D***, Kleya was a playa back in the day. But two years is a long time on the internet.


Typo in the last panel “for over two years now. now”

Great comic, keep it coming.


Ah-ha! It was more or less like I suspected, and since we got to see some of her thoughts in earlier strips I am fairly certain that she is who they think she is.

Also, I love the vote incentive, it should probably be made an official part of the strip somehow, it fits so well.

The Bandit confuses me. He appears to believe that Kleya is the girl (see page 77) but he is trying really hard to convince Dr. Grace that she is not the one. In the last page (133), panel 3 and 4 show him switching from sulky to happy when he realizes how he can convince Dr. Grace that she is not the one. What would be Bandit’s reason for not wanting Dr. Grace to find her? Then again, what is Dr. Grace’s reason for not wanting “him” (who I think is Mr. Hands from page 65 and 66) to find… Read more »

The Bandit seems to have his own motives regarding Kleya/Her, and doesn’t care to share them with Dr. Grace. As for why Dr. Grace doesn’t want “him” to find out– “he” must be someone of significance (I’m still thinking Saisuke) who would be favorably disposed toward the girl they’re looking for– possibly having helped her escape in the past. Not someone they can just hush up.

I don’t think “Mr. Hands” can be the person they don’t want finding out about this, unless they’ve already blown it big time. I assumed that “Mr. Hands” was Brad’s user, a.k.a. Dr. Grace.


If the hacker felt guilty about something, then a special that requires damage to be received in order to activate would indicate that she’s punishing herself.


The Bandit doesn’t want to throw a game, and figures that the fastest way to get his way is by convincing Dr. Grace that he doesn’t have to.


And after all of this drama, all of this hinting, all of this pointing towards this user being the one, it actually turns out that the bandit is right and that Kleya is in fact not the person they’re actually hunting for. Oh, Kleya is still being hunted by their organization, but it’s an entirely different person that they themselves are hunting for.


…This was a joking post, not in anyway serious.


Ooh, I like tha version… not that it’ll ever happen, but still cool…
(AU anyone?)


I do tinfoil hat jokes and white-to-black morality torment jokes. This was the former. I do appreciate your approval at my tinfoil hat joke, and offer you one free, make-it-yourself, you provide the tinfoil and the knowledge, tinfoil hat.

Thank you for your time and approval towards my comment, have a wonderful evening.

You know, I think you’re on to something. It would be really cool if Kleya was indeed not the person they’re looking for. That would make the story huge too. Kleya obviously has a complicated story, but imagine if that other mysterious was to appear out of nowhere later in the comic. And then she comes to share the “main character” spot with Kleya. The new girl would fight Tenka while Kleya will be struggling to stay on the “light side”. Like Toafan, I doubt it will actually go that way, but I can’t help but think it could be… Read more »
Sir Read-a-Lot

Calling it now – Nice doesn’t actually include a chance of death. I think there’s something in the code that protects against 1 hit KOs.

If it’s possible, there’s absolutely no reason for Kleya not to do so – she wants a defensive special, not a chance of losing. She obviously recognizes the existence of 1-hit KOs, and it seems… unlikely that she didn’t account for them in her special’s design.


We know that NICE boosts Kleya’s HP to help reduce the risk, so I’d agree that she’d take all possible precautions. The question is just what are the limits?

that one guy

Well, when her HP isn’t halved it’s in the 130’s. When it is halved, like it is in this ornament, her hitpoints are around the 60’s to 70’s. So far in the loser grid, which have lower level competition, the biggest hit she’s taken has been 82. So it might be that the special simply gets rid of the halved points rule and returns her hit points to normal.


We haven’t seen all of her specials yet, and she had quite a few. I’d wager she’s got NICE tied in with one of those so there’s technically no chance of her losing.

Still, if she can she’ll let NICE take her all the way through to the final round. There’s no point giving TenKa any more information than needed.