‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 420

Colors by Jemma and Audrey. Everything else by me


It's probably safe to assume that Kleya's vision stuff would give Danni a migraine.


Random Game Mechanic Info:

There are flicks you can do to access the needed information quickly and then hide it out of view. Danni is not very adept at those, though, so she does the old-fashion route: bring everything up and then manually tap the needed items.

Danni lost Morto points since she was in a fight and chose* not to kill.

*Morto route only has two choices: you kill or you choose not to kill. It does not care if you can't pull off the kill due to lack of skill/fate/whatever. It assumes you should have been smart enough to not get into a fight you couldn't complete with a kill in the first place.

And yes, Jane lost points, too. This is also why she chose not to engage with Bandit.


There will probably be lots of questions about the game mechanics. I'll answer what I can, but if I don't respond, then the answer was: wait and see!


Is the graph in the center the current ‘alignment’?

Who makes the premade specials? Were they included from way back pre-crash, or put together by tenka? Or perhaps there is something like Steam Workshop, and people make them and post them up to be voted on?


since almost all programators were killed (By mechs or because of fear of hackers) and few who survived are hiding or working for tenka, i would say they are made as you say “pre-crash” …


I think the center “graph” is actually a quick menu like AeroQC says below. It can’t be for alignment because there are only 4 shown and none of them start with “A” or “S” and alignment is already shown in the top left.

Also I think Tenka (or whoever made The Game if it wasn’t them. I forget) probably made some basic starting specials that’d be basically universally useful, like maybe a shield special or one that makes you run faster.


Okay, let’s see…
Going counter-clockwise from the top, I assume that the HUD displays this:
Alignment (most likely in order of dominance) with queued changes
Quest Log
Esone Count
Health Bar
Cross-Hair Target Distance
Local G-Force Rating
Area Mini-Map

The only things that are unclear are the four symbols surrounding the Cross-Hair, but they’re most likely a quick menu overlay with choices to A for Abilities, E for Esones, S for Status and M for Main Menu. This kind of reminds me of Skyrim’s system for looking at your character’s info.

Wow, you are right! When I first looked at those letters, I just couldn’t imagine what they could possibly mean but now it’s so obvious. I cannot believe how stupid I am! However I THINK that the ‘S’ probably stands for ‘Specials’ instead of ‘Status’. Also, the ‘Main Menu’ sounds kinda weird to me within the context of this game. Maybe the ‘M’ stands rather for ‘Mood’ or something of that nature and it allows you to see your Emotional stats. Since there are already ‘Esones’, they’d have to use different letter than ‘E’, in which case they’d maybe settle… Read more »
Reviewing this after a while, I think you’re right about the S being for Specials (kind of forgot about them) therefore A would be for Attributes so you can see your base stats. I’m standing by E standing for Esones because Kleya says that Danni should “set”/equip them and there is a visual limit to how many you can equip at once. So eliminating the idea of a settings menu, M has to stand for either a detailed Map or some word that is similar to “inventory” since I can’t imagine the inventory not being readily available. And upon further… Read more »

Yes, I think E stands for Esones, too. By that last sentence I meant that since E is already ‘occupied’ by Esones, M could stand for eMotional stats. But you are right, it could very well be iteMs, too. I completely forgot about inventory and it really does make a lot of sense to have all your stuff easily accessible, especially if you are Erbana and need a lot of plants. So yeah, I certainly agree with you!
Now we just have to wait and see, I suppose…

Ah, and here I thought Jane didn’t fight Bandit for a sensible reason, e.g. because she reasoned that you shouldn’t get make enemies of the entire team and that it might be a good idea to try to ally with the only other willing Villain-aligned person on the team. But nooo, of course it was only because she would most likely lose more points for not being able to kill him. 🙂 So, how exactly does behavior like that aid in her quest of gaining Kat’s trust again? I think I’ll be very surprised when her plot is going to… Read more »

“engage with Bandit”

Bloody Marry is going to Engage with people. 🙂


Now it’s more game-like 😉 Thanks for the page~ <3


What is with the A E S and M on the UI?


Great page! This just keeps getting better! 😀


I think the first and most obvious question would be: what do the four characters that look like E-S-M-A stand for?
Also, does the green-orange bar show health, or is it something else?

Can’t wait to see what pre-made specials does Danni have access to…

Also, I wonder what Kat’s other two specials are.


Hmmm interesting mechanics info. So that means if I’m really high level and strong… and I walk up to a low level Morto… and follow them around saying “Come at Me Bro!”, then they will eventually turn into an Erbana!

Sounds like an awesome way to troll.


If you just follow them around, no. If you attack them, probably yes.


The UI reminds me of The Witcher 2. I could not play that game because that thing seemed way too complicated when I went through the tutorial. Still haven’t played that game. >.>

Great page as usual. 🙂 Keep up the good work!


I think Jane’s special tries to blind people with pain, moreso than damage normally would. Bandit’s special cuts off his vision for a stat boost. Jane wouldn’t stand a chance.


I thought Bandit only used that “blinding special” in the preliminaries, like how Kat used the Nice. I don’t think either of them brought them into the Game.


Possibly, but Kat’s special directly abused the preliminary environment and was therefore useless in the actual game. Bandit’s should still be usable.


Panel 3 does look cool 😉

Most comics/books/shows that tease something like the game for a while before finally revealing it end up being relatively disappointing and uninteresting when they eventually get explored. But the more I hear about the game, the more interesting I am finding it, nice work 🙂


I want us to make some guesses as to what some of the pre-made specials are (and maybe give Aneeka some ideas in the process).

I think something like a shield or a run speed boost would be likely.


Lol.. I’m so into this web comic I just wish it was every day that one was released lol.


Same. Waiting for 3-4 days feels like an eternity. Maybe some day Aneeka will figure out a way to pump out more pages


The best way to get more pages out of her would likely be for as many people who can afford to to give her as much money as possible through her Aneeka Channel or Patreon, ’cause if she got enough she could quit whatever day job she might have and hire some help (she’s got a colorist for these Game pages, but she doesn’t have one regularly).
I would take my own advice, for this and other comics, ‘cept I lack funds.


I was going to suggest kidnappng the author and holding her at gun point in front of her computer; but yeah your way works too I guess. Seems kind of boring though. I mean it’s not a *great* idea unless police get involved….


nonono, a Great idea is when a federal agency is involved. An epic idea is when the military, possibly from multiple countries, gets involved.


Panel 2:


Aneeka, did you ever mention on what language you were basing the Game’s labels? *iz curious*

Well, Janes reluctance to fight bandit makes more sense now. He probably took the time to set his specials while they were all fighting, and considering the speed boost bandit gets when he uses his special, Jane wouldn’t have time to set her own specials before he beat her to death. Plus, her special is poorly suited to go up against bandit as it stands. Like the GUI as well :). Only part of it I’m not sure about is the bottom right corner bar and the G and D above it. I could guess and say the bar is… Read more »
Squire James

G is almost certainly Gravity, since it was mentioned in the comic to be 42%. D is, of course, distance to D…


What if it’s E for Esone, S for Specials, A for Actions and M for Materials?

Seconding on the fact that I really want to play this game. 😀