‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 384


And so begins Volume 4 in a familiar place!


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Has Jane always been that short? Have we ever seen a full body shot of her next to the rest of the group before now, for that matter?


I think she’s between Kat and Danni in height. …But likes to slouch in order to look appropriately menacing.


She only needs to reach to their necks, so she’s not inconvenienced.


BAD choice of words, Brandon 😀

Whoa, Jane’s short.


Hey they’re all together again! Go team….? Do they have a team name? I’m calling them Team Dude and Pals. Go team Dude and Pals!


Dude’s not the leader here. Jane is. Jane and Puppets?


Or maybe Jane and Giants, seeing how even Kat is a bit taller than her.


Well yeah Jane’s the leader. No one has the guts to dispute that, but does she have the star quality? The raw charisma The Dude brings to the table?……Maybe Jane and the Nightmares? They are a villian team.


but kat doesnt seem like shed appear in any everyday guys nightmare


Unless they’re allergic to pink.
Or cats…


or they own a cat and know exactly how terrifyingly absentmindedly cruel one big enough to hunt you for real would be. …and then to mix that monster with humans? …and make it subject to a menstrual cycle?!


…here’s hope he’s alright!!!

Also, this remains my favorite art style ^^ pretty!


Kleya/Kat is so cute in the Game!


You mean her husband? Nice knowing you dude have a good few last moments.


I love the shading layer in the voting incentive. Then again, I’m a big manga fan, so I’d probably be satisfied with that shading layer plus outlines and text balloons. 😉

I hope you can combine Aneeka channel and your patreon soon, so that we can all donate money and get three updates a week. (I really, really want more! Your storytelling is so amazing!) Also, just a little drawing tip my sister (an artist) gave to me awhile back: unless the clothes are made out of a shiny material (like leather, rubber, satin) then they actually don’t get highlights, just shading. Hair and skin is all right, because they’re both fairly shiny and so reflect light. But in general, clothes are made out of non-reflective material. Aww, Kat is so… Read more »

Phew, I’m relieved that Danni is alright!


Wait, hu? Wasn’t Danni out of the game?

A Nonny Mouse

Seeing as it’s a new day, I’m guessing that she has a daily limit on being connected, because of the resource limitations surrounding her circumstances.


But the peaple had dragged her out of the game, something about her parents owing them and they were going to disconnect her. She had gone to that glitched place to dance before they killed her…right? Or am I totally in the wrong page?


Ow, whoops. Didn’t see second comment… I think I was pretty off anyway.lol


No. She was pulled offline due to other people not wanting to waste resources on her when she wasn’t being entertaining. This is an official meeting of their group and so can’t be said to be a frivolous thing. Expect to see lots more of the Powers That Be deciding how long Dani gets to stay online when she isn’t playing the game.


Wait a minute! Kat’s ears are moving. What could she possibly listening to on such a quiet server?


Either some nice background music…
Or someone’s coming. Probably Paddy.


Dang, nice work on the curves of the outfits for all of them. Also, the highlights are cool, makes the game look more gamey, nice!


Wow, I just found your comic and couldn’t stop reading it! I’m so hooked now.


After Following this comic for nearly 2 years I’ve made a surprising conclusion, Kleya is Casshern Sins ! Think about it.


Um… what?


Ever seen the anime Casshern sins ?


Just binged this comic, and must say that the story is very well done. I’m autistic, and although I can’t bring about technological apocalypses, (though I sometimes wish I could), I can still connect with Kleya and some of her problems (social awkwardness, wanting everybody to like you, trying to escape a situation). Thanks on creating such a wonderful and meaningful comic, and please continue to do so!


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