Aww… Jane looks downright cute here. (And looks like she is having fun) Side note, would Dani do better with her HUD (Heads Up Display) being an EOD (Ears Open Display)? Her ballet training means she is used to using audio cues and music for information. And changing the pitch or instruments of the background music can layer in a LOT of information. Like a soft melodic hum that changes pitch to indicate local gravity. Even things like “north” or “quest marker” can be indicated by positional instruments. And this would be an awesome project to have Dani, Kat and… Read more »

That sounds awesome. I would love to see that.


I think Danni’s main issue is not the way or form information is displayed in.
She hasn’t learned to use or appreciate the information that is at her disposal. Instead she is overwhelmed by it because she doesn’t know what to do with it.

Stig Hemmer

Great idea… but changing the the way the Game works sounds suspiciously like hacking…


Nah this would be more of a mod it doesent change the way the game works just how the user interprets the information the game provides.
Such a thing should be completely legal in the game sense however it would probobly be beyond the skill level of most in the game setting


Mods are generally against the ToS in an MMO.

World of Warcraft (fairly popular MMORPG) very specifically allows mods to the gaming interface, even embedding a programming language to support players changing how information is presented. I currently run over 75 different “mods” called add-ons. They include presenting information by sound (alarm klaxon going off when I stand in fire or other bad things), by color (red outline on things that are mad at me), icon (arrow pointing towards a person I’m trying to find), and various other more common things like bar graphs and charts and things. Also done some things to improve player communication like placing a… Read more »

modifying the data that is being displayed isn’t likely to be illegal.
Kleya has also individual settings for what information is displayed to her. Like gravity which she mentioned a few pages ago. see here:
So does bandit, his Kido has custom settings for what to display, once he used a different one because he did some work on a different floor and used one close by, that one had different settings, (most likely the standard ones).
See here:


A. Why do we need to know what Jane is doing right now?
B. Does being creepy make her a better Morto?
Yes- Well, that’s not scary at all.
No- Then why does she do it? Is it for popularity?
C. Is it just me, or did she only kill the one? ‘Cuase if that’s the case, somebody needs to subtract some points for talking too much.


She could have killed a herd of them in the time she said that, just showed one for ease of drawing, harder to draw many being slaughtered at once.


A. Probably because the others are going to meet up with her now.
C. Looked like two to me…


Well, given what is drawn, two scoiatti were drawn as killed.

Given the current activity, I’d expect 3-5 of them dead.
“Jane be nimble” *slice*
“Jane be quick” *slice*
“Jane slice up” *casual-slice*
“all the scoiatti” *impressive-slice*

Probably just 3 kills in the four panes. I’m just not sure that someone hunting small critters would manage a clean attack on the third phrase, and the impressive slice might line up two or more critters for extra emphasis.

Even assuming four kills in frame, Jane has had more than the five seconds she needed to utter her not-a-rhyme.

kit ramos
A. it was mentioned in the last strip that they should get her so its likely they are, and it’s showing us what she has been up to as so we can see that she’s still doing that and hasn’t gotten into other mischief b. no idea, but I think she does it more because she has fun playing her character that way, c two where killed in frame, and I’m thinking that frame one she launched an area attack and got a bunch of them. also while what she was saying doesn’t rhyme she is doing wordplay on a… Read more »

Is animal cruelty a thing in the game?


I see no cruelty, she is not maiming them and leaving them, plus being virtual constructs within a game they are not real animals therefore no animal cruelty took place.


*No real critters were harmed in the making of this comic page*

JimmyJoe III

You’re slipping there, Jane.

That didn’t even rhyme!


Jane, that doesn’t rhyme. It’s not a cruelly perverse nursery rhyme if it doesn’t rhyme. If you’re going to go out of your way to make nightmare fuel, you should at least do it properly.


Yeah, I’m upset that it doesn’t rhyme, but then again, I’d have a hard time fitting “scoiatti” into a nursery rhyme too/

…Jane be quick, / Jane be naughty, / Jane slice up / all the scoiatti… Sorry, bit of a thing for me. Had a Jane-like character for a game in my old group. I was told on many occasions that Sweet William was both a) ‘creepy-awesome’ and b)not a concept I was allowed to repeat. Something about the ‘infamous Noble Teaparty’, they called it. *** On another topic, wanted to say, as this is my first comment here and all, that I am very much enjoying this comic. Between the interesting story, the fascinating world-building, the clear effort put into… Read more »

Nice rhyme. All I was able to come up with was this:
Jane be nimble
Jane be quick
it will be simple
to kill that Bandit prick.

I know this rhyme sounds as if it’s more spoilery, but she did mention to Sandra that she wanted to take care of Kat’s “friends”.

kit ramos

nice rhyme, but don’t think it’ll be easy to take him down


True, but I just wanted it to rhyme and Jane did rhyme something similar about Danni, too.


On the plus side, lunch is ready!


You can pick up plants as healing materials, can you get crafting materials and other things from enemy monsters?


Why is this page not linked to the last? I only came across this page by accident when messing about in the archives. Not sure if it’s just me though. No one else has mentioned it…

Awesome page though. I love the effects in the first two panels.


Jane doing what she does best. Clearly not poetry.