‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 429

Colors by Jemma and Audrey. Everything else is by me.


Kat's percentage is currently at 100%.



NAV turns 5 tomorrow!! Behind the vote incentive is the half finished sketch I was working on to celebrate.

Regardless, thanks everyone for reading my story! And for leaving comments, collecting the NAV books, meeting me at conventions, and helping me keep the site up via displaying the ads, using the amazon link, and/or chipping in with Patreon/AneekaChannel. I'm so glad that NAV has such an awesome fan base. Thanks for loving my characters as much as I do!

Here's to many more years of NAV (at least ten at my current rate)! Thanks again, everyone!



Awwww 🙂 *big hug* You deserve it all Aneeka, you are doing a great job! 🙂


Silly Dude. There is no such thing as useless. Erbana does SOMETHING, it is therefore useful.

It just has different uses than what you would want it to have. Probably many uses that you didn’t even think you would need.


I think he meant in this specific context, of “fighting our way to Porto del Fama,” in which case, he is utterly and completely wrong, because all random fights are won without damage until Kat decides to let them happen again. In *this* case, Erbana @ 100% is *Exactly* what TheDude wants. Now for something to help them survive Jane/Bloody Mary. . .

Christopher Lawton

can they count jane as a random encounter?


That’s Mr “Expositon Hi-jack” thank you so very much.


Awwww, Kat’s 100% completion coming into play 😀
I really hope Danni figures this whole thing out soon. She needs a better alignment and more fans )=

David D

Be careful Kat! The Moogle Charm is awesome but it does mean you need to set aside some extra time to grind, or boss fights will be super hard.


How did you know it was called Moogle Charm? Is it referenced in the comic somewhere?



FF 6, Moogle Charm prevents random encounters when equipped.


No. Thank you, Aneeka, for the awesome comic we get to read 🙂


I missed the face when I looked at this last night.


“Well aren’t you the cocky know it all. HEY BOOO-OOOSSS, we got randoms wandering your forests over here…”


-sneaks in-
Any news on book three for Ki’s series?

NaV turns 5, and I just turned 26 on Tuesday’s update. XD


So… endless bag, no random attacks… what’s Kat’s third Special, though?

Rowen Morland

Knowing her style* probably a rebound attack that puts damage back onto the attacker as long as she’s passive**.

*Or at least the style she’s trying to have.

**Nah, it’ll no doubt be something more foolproof and clever.


Meh. She needed a damaging Special to get into the Game, but in the Game itself she can play without getting into any fights at all, so no need for that kind of Special. Besides, she can’t risk dying here.
Also, winning through lagging won’t work in the Game.
Also, returning the damage could kill the attacker, which would decrease Kat’s percentage.


She has more than that, the specials they are talking about are the ones gained from your allignment (Or whatever it is called) and from what I have observed until now that means a new ability/stat bonus every 5% from 15% and up


Sure, except their first Esones can only hold up to three Specials at once.


It seems she may have access to many more specials to choose from, but can only equip 3 at the moment because her only Esone holds a limit of 3 Specials. By the sounds of it, the 2 she’s got are pre-made, built into the game ( I wonder if she or her family slipped them in before the whole apocalypse-thing), so the 3rd might be a custom she’s hiding till needed. The rebound thing could work…


Probably lots of the pre-made Specials were already made by her, so she could have equipped three pre-mades. Besides, pre-mades are the most useful for respective alignment, and there aren’t lots of Erbanas, so any Erbana Special is unique enough. There’s no need to make a new one.


Got my t-shirt and book3 in the mail today! (from the kickstarter). And I had to laugh, since I obviously mis-read the sizes on the t-shirts. It’s a little bit bigger than I thought it would be…which just means that I can stick a long sleeved shirt underneath and wear it all winter. ^_^
Also, five years already? Time does fly…this kickstarter for book 3 was the second kickstarter of yours I’d participated in! Can’t wait to read more…this is getting interesting!


Ten more years–? Somehow, that is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. 🙂

This is a truly awesome webcomic, and the dedication it must have taken to create it is amazing.

Thank you for an epic story, Aneeka! I know I’ll continue to support it, and I hope you’ll be able to do this for a living one day (real life can be such a drag, LOL).

Rowen Morland

Reading this through to 2025 would be an amazing trip.


I intend to be here for all of it.

Rowen Morland

High fives in 2025, k 🙂


To be honest, I think Dude is aware of Erbana uses, he just keeps playing his role.

And, wow, 5 years, congratulations. Hope you will be around for the next 5 years as well.


Why would she say percentages and levels are often the same? If The Game is anything like other RPGs, levels, theoretically, only go up. Percentages, on the other hand, have already been established to go both up and down. Also, levels probably move relatively slow, requiring some significant time to max, while you can hit up 100% before exiting the tutorial.

And considering their effects are also distinctively different, I would say they are very rarely the same.


Kat strikes me as a major powergamer. She’s probably used to thinking in endgame terms and min/maxing, so level and percentage would often both be maxxed, in her logic. Or so I read it.

Supreme Underlord

Happy birthday to Not a Villain!

I’d like to thank you for making this story. Since I discovered NaV, it’s been definitely my favorite webcomic. Thank you very much, and I look forward to reading this for many more years to come!


Am I the only one who noticed that tree in the last panel has a FACE? I mean we’ve been told the NPC that used to be a Player had a special to turn people into tree but it’s the first tree with a face that we’ve seen so far. I feel like someone should mention it.

Iron Ed
Good noticing! Now I wonder if the(a) tree-person can talk. 🙂 Also; would it be boring standing there all day every day looking at the same scene all day every day (and night)? Or does the nature of your mind also change to tree-like so that that seems like a ‘normal’ thing to do? I am particularly liking the art and coloring in panels three and five. Also, it’s nice detail consistency that Kat is looking in the correct direction in panel four to see Jake approaching, as you can see him approaching from her left in panel three. Happy… Read more »

As this is a game, I would guess that those players got a *Game Over* and the ‘tree’ is just an observer AI now.

Yeah, spotted it eventually too. but this isn’t the 1st tree-face we’ve seen. We 1st see 1 in 416, middle panel, left tree, then I couldn’t find another till here. As for the boring part, the character probably gets taken over when the power kicks in, an AI taking the controls & relaying info to the player who cast the spell-thing. If it was still player-controlled, I doubt most people would log in just to be a tree with a face, reporting everything you see… “alright, back online, hmmm, surprise surprise, nothing happening…………Been 15 minutes, still nothing……..Oh look, I got… Read more »

No. (I already mentioned that.)


Actually no 🙂 Phylo pointed it out early. Also it’s not the first time, another one already appeared on the central panel here. Wonder how many of them are around.


Wow. NAV started on the same day as My Little Pony: Frienship Is Magic. Congrats on the five years!


Happy birthday to NAV! 🙂 And I’m taking your word about those ten more, ok? 😛

sorry a bit late, I have been off line.


5 years sober . . . or less if we’re resetting from when she tried to hack and Mr. Happy stopped her.