‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 304


This is actually a double-page spread, but these Reality pages are killing me, so I'm cutting it in half. I was hoping to have improved enough to be faster at Reality shading but apparently that's not the case. I lost my lovely 2 week buffer, too. Sigh...

Only one more to go, though. I'm saved!


Ooh, we got an extra adjective – *flying* cyborg.

So this pretty much confirms that Kleya is indeed responsible, in whole or in part, for killing a lot of people.

How long should we give her to reflect before demanding that she go back into LIFE and deal with more stress? ๐Ÿ˜›


It’s hard to say how much of this is new information, though. We saw her flying in the last reality sequence, but most people chalked it up to something slightly more mundane than cybernetics. The Bandit also confirmed that she was the DM leader, but he and Dr. Grace had gone back and forth on the issue so many times with certainty that he couldn’t be trusted.


No, it just confirms that her group is responsible, and that she feels directly responsible for the consequences. I had a discussion on this with a couple of others on pg 301.


True. All that this confirms is that the group she headed did in fact do something very wrong. Which we kinda knew already. Just cause she was the leader means beans. A leader can be an active force or a figure head. Can even go between the two. We don’t know the politics yet so how can we judge how involved she was in this?


My guess? “Hey, I found this neat trick to break into any system, like those robot control systems.”

Then the hacker followers played with a few too many vital systems, because they could.

Explore, play, learn, but when the bots go on a rampage, power shutrs off for vital systems, and the air’s ruined, it went a bit too far.

Does it confirm anything, though? All it says is the world believes she is responsible, which we already knew. It is terrifying how easy it would be to set someone up or create false information and use that. And with her personality, I can see Dad having laid a trap for her, causing her to start everything by looking at something, or even by trying to stop such an event. She could have been used all along, with Dad causing her to kill Mom, and everything else that happened due to something he set up, traps he laid, ideas he… Read more »

This is the anti-cartoon. Where a gifted little kid almost destroys the world rather than save it.

I was going to say its an anti-anime, but really, 20% of anime is a creepy little kid turning people into chunky salsa.


Wow, ok, I am not an artist so I had no idea how much work these pages are, but if you lost a 2-week-buffer over three pages they must be really intense. I bet it hurts everytime you place speech-bubbles on them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you should sell the bubble-free versions, e.g. along with the book or something.


And in regards to yesterday, presupposing the statements are true, Kleya is -indeed- a transhumanist dealie.

Also, awesome I described something well for once in my life, thanks for the comments guys. I’m sorry I stole so much of Oscar’s response opportunity, it’s such an awesome thing to discuss though.

I wonder how much of that little news reel was made up, and how much of it was encouraged by her daddy as a testing dealie.


‘Flying Cyborg Girl that destroys the world’ is, in fact, what I want to be.


i don’t know if it does confirm… it sounds more like she was just linked to the hackers. She may have not been directly responsible.


I dunno about the blame here. The “We’ve decoded stuff that proves these people did this” sounds rather fishy.


“Genuinely fishy” or “trope/laws of story fishy”, though? Remember, in fiction characters will routinely decrypt things with merely a supercomputer, whereas in real life your average encryption key would take all the computers currently in existance decades to work through collectively.

Or did you mean fishy in that you don’t think the stuff they’ve decoded actually proves what they say it does?


I doubt they’ve decoded anything to be honest. Given hints through the comic so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a cover-up of some kind, where Kleya discovered something, tried to stop it with help from some friends, and “accidentally set it off”, or at least that’s what the real crooks want people to believe.

Either that, or she was messing with something and made a mistake that got through any and all safety measures and destroyed civilization. Which honestly doesn’t sound as likely, but still. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Good catch! Could be a kind of set up.


“Flying cyborg girl” – this is really a little strange!

But she has eyes! First time we see them in the flashbacks, I think.

Alexander The 1st
โ€œFlying cyborg girlโ€ Yeah…that’s an interesting piece of dialogue. For two reasons: 1.) Obviously, the “flying” adjective. 2.) We still don’t know Kleya’s real name, IIRC. She had her thought process earlier on on “Delete Kleya’s Smith. Start over.”, but everyone else presumably should know her name in Reality, scapegoat or not. I wonder if later on, someone will (Possibly Jane and/or Sandra) will refer to her by it in some recruitment part. Or even further, Aneeka could *easily* drop a bunch of red-herrings with any name. You never know – perhaps Kleya’s had siblings/stepsiblings/cousins/etc., and her father or someone… Read more »

She hasn’t got eyelids, though…

I’m ashamed to be the one to point it out, seeing how the art improved since the beginning and how long it takes to draw reality. But to my defense, I do believe my criticism is constructive.


