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Colors by Audrey with edits and everything else by me.


Kat picked it up here.


Phoenix Comic Con is happening next month, which I'll be attending. I was wondering if I had any fans in the Phoenix area who would be willing to help me during the con? I mainly need help with setting up and taking down; you'll need to be able to heft 40+pound boxes (books are heavy). You'll get a free ticket to all four days of the convention in exchange for helping me, plus you'll get to see some behind-the-scenes of how a con is run. Contact me with the subject: Phoenix Con Helper. Thanks!

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23 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 568"

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What girl clothes would ever have pockets big enough to put anything in? That’s the running thing, isn’t it? Pockets. They need to be bigger.


THIS. I am of a mind to start a pocket rebellion.


I know right?! I’ve taken to making my own clothes just so I can have usable pockets.


Me too. I’ve been sewing a lot of historical costume but now I want to start making modern everyday clothing just so I can get some d*mn pockets.


Classical RPG player: Picking. Up. Everything.

But apparently these clothes at least have pockets?


Silly Danny. One does not need pockets to store sand, when one can find enogh sand in ones shoes and underwear.


It’s rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere.


Sand, so good for your enemies’ eyes

Dragon Master

I wish I lived in the Phoenix Area, I’d totally come help you. The 40+ pound boxes would pose no problem I’m used to hauling around dead tress that weigh like 200+pounds Unfortunately I live all the way on the other side of the country. 🙁


Did you just do an entire comic for a pocket sand joke?


That made me laugh.


But 15%?!

Seems like it would be pretty hard to not maintain a low level since other alignments do so with ease


She lost her esone.


It’s not that her percentage dropped that much (I think!), it’s that she no longer has an esone and can’t access her specials until she gets another one.


I may be misremembering, butI think it was said once that without an Esone you can’t access certain Specials. It would appear that the Erbana Bag is one of them.


So why isn’t a 15% pacifist behavior common? It can’t be that hard as long as you’re not one of the two killer types, right?


Sadly, I won’t be in Phoenix for the Comic Con. I hope you have a great time, though!

Silly Thoughts
huh, a two-way joke one laughing at gender clothes and women rarely having them and the other one dudes thinking who 3D models or draws, in this case, 3D pockets with space for sand into a pretty girls design. (army girl yep, cat girl gone wild might have such clothes if they are originally a city cat girl but Kat is girl known for standing there as her special did the work and now is a healer/druid/herbalist. Who thinks to model in the correct space into their designs of pockets I’d more likely hide seams and any weird effects in… Read more »

Wait, I’m up to date? But I had 8 pages to read! …


Why is sand a “them” in panels 4 & 5? Sand should be an “it”, no?


Sand in one hand, grass in the other… So them. I agree though that it’s a bit confusing…