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Colors by Jemma and Audrey. Everything else by me


15% is the minimum for each alignment. Well, you can have 14% and lower, but it won't earn you anything useful/cool. And yes, it is possible to be a jack-of-all-alignments, but that's been frowned upon almost as much as doing Erbana. It's more common to specialize in one with a secondary alignment barely above the minimum.


Hey, I’d been wondering about how alignments worked.

Having a limitless bag of holding is an amazing perk for Erbana, and I can see why players in the know would maintain Erbana 15% just for that.


Don’t know if it’s possible but I would totally go erbana/morto/demoli triple alignment 😛

Collect herbs and rare plants to have plenty of resources to sell for an income while using morto to kill everything that gets in my way and demoli to clear a path to new stuff.


Erbana and Morto are hard opposites, Erbana requires that nothing gets killed in a certain range of you (if I remember correctly) Morto requires you kill something at least once a day.

Alexander The 1st

The requirement that nothing within a certain range of you die only applies to high percentage Erbana – presumably to keep that high percentage -; nothing says you can’t let low percentages get away with more death.

Especially since technically one can be a jack-of-all-alignments, but it’ll limit what you can do yourself as higher level in an alignment lets you do better stuff.


So you just need to be seriously good with a bow right?

Rowen Morland

Might work if you are an off and on pacifist. But it would probably trash both percentages and require demoli to be the main share.

Dragon Master\

That works for me. I like it.


Come now guys, you aren’t being creative enough. Those three can totally work together without conflict.

Use Erbana to get the herbs and things required, use Demoli to make bombs and plant them in populated areas. Then get out of the range Erbana requires before they detonate.

And enjoy the Mortali points. 😉

Alexander The 1st

So…now I’m curious to find out if Danni is going to end up jack-of-all the alignments, or if Dude is going to end up pulling it off in an attempt to make sure he’s on whoever’s side ends up winning out between the Villain/Hero divide.


Cardista seems like it’s mostly neutral, with only a slight hero lean, to me, anyway, so I doubt Dude is going to hamper himself like that. (The only reason I’m even thinking it leans one way or the other is that Morto, Mani, and Demoli all seem particularly Villain focused, so the other three are probably Hero ranks to balance it out.)

Fire Hazard

Is this just the Plant Bag, or can you put anything in there? Because that’s a pretty good perk, in most games.


Hammerspace is an awesome power. Want proof? See here: https://youtu.be/ahJYd3KVdbg?t=3m33s


Okay, scariest ever story format. That is all I can say about it.


If you add up all your alignment values, can you have only 100% in total or can you be e.g. 80% Kesti, 60% Morto, 40% Cardista and 20% Demoli?


Really enjoying the game mechanics.


Heh, the bag of holding by any other name is still very, very useful. 🙂

Mind you, I’m now wondering about how inventory works in the Game. Do the non-erbanas need to carry everything on themselves or is there some sort of “backbag”? Or even literal backbag item you can get? Can the characters (not the players) get hungry and need to sleep?


How does a player gain/maintain the minimum?


Are the alignments mutually exclusive in some way, that is can you be 90% in Morto and 90% in Demoli if you fulfil 90% of both requirements? Or is everything scaled so that the sum of all your alignments percentages add up to 100%. If everything is scaled to add up to 100% and if Danni got 32% in Morto, what is her other 68%?


Hmmm… Morte (sp?) and 15% Erbna?
How’s that work… you’re a homicidal maniac but kinda hate being so?
Or do ya just not kill plants? 😀
Anti-vegan! mmmmmm…. bacon.

Strange how so many Net posts come around to bacon…
Now THAT would be a popular alignment!


How does one check and maintain these percentages? Are we ever going to see the status screen?


Hey love the latest comics btw, I have a burning question. Please answer!
I get that mortos have to kill once a day and erbanas stop violence within their area range to keep their alignments.
but what do demolis and cardistas have to do?


If the plant bag is bottomless, why is there a percentage meter? Or is that for something else…?

James Eck

The percentage meter is demonstrating the 15% in Erbana needed to have access to the bottomless bag.


Is it just me, or is the offset for replies to posts gone? It makes it super confusing to tell who’s replying to what.

Also love the comic as always. <3
And the guest colorists are doing a nifty job!


I still see it with the offset.


It’s pleasantly surprising to see how often you’re responding all of a sudden. Does that mean you’re finally back to having a comfortable buffer after all those harsh times?

Hiring a colorist may be expensive, but I believe it will pay off in the (very) long run.


Could anyone tell me when this gets updated and if there’s an app or something for mobile devices? I started “not a villain yesterday and I really like it for my first web comic.


Found out it’s every Tuesday/Friday but what times? Also could you add all the game mechanics as they’re found out in the about section for quick reference?


Man Panel 1 is so pretty


*wants to make a table-top RPG adaptation…..*


Wait, does Kleya not have an Esone? Everyone seems to have it in their right hand, and I checked all their hands when you asked if anyone noticed anything a couple pages back, but the only shots I saw of her hands obscured the right palm, so I assumed it was there. If Danni’s asking, though, that means it’s straight up not there, right? Man, I can’t wait to see where that bit of information’s leading.


My guess is that Kleya, with her past familiarity with the game and her awesome cyborg-ness, has already set & hidden her esone. In comic #399 Jake/Bandit talks about how Porto Del Fama would be a dangerous place to start since it is villain aligned and they’d have esones that were not yet set or hidden.



Thats a neat feature of the alignment system (Tho I still have my issues with it). Now I am wondering what the minimum benefits of other alignments are. Also, are there any rare benefits of being 100% in a alignment?

Dragon Master

Hmm…. if I could have multiple alliances I think I would go for Mani and Kesti. That way I can manipulate others into doing the quest for me or just talk the quest giver into giving me the reward without having to do anything.

The other combo I would do is Demoli and Morto. That way you can just go on a rampage an destroy EVERYTHING. Muahahhaha *commences evil laughter* 🙂

Alexander The 1st

Demoli and Morto is a great way to pull aggro though.

Erbana at least gives the “A high level Erbana can’t afford for us to die, so it’s in our best interest to make sure they stay alive after combat ends.” knowledge to de-aggro themselves.


I’ve totally forgotten what ‘Esone’ means.


It would surprise me if someone wasn’t already working on a game inspired by “The Game” at this point.


I really liked Kat’s face in this one! 🙂