Cue “what’s this thing in my hand” freak out…


We know that she didn’t touch a hatchling dragon with that hand, so what is going on here?


That is an Esone. They all have one.


Trying to say something witty about 42% and L.i.F.e, the universe and everything, but can’t think of anything. 🙂

Also get well soon, Jemma!


I think you just did… XD!


The next step will be finding an ultra rare item, which will appear in the place they’re least expecting it (so a very improbable location): a heart of gold…

Rowen Morland

Well in some of the plurality zones they did.

Alexander The 1st

“Hey, isn’t that a super powerful Erbana item?”


Hopefully Jemma gets better soon, but I’m impressed that the coloring is actually really consistent – do you indicate a specific color scheme yourself when inking the pages, or are they working off of each other to figure out what colors to use?


Nice, that thing wasnt there in the previous page. And Kat was holding her hand until now too. Maybe thats another way how Kat looks out for Danni?

Anyway, no idea how she did that, seeing how her character is low level like everyone else a how she isnt supposed to cheat.


I like your comic so much I excepted it in Adblocker. That’s high praise, ‘cos I pretty much never make an exception. This is an original and fascinating comic. My only wish would be more updates! 😀


Same here regarding Adblock! (My other exception is Cucumber Quest.) I really like the storyline and the characters! Kat is my favorite. :3


I just tried turning adblock off and then on… it seems when I have it on I get ads about things I care about such as webcomics, whereas when I have it off I get ads about things I don’t care about such as ebook stores. 😮


Actually, the ads about things you don’t care about are better… ‘cos they don’t distract you as much! 😀


Kleya is beautiful in the plant-gathering panel.


Actually, that thing was in her hand since they first got here – I think they all have one. I’m trying to figure out if they differ in color depending on alignment, because Dude had one, and Kat’s appeared to be pink, but that might have just been a reflection… Is it an esone?


Nice, her noticing her ESone means we’re probably about to get some tasty info on how abilities work. Hope you don’t mind me just throwing some money into the tip jar every couple months instead of whitelisting on adblock; I’ve just run adblock so long seeing the ads tends to be really jarring, so I’d rather support it that way.


I can see it now: if your Esone starts blinking red you get captured and put in a dome where you die.

Oh wait… different story…


That’s only after they’re 21, silly.

Earl Kwallek

That’s 18, read the books. The movie screwed up too much…


The blinding-pain mechanic has been used since Doom.
I personally love it; I hate games where you can’t tell if you’ve been hurt without studying the health bar.


Oh man, I really liked how your drawings on this page turned out. Well done!

And I hope Jemma will be well soon.


Danni: “Whoa, my hand is looking funny… Those colors…”
Kat: “Now please tell me you didn’t eat those mushrooms.”


I’m beginning to think that more so than the annoying Dude, Danni might get some kind of reverse popularity as comic relief: “Ha ha, she got into The Game and doesn’t even know *that*?! Is she for real?”