‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 471

Colors by Audrey. Everything else is by me.




Los Angeles Fans: I'll be in your town next week and it would be fun to meet any of you! I was thinking meeting at Hollywood Blvd's McDonalds on March 15th at 6pm. Comment or email me if you'd like me to send out a reminder email to you. Thanks!


… the comment for this page (s)could very well be “oh sh**”


I was also thinking adding *BOOMF* for the impact sound effect.


Random thought (uh oh, I think I’m picking up Daniel the Human’s habits!);

What if there was no sound, cause it’s it’s not/not just a physical attack?

What if it has some sort of status effect instead/as well?

I know Aneeka mentions in the extra pop-up text thing about being unsure of which sound if any, but this was the thought that came to me because of it…


I don’t think the first panel needs sounds effects. Heck, I would remove the thought bubble from panel 2.

Also: you should release the not-covered up version of the last panel as a screen shot or vote reward or something.


I am imagining this without the box that says “Danni!” and I think it looks at least 20% cooler. People in things call peoples names when they get hurt way to much. The box seems to serve no purpose. Readers can clearly see that Kat noticed Dani got hurt.


So she didn’t dodge that one, hope she survived it.

Of course now Kleya is really pissed of, time for ul-tra-vi-o-lence ?

kit ramos

Yea me too, Though in some games high level healers can bring back party members who did get their hp wiped out. I think Kat can still save Dani, and now that Kat’s really upset That Demoni is going down, not sure how but he’s not going to like it.


If I remember right, the fact they have 1 of those power stone things (forgot name) means they can survive 1 “death”, but it does cost them the stone & therefore their ability to use Specials…

Maybe with the right herbs, 100% Erbana Kat can bring back Danni’s stone if she did loose it? Or “peacefully” remove a stone or 5 from the opposing team, unless that counts as “killing” them…

kit ramos

estone I believe is what they call it, and good point. be interesting to see what Kat does end up doing.

the other guys might not all still have theirs, as they did say they ran into some complications so we don’t know on that.

though one interesting thought though is what is a standard class skill and what is a special? or is all “magic use” in the game done with specials.


I thought it was esone. *shrug*

Hm, an area spell that hit only Danni… now that’s an excessive amount of violence if I’ve ever seen one. Dude’s Special incoming!!! Also it’s interesting that Kat still isn’t afraid at all even though it’s currently 4 vs 1. Something big is about to happen. Maybe after Mean Eater was gone she immediately switched that Special for her Ha! Special. Well, no matter whose Special saves the day, I’m curious for both of them. Therefore it will probably be solved by Jane hacking away at them from behind… man, so many different possible outcomes and I haven’t even pondered… Read more »

Kat’s not afraid because she wrote this game, she knows everything about it, and, if worse comes to worse, she can re-write the fabric of reality to better suit her.

I wouldn’t be afraid, but I would get angry.

Weeeell, in theory she can probably do that, yes. But she has a real bad conscience for having done something like that already. Causing the apocalypse has got to leave some mental scars. So she handicaps herself and fights the urge to cheat because of her conscience and also because she doesn’t want to be found out, hunted down and killed. Therefore, if she stays within the rules, 4 vs 1 is quite a challenge, because the only things she has going for herself are her genius Specials, the fact that apparently nobody knows how to play Erbana properly anymore… Read more »
Actually if I recall, she didn’t write the game, her parents did. Though that still gives her a huge amount of insider knowledge. Was mentioned that it was her mom that came up with Erbona class and everything about it. Agreed with the whole apocalypse thing. Especially since it wasn’t her goal to cause that and all of the mess and misery that came with it. Was an oopse on her part and well, kind of hit her hard. So ya, she is trying to stay within the rules. All that being said, she is pissed and having the level… Read more »

There’s so much about her doing everything she can to avoid this “him”, which suggests “father”, and the more I think about her story and what little titbits that are shared, I’m inclined to believe someone controlled her or her cybernetics during the cataclysm she inadvertently caused. She certainly feels the guilt, which is understandable, but if she was controlled, can she be truly held responsible? this shadowy “him” would be my first concern.

