‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 305


Page is up! I made it! *collapses in a heap of exhaustion*

This is the end of the Reality memory pages. Back to an easier art style! Yay!

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I’m reminded of a very particular line: “A great force. The power it holds can bring forth either salvation… or destruction… at the whim of the user.”


Hahahaha, I prefer the Outsider’s line from Dishonored myself. Nothing like complete amorality to spice things up.^^


Thats less fitting though. Since it isn’t in relevance to an ultimate hacking tool, in a game that has captivated the entire world.
… Then again the timelines almost blend together (but not the tech levels). Someone should really introduce Kleya to Helba. Or vice-versa.


So if TV has taught me anything when those Zzit,kzzk,zzk appear it means very important context of the sentence they are relaying has gone missing. And that somehow thanks to these missing words actions of drastic proportions were taken for the wrong reasons, against the wrong enemy.

I’m not sure how or if that is true here but that was the first thing to come to mind and is making me wonder about how those lines could be taken instead with random missing words put in. hmmm.

Kuri Lin


But not necessarily in this case, because for one thing, it might just be this specific tv set that has a poor signal. Furthermore, the line “she’s the world’s greatest enemy, the world’s greatest monster, we have ever known” is pretty much narrowed down to only one interpretation, you know?

“They” call themselves Deconstruct Me. They claim “She” must die by the hands we created. “They claim” She’s the greatest enemy, the greatest monster,we have ever known. “The target is Deconstruct Me we” must annihilate at all costs. Know I’m not sure it is correct in this case it could be just to show bad signal as you say, a cosmetic. Especially with that last line it is hard to fit a plural target word into that line without it being long winded like this one. So is likely just cosmetic fun but that was the first thing that popped… Read more »
Ok, apologies, because I know you worked very hard on these two pages, but I’m having some trouble making out what you’re trying to show here. What I think you intended is: Kleya is in a crumbling building with two mechs breaking in, one at the door, one tearing through the wall/ceiling. There’s a lot of smoke and dust catching shadows and light from outside the room. Kleya is holding something, possibly a broken headset, in her left hand. I can’t tell if the extra scribbles are supposed to be evidence of D/hacker vision, or just smoke, or flying rubble,… Read more »

Kleya’s not holding anything. That’s part of her bionic exoskeleton/comuter interface thing. I’m not sure if it’s literally fused to her hand, but she doesn’t take it off either way.

The big chunks of scribbles look to me like obscured whatever-is-lying-around-on-the-ground.

I didn’t notice mech at the door until you pointed it out. It looks unfinished, which is unfortunate, but the page overall looks really good for something I assume was rushed.


I had the same troubles, too, and understood a little more after seeing both pages together in the vote incentive, but I still don’t get everything. I think there is a lift opening and a mecha in front of the rift. Is that perhaps a supermarket she’s in? I think, too, that she is or was holding something that is now falling down (the dark parts), because her exoskeleton is on the back of her hand, not in her hand. I’m also not sure what is lying on the floor. Debris? People?


Seeing it now on a different monitor makes the picture clearer! It seems as if she was holding some of this terrible artificial food and it falls down the moment she is shocked to hear the people in the TV talking.
I wonder if this is her Mecha waiting in front of the store…
And I’m sure it’s Dr. Grace talking, with his two assistents we’ve seen before standing next to him.


Oh, so that’s what you were doing. Okay, that makes sense.

I just noticed, between the speach baloons and the crack in the screen I don’t think we ever see this guy’s eyes. Is that on purpose? What could that possibly ominously represent?


So they hunt down anyone with enough power to hurt them? No wonder everything got so messed up…

I’ll still thinking scapegoat. In addition to previously mentioned reasons, there’s the giant cyborgs themselves – Kleya’s skills are in software and neural interfaces, which suggests another group / team built the cyborgs. Given their size, they’d be difficult to hide, so couldn’t exactly be built in stealth by amateurs. That would suggest they may have been built by the military before the disaster – which would be even more reason to blame the hackers for them “going rogue” – especially if it was an inside job (the hackers being the group most likely to find out what actually happened).… Read more »

Ahh You don’t see the bonus stuff. The mechas weren’t built by Kleya or anyone from Deconstruct Me. They were built mostly by IHI. The hackers just.. hacked them. Whether or not Kleya and the others were truly the ones who actually hacked them is a possible question, but it’s more likely, judging by Kleyas guilt that she kinda went a little power crazy.


I am getting the impression Deconstruct Me were acting as vigilantes and nobody but the people they were acting against really got what they were after. Which made it easy to make it “all their fault”. First because they were acting as vigilantes(when does that really work in real life?) and second nobody outside the targets understood what the goal was. Thus authority could make up any reason they wanted.


My tendency is to give Kleya’s version of reality the benefit of the doubt – she was a villain, she is now working on being a hero. I don’t need her to have been misunderstood in the past for me to like her now.

As for art vs speed, I like the balance you’re striking right now – art can always be improved, but you have to call it good sometime.