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Apparently Jake wasn't expecting that...


For the NPC+10s that participated in the October Hangout last weekend, this is the page I began to accidentally spoil before I remembered it hadn't gone live yet 😀


What does it mean that the virus spiked? Did it increase its CPU usage, maybe representing the amount of ‘thinking’ it was doing? Or did the number of files that it was accessing increase, maybe representing how much amount of damage that it was causing? Or is this intentionally vague and to be revealed later?


Possibly the bandwidth the Virus must take up, if it monitors everything going on.


He didn’t know?…
*goes back to reread*


Okay, this is weird.
Kleya, when she came, checked the individual alignments of everybody. After this she gasped, and Jane confirrmed they were a villain group. If that
s individually Kleya’s hack, how did Jane know that? Is there some sort of “official” indicator of the group alignment that, meanwhile, does not show individual alignments? Why did we not see it from Kleya’s POV? Does Jane have her own hack that she carelessly revealed? Was it not a hack and was Jake just inattentive?



Well, since Jane finished first, I guess she was able to watch the others finishing their tutorials.

And I’m guessing Jake would have been able to see it in a similar fashion to Kleya from his own Kido, as per the discussion here and the previous notes of him being able to read the code while playing.


They had just been talking about that – Jane assumed Kleya logged in a bit before she actually DID and simply overheard them talking. No need for hacking when a simple eavesdrop works just fine.


I can see two ways that Jane knew about it and Jake didn’t:

1 – Jane is the team leader. That might give her special notes about the team.
2 – Sandra and her husband (forgot his name) was watching it from the outside and so they would know what each person did and what the final score. Sandra could have informed Jane of this during the match or right after it.

Alexander The 1st
There’s a third option – that his borrowed Kido wasn’t configured to show that data. More seriously put: Jane’s was probably a well known given, if she hadn’t revealed it. Jake could potentially guess Brandon’s as well, based on his personality. He knew his own, because…yeah – he knew what he did. Danni ended up revealing hers when she was asking about what was going on and helped explained what was going on with the alignment system. If the others hadn’t mentioned theirs to him, which presumably they already did while waiting for Kleya, he should have a rough idea… Read more »

That’s a good point about alignments=difficulties, but are you sure that Kesti is easier than Cardista? And that Mani is easier than Demoli? I’d put those two pairs the other way round.
It’s also funny this way that 2/3 hero alignments are in the easier half and 2/3 villain alignments are in the harder part, but the easiest aligment is the villain one and the hardest alignment is the hero one. There’s something deeply right with that.
(I’d SO play Erbana)

@Liliet: indeed there is something deeply right about that. @Alexander the 1st: while Kleya does not want to be in the spotlight, she also does want to show to everyone that she can be a hero. Either way I do not think this influenced her choice. She has almost never shown herself to be level-headed enough for that, and most often she seems to be oblivious as what attracts attention and not. On what is what, note that some of the alignments very well can be equally hard to play. All we really know is that Morto is easiest to… Read more »
Alexander The 1st
@Liliet: I put Demoli above Mani because Jake said Demoli was tricky – while Mani is about manipulating people to your end, Demoli is about (At least, from what we’ve seen), bringing events to the most demolition, which presumably would be more difficult to pull off – Mani users can be more subtle, Demoli…can’t really *subtly* bring about the most demolition to an area. Cardista I put more difficult than Kesti because if Kesti is about quests, you can basically follow the quest text and get things done easily. Basically, at 100% game, you’d just be following Saisuke. Cardista is… Read more »

Hm. Why did D’s activity spike after Jake finished his tutorial, and why were they expecting it? The shocked look on Jake’s face is fun, but the other hints are more interesting, at least to me. 🙂


I’m pretty sure D and the virus is not the same thing. D is Kleya’s AI guardian, and the virus is merely a tool for D to destroy data and/or crash servers. D itself is probably running in one of Kleya’s personal servers and nearly invisible from anywhere else.


D is the program that dealt with the hacker who attacked Danni during the pre-Game trials– Kleya decides she’ll “let D handle it.” While it’s possible that the Virus is a separate program being operated by D, this seems unlikely and unnecessary to me. I can’t think of any evidence that there are two separate programs.


The most compelling evidence for that is that the Virus has at least one important backdoor. This is too unsafe to be D. Also it is generally quite far from safe and stealthy, which is very important traits for D.

It is a very reasonable solution that the Virus is called upon by D for tasks such as shutdown, overloading, blackouts, data destruction – tasks that are nowhere near stealthy anyways.

It is also simply how I would program it, it just makes sense. I’m not much of a programmer, but I would probably have been killed in the hacker hunts…


You could be right, but I’ll be quite surprised, if so.

I would certainly have been killed in the hacker hunts, unless I was in TENka City at the time — looks like more programmers survived there.


I believe Kleya mentioned she wanted everyone to keep thinking D was ‘just’ a virus. So they are technically the same just named different based on speaker.


This could also mean that she wanted to keep everyone thinking that the manifestations of D’s activity were just Virus and not some other entity. I think that the security backdoor in Virus is proof enough that it’s not the same as D at least by security access level (it’s possible that D is just a more “core” part of the Virus, more sentient and less active and only avaliable to Kleya)

I was starting to write that I’m confused as to why Jake is surprised. I was expecting this to be confirming to him that Kleya did indeed turn regretful and is now trying to be as good a person as possible. But I guess the reason is that he very much doubts that theory. I remember him saying something along the lines of “you can’t just change your personality like that”, which I previously read as one of his attempts to making those around him believe it is not her… now I think that is his honest view of the… Read more »

I don’t think Jake believes that Kleya is the same person she was before. If he did,he probably wouldn’t still be protecting her now. Honestly, I think his “theory” was also meant to protect Kleya, and Kim is just another person he is lying to to protect her. The reason he was confused is because, while he had suspicions that she’d changed, he didn’t expect it to be this dramatic.


Could her Theory be that the Virus has a mind of it’s own?
“It spiked even more” also says it spiked before that too. Was it reacting to Clea being visible publically in the game world? Is it reacting to her being famous?


Or! What if Jake’s surprised expression is because Erbana is the first step toward unlocking some hidden feature he knows about?

By spiking, the Virus (D), had an uptick in processor use and file access, looking back through you can see Kleya talking D down from doing anything as she notices the others starting to finish the tutorial, another uptick when she sees exactly how the group did over all, and then a massive surge when she lets loose a viral attack of her own and then calls D to stop it. Which D does by triggering a priority shutdown to interrupt all previous commands. As for Jane knowing the group alignment, there’s some sort of posting system for the audience… Read more »