Yeah, I could see it using a good “whumph” for an impact, that depends on the exact nature of the effect. Since there were sound effects last page, it does feel odd to not have one now (on a bigger target than the Mean Eater). I feel like the best one would be an “oof” of sorts from Danni, but a proper speech bubble would remove the effect of the illustration, so… suffice it to say, no sound effect works fine (although perhaps some other commenter will find some ingeniously appropriate sound effect, for which it’s a shame that it… Read more »

I don’t think a sound effect is necessary… I definitely heard a “WHUMP” when I saw that blast hit Danni.

I hope she’s okay >_<

Jeudi Violist

So, my opinion:

I liked how the first panel had no sound effects. It doesn’t need any. The pattern and colors already do that enough.


This will not end well…


To quote DBZA Goku to Piccolo:
“He really needs to learn how to dodge.”
“Yeah, still working on that one.”


oooooooohhhhhhhhhh kat is not happy. look at that face. 0-0


Also: Ew, McDonalds? >_< I heard that in America they still use pink goo as a meat substitute in order to be able to qualify the whole burger as "food product" on average. Are they really still doing that?

But I'm not in LA anyway. When you come to Germany I really have to show you how proper food tastes, Aneeka. Then you will never want to visit a McDonalds/Burger King/KFC again. 🙂


We do have “proper food” in the US, but a “fast food” restaurant is easier to meet fans in, because of the open seating.

I suppose Danni will still be able to play the game, but without an Esone, she’ll have no Specials.

Meanwhile, I hope Kat can keep her self-control enough not to involve D. Anything she does to the Demoli within the Game rules seems fair at this point, though she’ll have to be non-lethal if she wants to keep her perfect Erbana score… I’m not sure what her priorities are likely to be at this point.

Dragon Master

Yeah and I’m sure she can be creative, and really make them suffer. After all, you’d be surprised what you can live through.


Good to know that despite fracking, genetic engineering and Roundup you still have proper food. 😉 But open seating alone would be no reason for me to financially support a place that sells pink goo. Getting to meet Aneeka would be a good reason to do it once or twice, though. 🙂

kit ramos
They don’t use pink goo at McD’s here Also all those articles where they talk about how crazy it is that their hamburgers don’t rot aren’t telling you the whole story, one guy noticed that in all these cases where someone claims the burgers where unnatural due to them not rotting, they had no control group. Or in other words a burger that they had made themselves following the method McD claims they are using. So he went and bought some premium meat from a nearby deli that’s for making hamburger out of ground it up and made the thing… Read more »

How about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCqKl4Q3hW4

At least they claim to have stopped using it a few years ago, but I wouldn’t hope that they improved all that much.

If this video can be believed I can take you to a European McDonalds and you’ll be amazed at how well it tastes. 🙂 That statement made me laugh, because the last time I ate a burger there it tasted of nothing.

All that talk about the USA having low food standards strikes even more fear of TTIP into my heart.


We members of the U.S.A. are class act complainers. We even get other countries to complain about us!

So, when someone says “x isn’t getting done,” a million people can say “I told you so,” while another million and one get to work. Because of that, we’ve had hundreds of years of relative stability despite massive political and economic issues.

Trust me, before bionics, fusion, or something else futuristic even becomes reality, we’ll have people complaining about safety and ethics issues. As it should be.

… Mind the “warning: hot” labels on your obviously hot coffee.

How dare someone who got 3rd degree burns, requiring surgery, from coffee that was served hotter than allowed by food service regulations, for which the store had been warned but continued anyway, because it cut down on free refills in store and made the coffee seem fresher when people picked it up at the drive-through since it was still hot when they got to their destination. How dare that woman sue for medical expenses after McD’s offered her a pittance (thousands of dollars in skin grafts on your crotch? Here, have $200 and go away). The exorbitant judgment was not… Read more »

My point is that the labels are stupid, not the ruling. While “caution: hot” is technically a binding contract, contracts do not supersede civil and criminal law. But I appreciate the rant about her well-being despite it being needlessly sarcastic.

Oh, wait, this is the complaining thing I was talking about. Haha – good one.

