‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 335


Kleya is 13 in these particular memories. Also, that's Kim on the middle right; she used to have shorter hair but gave up that hairstyle after the Ending.

It's NAV's 4th Birthday. Yay!

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I always appreciate a backstory so as to understand how things developed the way they are. From the setting of the overall story, we know that the backstory couldn’t be a pleasant one.

Hurray for Aneeka for keeping us coming back!
And please get well soon!


Great page! And congratulation on the 4th birthday! 🙂

And get well soon!


Aw, feel better soon! (There’s a lot of that going around.)

This is a really great page. So many puzzle pieces. 🙂

I guessed that the woman on the right was Kim. Do we know the guy on the left? Is that the guy who is always arguing with Kim?

Now I wonder if her dad got brainwashed or was otherwise compelled to call her a monster, or if her subsequent actions caused him to hate her… and I wonder if her actions were partially motivated by wanting to “rescue” him.

I still don’t think she killed her mother, though.


I think the guy on the left is Walter.


I don’t think she directly killed her mother it was probably something she had hacked to be haywire blew up the hospitals where her mom was at

Dragon Master

So they all knew each other before the Ending? That’s interesting, that’s very interesting.

I was going to put this on a previous page, where comments were talking about Kleya and Jake’s past, but I think it fits here as well. (I’m curious to see if this panel is due to the The Ending’s robots or before that when some organization tries to seize Kleya’s potential or something.) Aneeka clearly put some effort (or knows someone like Kleya) into developing Jake’s character because his easy-going personality is one of the very few that would mesh with Kleya’s enough to become a long-term relationship. Kleya can’t have a relationship with someone who is also competitive… Read more »
Potential & Change
“Kleya will always be that way until she matures enough to put long-term social goals above short-term ones and decides to expend enormous efforts (5+ years) to redefine the core of her “Must win” personality. Any less than 5 years and she’d be a faker and ultimately a ticking time bomb.” … Don’t assume that human potential for growth as a person is limited by the examples you’re aware of. Your post is very interesting but also very clearly highlights an internal idea that certain people are sort of “stuck” along certain tracks for awhile (“He is still a young… Read more »
It does take years for someone to fundamentally change their personality, if the change is constructive and not deleterious–it’s biology. If someone is capable of changing in hours or days, it means that all the structure required for that change must be already implemented, and that’s not always the case. There’s few people who can develop a savant skill just by removing a mental block–as much fun as that is in a story–but most people can develop most skills to incredible levels through years of dedicated practice. That’s because the mind is made up of living cells that take time… Read more »

“If a human being truly wishes to, deep change can happen within a matter of hours or days.”

Took five minutes for me – but that was only because some things – “puzzle pieces”, one might call them – suddenly all fell into place, pretty much giving me a non-religious epiphany. I’m not comfortable with going into details here, as it was something life-changing for me, but deep personality changes can happen very fast, as your viewpoint to your own life changes.

People can deeply change within a very, very short time, and stick to that change for their entire life. Sometimes, the reason is quite obvious, sometimes… not so much. A person can stop drinking altogether because someone he cared about and used to party with, is dead. Not because drinking killed that friend, directly or indirectly, but as a tribute to their memory: “a party without my mate is just not the same”. Even though they still actually like alcohol, and they suddenly took the decision to not drink anymore, it doesn’t make their decision fake. My main complaint with… Read more »
I’m pretty sure that Jake taking Kleya to a remote and isolated area would be more likely to put her on guard, and that hearing a confession of love would cause her to panic and flee–or leap into a fury if she found it patronizing or manipulative, regardless of its sincerity. I’d say the oblique approach is the right one–Kleya cannot possibly object to someone else being as guarded and cautious as she is, and would find it suspiciously out-of-character for any TENka employee to ‘try an honest approach’ while still expecting something from her in return. I can imagine… Read more »
“…hearing a confession of love would cause her to panic and flee–or leap into a fury if she found it patronizing or manipulative, regardless of its sincerity… I can imagine her breaking eye contact and pouting right now… though I at least (think) Jake knows her well enough to understand this is not a sign of vulnerability where Kleya is concerned; and more of an implicit “This is your first warning. Stop playing with fire.” Wow, very well said. I admit to having little experience with women with that type of personality. And perhaps I’m mis-remembering something, but I thought… Read more »

Just one thing: new brain cells are not impossible, they are just not very numerous. Your brain can change, on a fundamental level, but really slowly.


I’m betting her dad is responsible for her mother’s death. In the best interpretation, he cracked under whatever they were doing to him; in the worst, he simply used mom as a scapegoat. The way he was in the TV. I’m guessing mom and Kleya split up after this scene to hide. Mom isn’t wearing a kido in this scene, is she? Her shoes sort of look like it but her arms don’t.


I think it was her who caused her moms death but not on purpose it was probably a result of her hacking or maybe a haywire robot


I think the traditional Kido is more like an immobile chamber(I’m picturing something that looks like a tanning bed), and Kleya seems to have the only functioning Hakido ever produced, so I don’t think her mom is wearing one. Just strappy shoes.


Krya på dig! That’s more or less the Swedish equivalent to “get well soon”. 🙂


And “Parane pian!” is the same in Finnish. 🙂

Cray Z. Bouy

Blasphemy! You can’t be sick on your offspring’s birthday! You get better this instant!

Srsly though, get well soon, great comic, good job. You kept this comic going for 4 years, which, from what I’ve seen from others, is no easy task. So congrats!


Haha, I just realized that “Hakido” practically has the word “hack” in it >.>

“Hakido” = “Hack, I do”
No wonder people started being afraid of her or whatever!


It’s only one letter away from ‘Hapkido’, too! Thud. Kleya doesn’t seem to be much of a martial artist, though.


I read it as “HA-kido” for “Human-Augment(ing)-kido”. Could be wrong, but that’s what the “ha” became in my mind, considering what it can do. What “kido” stands for, or if it’s just a word for something, I’ve no idea.

Hrod Ruck

The cloth on the middle panel is SO well-drawn! You’ve grown very much since 4 years ago. This is one of the things I like the most about your comic: I can watch the artist grow. Also, get better soon! 😀


Congratulations on four years of “Not a Villain”. 😀

Hope you feel better soon.


So thats why he told them it wasn’t the right person when they asked if kat was the person they where looking for


Who was Kim? I really enjoy seeing some back-story as well, this story just keeps pulling me in! Get well soon I know the feeling of being sick currently, I also picked a fantastic time to get my tetanus shot so I am now sore all over. 🙂

My opinion of the backstory right now: it could have been literally anything. The range of options along the scale of blame placed on every person is insane. From “everyone made it worse in some way” to “it was just a big misunderstanding”, literally anything is possible. Literally anyone is this story can be a villain to literally any degree, including sainthood. We know Kleya isn’t a person she’s known to be. We know she regrets whatever happened. We know she blames herself for it. We also know she’s just the sort of overachiever personality to take blame for things… Read more »

Totally agree with you. The hints are there, but they’re somewhat vague, and as you say, don’t show what’s actually the level of culpability of anyone involved.

After 4 years, you’d think it became frustrating, not knowing anything for sure. But I’m tremendously enjoying this story, and don’t mind the slow-pace whatsoever…


Happy 4th birthday NAV!!

Hope you feel better soon though 🙂