not recognize the internal narrative of someone who’s been abused and/or has severe self-esteem issues? A little sensitivity, please.


Self esteem issues maybe, abuse, well not from her parents, although from what I recall from the past narratives, she wasn’t exactly a popular person with society in general before the big fubar wrecked everything. Also, she has always been on top, always the winner, always top notch, the star etc, etc. She has never been at the bottom of really anything. As a kid she was excelling at everything. Even as a villain (unwanted but still), she was considered a top notch villain, so still at the top.


That was not what I expected her to say…but it looks like she’s about to do some major internal character growth, and I wait in hopeful anticipation of the pages to come.


“You never stop learning” seems to fit perfect here.


Ah yes, the classical hero. And the power of Failure.


Interesting watch. thanks for the link…


G-odd***it Bandit.
You broke Kat.

Great Plan.


exactly which is why I started the new #BlameBandit .

Think I should start a Bandit fail counter?


I hope she can handle having to suffer with failing, like everyone else.
If we’re lucky, she can start to grow and learn.


Thus begins her path to development.

Shh. Some people like to experience and not analyze. Unhappily, I’m not one of them. πŸ˜› She may need to finish breaking before she picks up the pieces, and even then she may not find a new way to make herself complete. She’s probably been planning something like this for years. Failing here is her loosing her one shot at redemption. For her to fall like this I don’t think she has a plan B. No Xanatos gambit here, either she pulls of several impossible things one after another, or she fails. She isn’t accustomed to failure and has failed… Read more »

erm… potentionally…
… well, also probably not… afterall most of the people she is with play villians still.
so umm yeah going to back to #BlameBandit again for this page.


I’m not so much worried about her fall from grace as much as I am her climb back to the top. She’ll have an outburst towards Jake like anyone else would, but her actions afterwards will be what either reveals her to Dr. Grace or helps to show Jake that she really is trying to change.

I expect Jake to get clued in on the details and start making up for this shortly after they finish up the fight and regroup with Jane.


That’s if he’s turned over a new leaf, having been turned into a tree for blasting the tree behind Kat…


Jake will never be forgiven #BlameBandit

Jarod Leutri

Huh, so I guess she has no idea how to play in this ghost state. New experience for her plus feeling like a failure. This should be interesting!

Arsenic Adict

That would be strange, she was the beta tester, she played all routes, she must have tested the ghost mode too.


maybe she never died?




She didn’t just never die, she was UNTOUCHABLE!! She had the system so wrapped around her finger, any time she didn’t like where it was all going, she just hacked it the way she liked…

Arsenic Adict

Beta. Tester.

Arsenic Adict

I mean, a tester do not play, they test. You should run all the variants to see if they work and how well. Kat herself said she did ALL the routes, ie the ones she likes and the ones she doesn’t. While testing you should fight, win, lose, run away, die, surrender, every one possibility not matter if you like it or not. You are not playing, you are testing.

Ok, maybe she didn’t do a good job as a tester, but that seems unlikely.


Sounds like they didn’t make their child prodigy “tester” do the failure routes. Her job was more to try and break game so they could balance it properly.

She probably figured out more power stunts then JUST the whole “custom plants on your island” bit too.


Eh, for MMORPGs these days it’s normal to have a playtest – I bet what Kat was doing was closer to that than a formalized tester task.

As for her much closer ‘in’ on the game, she was a DEVELOPER.


That would be why you do NOT want developers doing your testing. They aren’t as systematic as they think.


Chiu ChunLIng is right… she’s more of a pre-alpha tester

Chiu ChunLing

Wait, why would she be a beta tester? Beta testers test betas.


Welcome to the real world, sweety. πŸ˜€

Arsenic Adict

Wonderful page, Kat is cuter than ever.

Well, this could even be positive. It seems they can respawn, and now they are free from the group, right? Perhaps Kleya and Danni can eventually form their own group together, that would be awesome.

Don’t worry Kleya, Danni has been doing exactly that for a while (at least from her point of view), she can give support now and you both will be alright.

Supposing they can see each other while being ghosts, that is.


This was my thought, as well– Danni has had a lot of experience in recovering from being “useless” and essentially invisible. Well, she’s had a lot of practice in being in that state– I’m not sure how much practice she has at recovery, actually….

Arsenic Adict

I just recalled that Danny is kinda in probation. Is she allowed to die even temporarily? Or would it be seen as failing and get her off the game to face doom in IRL?

I guess it all will boil down to popularity. Hope that her last moves were flashy enough to bump her off danger.