The more I read about this, the more I hate McDonalds. They don’t change their coffee unless heavily sued, they don’t remove the pink slime unless criticized by a wide public… but then I realize that greed is very common amongst humanity and that McDonalds does whatever the clients accept. If nobody had bought their super-hot coffe, they would have adapted quickly. If everybody had preferred to eat proper meat instead of junk food, they would have adapted quickly. If people would stop buying weapons, the supermarkets wouldn’t sell them. We can only try to give a good example. Everything… Read more »

Oooh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap.

I agree that the first panel works without a sound effect, it seems like one of those attacks so strong that the sound comes /after/ the blast.


No sound effect works better than the breaking of my heart.:( Be OK, Danni!

This is a beautifully drawn page, I didn’t notice a lack of sound effect so It seems it wasn’t a problem for me either. And yet…I do have a piece of constructive criticism. While your artwork is beautiful it clearly takes a long time to do, which cuts into how much you can show at a time. We have spent three comics on a single AOE attack now, after last Tuesdays comic I new what the next two comics were going to be, so while the comics are pretty It can be a little disappointing to have little plot happen… Read more »

Last week’s pages were originally just one page, as you suggested, but the formatting did not work out for the print book, so Aneeka had to spread the page into two pages. Check the vote incentive for more details 🙂


I have to disagree. I indeed favor a good story over excessive detail, but NAV’s imagery is as it should be. Especially this page, which has some of the best visual “sound” effects I’ve yet seen.

Comparing it to OOTS isn’t fair at all – OOTS doesn’t use imagery for effect. Ever. You could literally figure out the entire story just from reading their (excessive) speech blurbs rather than looking at the art. Which, by the way, is a bunch of stick figures. OOTS clearly aims at a different audience.

Aneeka is very stubborn in that regard. 🙂 I witnessed that during the long Reality arc, when after a looooong struggle the “Dude the Great” adventure was created in order to allow for finally refilling the buffer. Also currently the coloring is done by a colorist who costs about twice as much as she earns (which was the status from when the Game arc began, idk whether her income increased by now and how much Audrey charges compared to Jemma). Believe me, you’re not the first to bring up the issue of “don’t burn yourself out on beautiful art, it’s… Read more »
“I feel the plot and the truly interesting parts of the comic are sometimes delayed or bogged down by the time it takes to draw” Hmm, this struck a chord. Aneeka, do you read Erfworld? (if you haven’t, I think you’ll enjoy it) The Author in the last book and the present has interspersed text pages (with 1 or two images) with the regular comic images, and the books have been greatly enriched by it. Having read your books and loved your prose, I guess NAV would also be enriched by it ^_^. And given that your audience is still… Read more »
As a fellow Erfworld reader, I already proposed it to her during the Reality arc and afair she declined and created the Dude’s adventure instead. But I’d welcome a change of heart. 🙂 Erfworld also has backer stories and Book 0 stories which consist 100% of text-updates with occasional images (yes, I assume you obviously know that, too 🙂 ). That’s something I’d enjoy in NAV, too, and it wouldn’t even change anything about the main comic being 100% comic pages. But there are multiple more alternatives. There are comics out there which show the occasional text-heavy page, which can… Read more »

PS: The Q&A sessions were a great read as well. 🙂


Sometimes a person has to be not nice, Kat. This would be one of those times.


You don’t need sound effects…. The way you draw scenes, we can hear it all with our eyes quite well!

As to the action….Uhoh, Danni! Now you’ve done it, guy…you’ve made Kat angry! You won’t like Kat when she’s angry!

Serious Kat means serious pain o.o she just has to not kill them to keep her 100% right?


No sound effect is needed. I experienced that panel as one of those silent slow motion parts in an action movie where they slow a big hit or shot etc down to ensure you see it and then the sound comes ringing back in followed by the roar of full sound.

Last panel! Oh man is Kat mad mad mad! She looks like she is considering dumping her 100% Erbana for 100% Demoli or Morto…

Side note: Kat is surprisingly pretty when she is mad.


