‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 420

Colors by Jemma and Audrey. Everything else by me


It's probably safe to assume that Kleya's vision stuff would give Danni a migraine.


Random Game Mechanic Info:

There are flicks you can do to access the needed information quickly and then hide it out of view. Danni is not very adept at those, though, so she does the old-fashion route: bring everything up and then manually tap the needed items.

Danni lost Morto points since she was in a fight and chose* not to kill.

*Morto route only has two choices: you kill or you choose not to kill. It does not care if you can't pull off the kill due to lack of skill/fate/whatever. It assumes you should have been smart enough to not get into a fight you couldn't complete with a kill in the first place.

And yes, Jane lost points, too. This is also why she chose not to engage with Bandit.


There will probably be lots of questions about the game mechanics. I'll answer what I can, but if I don't respond, then the answer was: wait and see!