And on to the game!


Yeah, was there any doubt that she would get less than perfect? Kinda makes me wonder what Danni’s and Dude’s scores are gonna be.


114%, and 97%?

Now I’m curious to know how the players deal with the esone orbs/disks/rocks. Do they get absorbed into a virtual bank of some sort? Do they cling to your clothing somehow like a mystical brooch of some kind? Do they orbit above your head like an ioun stone, or possibly one of Halo’s/Sydney’s orbs from the webcomic GrrlPower? Or um, do you just have to have pockets or pouches or something to stuff ’em into? (I’d suggest stuffing them into cleavage as one of the options, but honestly, 1. it’s not that kind of webcomic, 2. I like how realistically… Read more »

you sir/madame are a strange and fantastic person.


i agree best comment in a while


Wait, what? 100% good, is it? I wonder what’s Dude’s score then..


It almost offsets Jane’s murdering and robbing of the innocent villagers… hopefully the score is for individuals and not a team total, otherwise this will get awkward fast


Kleya has a “Flawless Victory”.

Owen Smith

But we never saw how Jane solved it.


sure we did she did here creepy murder style that seems to follow fairy tails now a days. Fairy tail being mention we should see D go into action that will be epic.


OOh, interesting. Good to get the plot moving like this! I’m excited!!!


You know, for an outsider, Kleya Smith sure does exceedingly well at the game…

Parnifia the Bastard

Eh. I’m sure it’s just a fluke. Or her true skill shining through. Or “She got second, didn’t she? She’s just that good.” Or some other explanation/excuse that the sheeple come up with. >)


Or maybe… She’s YOU-KNOW-WHO!!!… But then again, there were no explosions, suffering maiming, slaughtering, or hacking of any kind… You know what? Let’s just leave this strange chat room and eat something.

Iron Ed

“(S)he who must not be named”? 🙂


If it’s an alignment chooser…I’m guessing it goes from -100 to 100?


Where’d the FAQ pages go? They were funny, and disappeared from the archive…just curious as to what happened to them. (Did D not like them?)

The Baron

The interviews are missing from the holiday break as well.


I do not like sounding like I am critiquing the strip but is that simply a completion score, or an alignment score….and how has everyone else scored in comparison to kleya? if it is just a completion score I would expect jane and bandit to also hav 100% scores, but if it is alignment I think jane would be the exact opposite of kleya and bandit wouldn’t be 100% it would be more like a chaotic good or honorable evil depending on how they interpreted his “borrowing” of the kid.

Guys, it’s a completion/efficiency percentage for the pathway that you took and got the ending for. An analogy, for those familiar with the Assassin’s Creed franchise, would be the synchronization percentage – you get a minimum amount for scraping by with the minimum requirements for success, but the better your performance, the higher the synchronization for that memory. In other words, Kleya picked up a perfect score with all possible achievements for the pathway and ending that she took and achieved. On the other hand, Dani is likely to get a very low completion percentage for whatever pathway/ending she winds… Read more »

This is how I took it to be, that she got 100% Hero mode or something. Betting Jane got close to 100% villain. xP


The 100% could just refer to having completed the tutorial, like how on some tutorials there will be a 10%, 20% etc as you complete the steps.


In that case, it wouldn’t be refered to as “Score”. It would just show 100%, if it was for mere completion. I think it’s just how well you’ve done!


I’m really loving Kleya’s look at the bottom left… would make a great avatar.
… And staging area?

I wonder if the game will be more of an open-ended RPG world to explore with a lofty goal, with breaks to let the player rest. Or if the game will focus on mini-scenarios that pit the various groups against each other, in a kind of “Hunger Games” competition driven gameplay…
Mmmmm… in any case, can’t wait to see more!