Ah, so that’s where Danni was going with that long story (not that I didn’t enjoy it). 🙂

You should listen to your mother, Kleya. She wouldn’t want you beating yourself up.


Oh hai Kleya’s mother with a deadly gut wound. Hmm, but where are they, that doesn’t seem to be a hospital, looks more like some sort of elevated cave. This does seem to prove that Kleya’s mother didn’t immediately die to some sort of giant robot rampage. But why is she with her mother, where is Jakey, and more! Go my minions, speculate away!


It seems that Kelya and her mother ran away together aided for Jake (335).

If that at the first panel bottom center is a campfire then it could be their hideout.


This is new information.


Yes Kleya you’ve made the king of all mistakes but all your potential for destruction is equivalent to your potential for good. Like the Hulk!


Unfortunately “Kleya smash!” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…


Kleya isn’t her real name anyway…


Danny might not have the tact of a therapist, but she surely manages to drive a point home. “Nothing’s final until you’re dead.” Quite the motto to live by!


If she actualy sais what she did… athogh, I dont think we realy understand what she did… I thought that she had no afiliation with the hackers that did the stuff but… she was reviered or something? SO CONFUSING.

Love it thogh!


She very obviously /does/ have such affiliation, as in, she was actually one of them.

Now, how much she understood and how much she meant of what she did…


That looks like a giant robot hand in the first panel.
So she was at least partially responsible for the whole Robot Uprising part?


Giant indeed. That thumb is at least 1 mt high (around 3 ft 3 in) so if human proportionated the whole robot should be like 20 mt high (around 65 ft or 7 stories).

I do not think that it has something to do with the mechas.


I love you. XD
Have I said that enough?
Layer upon layer of epicness. Poor Kleya! She just wanted her dad back, so her robot tried to get him (spread to mass attacks..?) and like someone said a while ago, you laugh when you’re afraid(personal experience), or maybe she was unaware of what she was doing had an impact in reality when something tried to kill her mom.
This reminds me of the layers of awesome in The Chaos Gods books about Ki’s past. *heart* Am soooo looking forward to book 3. ^^


What I am guesing is after they took Kleya’s father for whatever reason (maybe hacking something he really shouldn’t have) Kleya went nuts and did things to get him back.. and ending up hurting a lot of people, creating the virus and what not.


Catastrophic Temper Tantrum. You know when you were a kid, you’d got anger and sometimes you’d say or do things you didn’t mean, that would hurt people you care about and when you realized how it was hurting them it is already too late and you end up regretting your actions. For most people it isn’t causing a global crisis or the apocalypse, though. It is usually heat of the moment stuff like saying something mean, breaking something irreplaceable and/or of sentimental value… wait… breaking something irreplaceable can describe loss of life.


Or maybe Kleya did some hacking and her father was blamed for it.


Someone needs to get her a copy of Ender’s Game.

Oh sure, he could wreak utter destruction in ways that nobody else could keep up with.

But he’s not just a destroyer. (Thought the whole thing was training anyway.)

Random: Either I’m forgetting entire pages, or that’s the best shot of Kleya’s real life face yet.


…and even then there are still DNA tests.