It seems they’re still in the game, and able to get another esone, so I’d assume she’s still “visible” and still good as long as she’s still part of the team.


How is dieing cute? ?-?

Nitescu Andrei

Oh, poor Kat.

I love this page, so much emotion. And the color choice and drawing(posture, mimic, everything) is awesome for this moment.


I just finished binging the entire comic from page 1. You’re an amazing story-teller. I can’t wait to see how Kat will respond to a situation she’s never dealt with before.


Congrats πŸ˜€


Excellent! Now she has to learn how to play like everyone else. If you want to be the hero you can’t be nearly as arrogant and overconfident as you were before. A hero is humble!

Maybe she’ll finally fly under the radar of her would-be enslavers and would-be murderers.

Dragon Master

Uh-Oh, her eyes look like she’s on the brink of sanity. May God have mercy on the world if she does go over the edge, because she won’t. Given all her abilities plus D’s, I doubt the human race or maybe even the planet will survive.

Chiu ChunLing
You can only get Heroic BSOD if you’re not verging on the Despair Event Horizon. Or already long past it. While I theorize that Kleya isn’t past it, she can see it from her bedroom…and pretty much anywhere else she goes. I get human-interface BSOD occasionally, it has none of the qualia of Heroic BSOD. It just means I’m unable to simulate human mental characteristics for a time, there is no emotional turmoil or distress involved. In fact I find it comfortable enough (I don’t have access to the emotion of “enjoyment” when it occurs, so I can’t say it’s… Read more »

One word… #BlameBandit … if she ever does.


End of volume? That means there will be a Kickstarter, and a chance for me to buy the entire story so far in hard form, right? I hope I suddenly come upon enough extra money to do that…

Best comic ever!


Jake. . . you are in deep sh**


Exactly which is why I started the #BlameBandit


Poor Kat Dx
Betrayal hurts more than anything.


So, Aneeka, it looks like your evil masterplan worked out perfectly: you had us all bi***ing about Bandit’s stupid d*ck move, as we were assuming he was actually kicking her out of the game — while you were chuckling in secret, knowing all along that he is actually just giving her the opportunity to experience something new, and grow as a person… Very sneaky πŸ˜‰

In other news, sad incredulous ghost Kat is cute.


Great. Now there’s going to be two Dudes screaming their heads off.


Seems like Kat needs a Reality Check.
You can’t be all-powerful in a video game, it’s inhuman and unfair. You CAN be above average though.


I still #BlameBandit


Huh can she lose % for stuff that happens while she’s dead?

Cause janes not been seen in a while.

Bandit has kind of been blindly focusing on Kat.

And he just stole her shtick.

If she isn’t branching out her rΓ©pertoire then I feel she isn’t going to be happy Bandit stole her kill your own party member Stick.

Though it might be that she will feel that… Their can only be one.

Really it could be kind of fun for there ratings to thick there entire party is not a team but a weird fight club.


I do have a feeling that losing an Esone is kind of bad. If I remember right, you need an Esone to use your specials? Don’t you?


Yeah you do.

I’m not positive about this, but you might also need an Esone to have a percentage in an alignment? When they got the Esones in the tutorial, they were glowing the color of their alignment. I’m not sure if alignment percentage even matters though if alignment only affects the specials available to you.

Arsenic Adict

And in the case of an Erbana that’s critical because you bloody need the bag-of-holding Special.


i dont think the esone effects your alignment if that was the case players could probobly just swap esones out and in to become different alignments.
more i see it as a power-core/extra life
you need them for certain abilities and in critical situations they sacrifice themselves to let you live again

Rowen Morland

This is where it starts to get bad if you don’t have someone who can talk to you and balance you: See the end of the world.


She is attracting plants like crazy without knowing it. Pretty soon it may dawn on her that there may be ways that she can use her knowledge to heal herself.


I think she is more finding plants like crazy lol.


Welcome to ghost state, Kat!

Given your skills, and given Danni’s support, I think you’ll manage to muddle your way through. ;D


Well Kat will now be…. Katsper the friendly cat ghost. ^_-
#Katsper πŸ˜‰


Awesome chapter end! Looking forward to volume 4 πŸ˜€

Thank goodness Kat finally put on her big girl panties and accepted dying. If she’s going to PLAY the game instead of HACKING the game, she has to learn to deal with dying / losing / failing… and then getting up and trying again. Another 47 times, if necessary. The way normal people play and the way good players get to be good players. It’s a long, hard road to becoming an expert. Jake was absolutely right that Kat was being too perfect. For someone who was trying to pretend she didn’t know the game, she was not only doing… Read more »