‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 305


Page is up! I made it! *collapses in a heap of exhaustion*

This is the end of the Reality memory pages. Back to an easier art style! Yay!

Vote to see pg 304&305 as a full-page spread (ie: stitched together). If you're a part of the AneekaChannel (NPC+3 or higher), check out the incentive I forgot to post for pg 304.

Also, I'll be at LTUE this weekend! I'll be doing panels. This is my schedule so far:

  • Thur, Feb 13th:
      3pm - Apocalypses Throughout History
  • Fri, Feb 14th:
      9am - Graphic Novels
      1pm - This Is Your Life
  • Sat, Feb 15th:
      9am - Self-Publishing Pros and Cons