Oooh if this were a chapter I would have ended it here with a cliff hanger! The next chapter would show the result of kat getting angry.


Trust me guys, RUN.

You do NOT want to get a pacifist angry.


Demons run when a good (wo)man goes to war.


Hmmmm, NOW would be a good time for a “peace” attack. IE: Turn them all permanently into Erbana with a “Special” that she has been saving.

That would pretty much scare everyone else in the game as well. And “make” everyone avoid attacking her (and her group) because they don’t want to be Erbana either.


I wonder if HA! was specificly designed to cause the player distraction & discomfort without reducing their actual life-points to zero. We have already seen how effectively the game system can effect the actual player; reduced vision, influence of thought processes, and in at least one case of a hacking attempt, death of the player. I wonder if she can kill the player without killing the player’s character, but that would probably violate Kat’s new pacifistic moral code as well. I wonder if Kat is above a little bit of virtual reality water boarding.


I think an Oof or Woof from Danni, indicating the breath getting knocked out of her, would have worked there, but it was fine without it.

I don’t think sound effects necessarily need to be added, but it is usually useful to have character interactions to indicate what is going on and how the character is reacting to something.


If you really needed a sound effect, it looks like a Fwoosh would have worked there as well.


GRAAA-(from previous)-KRAk *spine snapping sounds.
D: ‘Terminate?’


Kat! Don’t go nuclear! Non-fatal take down! Don’t level the entire zone!


The fact that the Erbana is more angry than scared right now would have me very worried.


Wellp, the Demoli is screwed now. xD

I must chime in to appriciate the art, and the creative choices re: sound bubbles and pacing. That last panel is particularly awesome, like the residue of a supernova in the background and yet the protagonist dominating the foreground is clearly even scarier. It does require some patience to accept the pace of the story, but as others have said, we’re here because we *do* like it the way it is. I’m also thinking that top panel may not be exactly what it appears to be… I’m thinking based on the angle of the trees i suspect Danni may have… Read more »

NOOOOOOOOOO! (Long silence) Wait a minute. Danni’s not dead yet. Too bad about her Esone, though.

What’s Kat going to do? Will she snap? Whatever happens next, it’s going to be epic.


Que special item Kat found that she wasn’t supposed to know about.

Morris Darkstar

Gotta remember this page: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-134/

Those guys are in for a WORLD of hurt.


One non-hack nuclear apocalypse for….four? Coming right up! Erbana style, though.

And hey, thanks to the fire, my popcorn and marshmellows are done! And I bet the fire reflected off of the sunglasses beautifully! This is, like, perfect viewer conditions!

Now if only the guy in the third row would stop fake sneezing from that stupid plant that got Jane…seriously, it wasn’t funny three pages later, it certainly isn’t funny now!


I’m all in favor of the sound effect in street fighter, that echoic scream, “kya-ah-ah-ah-ah” as it trails off in the end. Other than that, simply superb as always Aneeka


While I hope that Danni will be okay, (hopefully being airborne will lessen her damage) I almost feel sorry for those guys.
Okay, not really, I just hope Kat can reign herself in before she ends one of those guys.
It will be interesting to see just how much a pacifist can do before crossing the line. There are LOADS of things that are horrible, but not actually violent.


Sadface. Tuesdays are the one day I cant go. :c
Especially since n ext week I’m going to have help finishing a project.

I like panel one being silent.
And ooooh SNAP Kat’s mad. Run for the hills!


Kat used to be the best demoli in the game, no way is she going to stand for this.


Uhoh. Now she’s angry. They won’t like her when she’s angry…


I’d say no on the sound effects, it’ll just make it look flashy and the image stands on it’s own.


Yea, that looks like it hurts!


I reallly really love how the only sound actually spelled out here is Kat’s thoughts. She’s not listening, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on sound-wise, the focus here is that Danni is hurt and that Kat is thinking about her, the vibrations of air produced by the events just aren’t emotionally relevant.

This is awesome. And I’m looking forward to Kat kicking ALL OF THEIR A**


I really like the angry face. Talk about 1000 words in one photo. All I know is I don’t wanna be on the opposing team.


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