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33 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 558"

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Everybody hates Tenka. Or just Bandit in general


Awwww omg. Danny you’re cute <3

Nikary Flare

Gahaha. I love this page.


I really love the rain. It looks great!


The parallel dialog is so funny. Looks like at least when it comes to whispering, Kat is faster than Bandit. She should make a Special based on this. 🙂

Btw: Did Kat hear what Danni whispered to Bandit? The way she smiles makes it look like it.

Bandit in panel 2 looks like a cyclops. What is this big circle on his head?


I read it as her just being happy that she was able to help Danni. But that one makes sense too. I do tend to ascribe too much kindness to characters, after all.


I’m pretty sure Kat’s just happy that her help is valuable and she’s successfully being a “good guy”. The smile is a little too soft to be smug at Bandit. (Also I love how Danny is taking sides 😀 )


She does not really take sides, she is just still pissed at Bandit because his official character tries to bug her? She is not got a splitten In and Out of Character xD


Yeah, you’re probably both right, Kat didn’t hear Danni’s whisper to Bandit.

@Kalrakh: I think she’s pissed at Bandit for killing her and Kat. 😀


I would have thought that the double gravity would have been obvious. Being that the rain would have been causing more pain in addition to adding water weight to the clothes and hair making most everything more difficult.


I’ve never been in a different gravity situation, but there have been mornings when gravity seemed stronger than usual! I suspect that what Danni feels is a general lethargy, as everything takes more effort. Also, coming from a half-gravity zone, she might not have noticed that the gravity isn’t twice as strong, but 4 times as strong


I wouldn’t envy anyone trying to launch an orbital rocket from that island. Gotta love the discrepancy in Danni’s replies though. Looks like she’s not alone after all; boo.


I suspect that she will do better than either of them in 2G, thanks to her dance training (=> superior agility)


Oh this was cuuute
You know what, I think I’m starting to ‘ship Kleyanni


I love how Danni’s whispers are all swirly. They definitely remind of her dancer grace. 🙂


it’s the same swirly applied to the other whispers, but the blue one stands out a lot more on this page. If you look and compare carefully you’ll see it.


They all have effects, but they’re not all the same. Bandit’s has pentagons, Kat’s has circles, and Danni’s has swirls.
I’m going to go look back and see what The Dude and Jane have on theirs, or see when the effects started if nothing else.


The effects start on page 540. Jane’s looks like broken glass and The Dude hasn’t whispered since just before then.


I give it a month (in the story) before those two are romantically involved.


This is a really great page.


that got me laughing


Poor Jake! I think this Bandit persona – or at least peoples’ reaction to it – is really getting to him. He’s such a nice guy that having people dislike him must be very disheartening.


I’m not so sure about this. From what we’ve seen so far, I think he actually enjoys being smug… He’s probably just frustrated at others taking things too seriously.


This is my favorite page


Love the the rain.

Also, punctuation ALWAYS goes inside the quotation marks (Panel 4).

Nikary Flare

Not in some other languages.
Just saying: “always” might not be right.


It’s meant to go inside brackets as well…


This has to be my new favourite page. So much to like in it.


Oh, another vote incentive! You know that they work best if you tell people about them? 😉


So cute.

THAT’S RIGHT BANDIT! She doesn’t need your help she has Kat’s!


OMG, I actually got caught up! 😯

Now I have to wait for the next one… 8-(




Someone’s being ungrateful 😉