Kleya’s got a fair point, Jane could have chased after them after recovering.

I’m very curious about how the alignments work from a game design standpoint, are you tracked in all alignments simultaneously and your highest score is your alignment? Or are you “locked in” until that alignment decays to 0 and then your next alignment action determines your alignment?

I also get the feeling that The Game was always designed more to be a spectacle than to actually be a game.


Hm, since you told us to catch something I zoomed in and scanned the panels meticulously and after a while I saw a face in the tree in panel 3 on the left. Was that it? đŸ™‚


Don’t worry Aneeka, I caught it on the second look. Once you see it…


Well, there’s a very suspicious face-like trunk on the left of panel 2…


By “catch this thing”, you don’t mean some curious tree feature by any chance?


Is that an Ent in panel 3!?


Check pages 395 and 396. It’s one of the characters-turned-tree that the now-AI uses to keep watch.


Ah. thank you.

I feel bad for not remembering something referenced only 20 pages ago.
But if that is the price to pay for reading way too many webcomics, it’s one I am willing to pay đŸ˜›


I caught the thing you want us to catch! It’s that Jane likes to kill people! Rite? Rite? No? :-(.


Is it the face in the tree, I see the face in the tree. The face seems to have almost the same expression as bloody mary but that could easily just be despair/unhappiness being reflected on both faces.


I guess you mean the Face? (no more hints for the readers)


Well, battle plans don’t survive first contact with the enemy, do they?


Tree head !


I assumed Jane is going to try and build up a large army of dolls, though I recall that it drains from her health so it can’t be that large… I suppose she doesn’t need that huge of an army started up to be dangerous, and I’m not sure how much HP she really has to spare on things that aren’t Danni and kill her.

I assume Kat is adequately distant from Jane for the kill to negatively impact her erbana score, so maybe she is going to get a healing product?

Just guesses. I got nothin solid right now đŸ˜›


So, I’m just going to point out that that one tree has a face, and then proceed to be nervous about that fact.

Techno Gray

So it seems obvious that the dolls are symbolic of Jane’s kids, but I wonder if their connection is more literal than that.

Also the alt-text is making me look very suspiciously at panel 2


Ooooooh, D*** this is getting good!


Any guesses what gave the tree in the third panel a “head” ache / foul mood?

Alex Pendragon

There is totally a face on that tree in panel 3.


Well, aside from the aforementioned Ent, there’s a light in the background of panel 2. The port? The sunrise?


Dangit Jane, you’re going to lose viewers like this!

Cray Z. Bouy

Besides the face in the tree on the left, there seems to be a portrait on the right of panel 3

Nathan Tuggy

No one appears to have caught that Jane already hit Danni once. If I were a nasty sort of vaguely-murderous hacker/Game-player, I would make quite certain that even a single hit would have some slow but cumulative effects.

Aside from the obvious face, there are markings on a tree just ahead of Kat/Dannii which could be said to resemble eyes / nose / mouth, which could add further evidence to Foreverhound’s speculation. Now, some wild speculation of my own: everyone knows Mary/Jane’s history from the last time she played The Game – maybe her user was under some severe stress at the time, had a winning compulsion or had some other reason to be very determined to remain in The Game and remain popular. Perhaps she realises that she went too far, so while she wants to make… Read more »
Dalek Zek

Hmm, I do notice a mixure of old wild groth trees and young plants?


soo this question first came to mind, and I thought it was what you might have been referencing when you made your comment. now that the next strip has been posted I think it’s time to beg the obvious question.

Where’s the dude?
Enough said?