I love that your static actually cuts words out. Annoying because we still don’t know everything but so much better than kzzt- silly kzzt fake kzzt static.


I still do wonder if she was just named their leader by the propagandists, or if the hackers in general were held as scapegoats, or if she really was behind the terrorist attacks, because I really can’t believe she’d do that last one. Hack into systems, yes, find out their secrets, yes, but intentionally cause damage and destroy? Unless the exoskeleton interface did something to her brain, I have trouble believing it.


And what will you do, when they come to take away your internet?


…I honestly can’t think of what you mean by that comment. And I tried.


I don’t know, I’m not ready to believe Kleya’s the one responsible yet. Probably because she is so certain she is.


*hugs Aneeka* You can do eet! ๐Ÿ˜€

Did she just throw something at the screen? It looks broken, and her pose suggests motion. Also, that looks suspiciously like Dad in the image– tattooed arm and all. I think I see a bit of the interface peeking out from the nape of her neck, but I don’t see it on her hand. Is she wearing it in this scene? The rest of the background is a bit difficult to make out. As for the transhumanism argument, yeah, maybe. I’m still waiting to hear what the flying cyborg girl and her alleged hacker minions actually did. Kleya, as we… Read more »
I suspect she was made the scapegoat. The company that controls LIFE did the real damage and her hacking was a failed attempt to stop them and by blaming her and the other “hackers” they could discredit them and prevent the truth from being learned. Even more she may believe that her hacking was responsible assuming she made a mistake in her efforts to stop the disaster, rather than it being planned. One of the pieces of evidence is Bandit referring earlier to her killing her mother. The person shown here would NOT have done that. At least that is… Read more »

Unless of course she created something like a sentient AI with the sole purpose of taking out anyone who displeased her. Too many people in line? POW POW POW. Some jerk bumps you walking on the sidewalk? ZAP. Mom decides to ground you? CURTAINS.

There IS a flashback when she is starting to hack that shows her mother saying “What have you done?!” so it was probably unintentional or she thought she was helping her mom.


When you eventually finish rest of the double-page spread, you should come back and insert it as 304b. That way, you can keep going with the story without having to worry about it too much ๐Ÿ™‚

So. ‘Flying cyborg girl’, huh? Does this have something to do with the magnetic chaos&destruction that brought about The End Of The World (As We Know It)?

And what does Dad have to do with it? Though with the simple-minded approach, this could well explain why she ripped him out of that picture.

The more we read about Kleya, the more I wonder the extent to which she (and hackers in general) been scapegoated for the destructive events that rocked the world. They may have been at least partially responsible for the chaos and carnage, and Kleya had ultimate confidence in her abilities and a ruthless determination to succeed; but knowingly killing a significant proportion of the population for real (including her mother)? I’m not convinced. Besides which, TENka seem to have a considerable amount of power, being responsible for LiFe – the primary social experience for survivors – and probably have a… Read more »

So, she alone has that spinal rig? I thought it would be something TENKA made for all their top programmers.


She built it, and it appears she never shared how she got it to work, or they were never able to replicate it.

Kuri Lin

I just started reading this comic the other day. I wish I had discovered it sooner because I’m in love with the story. I really want to draw some fan art now.


World ending Hacks of choice? Spontaneous skittle touch for some, random laser eye blasts for others.


I just realized that hacking the world’s geomagnetic field is what lets her fly. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she damaged it.

