haha… “you must hate Life”… more like “you must hate everything that happened from the beginning of Ending”…
I really hope that those biggest fans are numerous enough to make a difference in Danni’s treatment by authorities and it doesn’t have to be just Kleya who keeps her afloat =(

Dragon Master

ALRIGHT Danni has fans! And possibly new friends, YAY!


I wouldn’t have thought the “I don’t do hugs” line would be popular with the fans. Looks like I was mistaken. 🙂


“I don’t do hugs.” You cold as ice Danni.

Kris Denger

I think this means very few fans..

Tim C

Yeah. Sounds like she only has a couple fans. Not enough to swing the numbers, but maybe they can help her in other ways.




That hand looks like Danni’s… So what’s she apologizing for?

I’m also hoping that having (potentially) paying fans will keep Danni off the chopping block. Introducing them now, and that not being the case seems a little too dissonant, from what we’ve seen.

I think she’s apologizing for having been “blunt and aloof” to her real-world fans before the Ending. Long-term, I don’t think Danni is destined for huge success in the Game, but it would be nice if there was enough interest in her performance skills to get the rules changed to allow her to make a living in L.i.F.e. Actually, since anyone can transfer money to anyone (as we’ve seen), she may not be able to officially charge for her dance performances in L.i.F.e., but I don’t see how they can prevent her from accepting donations from fans and making enough… Read more »
Dragon Master

Yeah I’d been wondering about that. If you can’t do performances and things for a living then how does Mina singing get money? Or has that already been explained? If so could someone show me please.

Actually, if we go back, the rule of thumb is that Outsiders are allowed to perform for money, but Citizens aren’t. And it’s already been (strongly?) implied that Mina’s family are Outsiders, since there was one conversation about them making enough money to move to a City. So that’s the catch — Danni is a Citizen, and isn’t allowed to do dance performances as a means of income, though now that Danni == Daniella is becoming more known, her City might be forced to make an exception in her case. It’s kinda like telling a well-known author that s/he can’t… Read more »

It wasn’t just “strongly implied”, they outright said they were stuck under some rock when they were discussing KIeya possibly moving into the City. They are Outsiders and that’s how they can earn money with things Citizens are not allowed to. It’s actually a pretty reasonable policy in a way, when every Citizen not working means less food produced… yeah.

Mister Arkine

aaawww she has fans, and world tour?! Wow!

I hope soon we’ll be coming to a reveal of whats going on in Danni’s reality. From page 186 it gave the biggest hint with the heart monitor and the hints of her parents saying they’d work more hours, only eat the basics, just so that their daughter can ‘keep living’. Plus her saying she only had until end of realities day now, and was going to spend it dancing. This all suggests that in reality shes on life support, perhaps to the point that the only way she can communicate with her parents or anyone is through Life sense… Read more »

She said “I can move!” when Life went back on after a blackout, so I’m guessing yes )=