Pshhh! Hehehehehe. No no, manipulating magetic fields are possible but such fields are not computers. They cannot be hacked. But anything that would cause a disruption in them to this degree that a human could make would be immense. There would be no uncertainty of who did it because it would be found rather quickly. I cannot guess how Kleya’s cyborg frame makes her levitate exactly, but its fair to assume it somehow causes a same polarity field around her so that the earth’s field just pushes her up. But it could use some other means. Any case, there are… Read more »

he means that “hacked the earth’s magnetic field” was mentioned in the comic previously

Hmm. Sort of appropriate that I caught the Robocop remake this week then. That IS one of the core flaws with cybernetic transhumanism. Depending on the degree of bonding, it’s entirely possible to have actions taken against your conscious will, while simultaneously your brain convinces itself that it was totally your own decision. Re: Levitation. I suppose if you could somehow put 2 magnets with their like poles facing inwards, and step between them, with some way to keep them facing each other(or otherwise maintaining the same distance), you could. Beyond that, stuff like moving… Beyond my high school level… Read more »
As a physics major I would like to chime in on the floating using the magnetic field debate. 1st, you can NEVER put two magnets opposite each other and have them stay. It just doesn’t work. In theory, yes, if everything is static then you can, but in reality nothing is static. Even if Kleya did manage to make a static system to hover in, she would be unable to move without falling. I do not think that Kleya used the geomagnetic field to stay up. The average refrigerator magnet has a strength of ~100gauss. The earth’s magnetic field is… Read more »
I don’t know enough about manipulating electromagnetic fields to argue with your second point. It is entirely reasonable that the earth’s magnetic field is not strong enough for such levitation. However, speaking as a programmer and roboticist, your first point is incomplete (it answers the letter but not the spirit of the question). It is true that with purely two magnets levitation would not work stably, but if you add in external forces it would be possible, such as when you put two circular magnets with central holes on a dowel. The dowel prevents the magnets from leaving their opposing… Read more »

another thing not to look over would be some form of quantum locking.

With regards to what dragonspeaker said(which I’ll assume was directed at my post), I was thinking more along the lines of like giant, ceiling/floor-occupying magnets. Sort of like this: ===Magnet HERE=== you+magnets ===Magnet HERE=== So the magnets would be embedded in the ceiling/floor, just far enough apart that they wouldn’t rip the room apart, but close enough that anyone wearing an outfit with the poles facing outwards(We’ll assume for simplicity that all magnets are disc(squared discs for the room, and all poles for repulsion are N) So you have your suit of disc magnets, with N facing outwards, and the… Read more »
I find it amusing that the right hand sidebar ad is now trying to sell me super-strong rare earth magnets… So I can be like Kleya? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t know how Kleya’s cyber suit lets her levitate, but I doubt being suspended between magnets has much to do with it. I don’t think she’d have earned the nickname “flying cyborg girl” if she had to be in the middle of a magnetic room to levitate. I’ve never thought it likely that she had anything to do with the shift of the magnetic poles, though I suppose if there was some… Read more »

Naw, we were just discussing possible ways to levitate. My ulterior motive is somehow persuading Mattel to release a working hoverboard by next year(cf. Back to the Future).


A lot of the things that happened couldn’t be caused by standard hacking. The only way to force a supervolcano to erupt would be to ram a nuke into it and hope you breach the magma chamber, and it has enough pressure to actually erupt.

This indicates that either everything bad happened at once by chance, or these people have tech we can only dream of, and it was used… poorly.

I don’t get why people keep “splicing” the hacking with the ending, when there’s a clear timeline already set: First, the hacking occurred, probably causing damage to civilization Then, the hacker hunts began, in which people hunted down anyone who was a programmer And then, the end of the world came, with volcanoes erupting, and ice pole melting, etc. What we do know about damage done by the hacking is Shanghai. More specifically, that it was attacked by a robot army. We also know a robot tore down the hospital where Keyla’s mom was staying. And we were told that… Read more »

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One of the reoccurring themes with Kleya is that she gets tunnel vision, and gets so focused on the goal in front of her that she ignores the consequences and side-effects. Very mad-scientist mindset. In the Game, she was so focused on her own actions that she didn’t really stop to think that allowing Jane into the group was a bad idea. I have a feeling that Kleya’s responsibility or lack thereof for what happened to the real world is related… she got so wrapped up in something, accomplishing a goal, that it didn’t occur to her the kind of… Read more »
There’s nothing she could have done to offset or upset the Earth’s polarity. That’s like asking an ant (nearly microscopic insect) to single-handedly turn Mount Everest upside down within what had to be a matter of days or weeks. Not gonna happen. However…if some of those hacked robots set off bombs on weak earthquake faultlines, those in theory could have triggered a series of earthquakes that could have led to a re-eruption by supervolcanos (Yosemite and Yellowstone Park are capable of literally blanketing a dozen states in up to 10 FEET (3 meters) of ashfall downwind to the east). That… Read more »