I really hope that the kid is programmed to tell her how to actually move in The Game. While the swimming was amusing, I know at least some people would be interested in seeing her learn if only so they would know if they ever got in.


She’s not really into the role play side of things, is she? 😀


Danni complains a lot… That probably won’t endear viewers to her…


Danni is unintentionally funny. 🙂

Found a typo in the first panel: e(s)pecially


I like panel 2. The only thing I’d do differently is maybe fill in a bit more hair at the back of her neck, rather than have that much open-air gap, but that’s me.

I liked panel two as well. It did not seem at all odd to me when I looked at it; it communicated the idea of looking down on them from above quite well. If you took a picture of a similar perspective, you’d see that those size differentials really do appear and get processed by our minds as indicating relative distances. It’s a hard thing for many people to draw because if you make the mistake of thinking about it, you wind up doubting it quick. I’ll bet if the author never mentioned it, most of us would never have… Read more »

I think Danni needs to get a bit more into the role here… I know this is just the tutorial, but the fans are watching….

Unless the fans find her complete lack of roleplaying a refreshing change, I suppose. But that seems unlikely.


wow danni, and here i thought you wanted to stay in the game, not a very good first impression your making on potential fans… Then again she could be labeled as the one that is always being sarcastic does not care about anyingthing they tend to be entertaining to some people


Ahem. Let me say this about Danni. She was a dancer before whatever happened to make her need life support. Her great joy was in physical things. I doubt she ever touched a game of any sort before it became her only way to interact with the outside world. If you told her to RP she would ask you what that was. Thus…don’t expect Danni to get how people do things on the internet or in games. She doesn’t know. She well and truly is a noob.


Dang it Danni, stop breaking the fourth wall, it makes for poor entertainment!

The last panel is beautifully drawn… As are the second-to-last, and third-to-last. Even the slightly out-of-perspective in spots, top two, are much higher-quality than a lot of the previous panels. Is really amazing to see the art and story improving/becoming consistently. By the way, the last two vote incentives were –quite honestly–somewhat cringe-worthy, and have made me somewhat reluctant to vote, though I very, very much like the comic. And, I’ve always enjoyed your vote incentives (What I’d seen of them), and even considered paying for the $3 (but had to sort out finances) simply to see the past vote… Read more »

sadly only a few people did the aneeka channel, however she has stated that she will keep an open mind on getting it up at some other point.


Hi. I love the comic, but I’ve got to ask. If the shading is part of an avatar, why does it change? Logically, it should remain, but here it covers half her face at one point. Is there some reason for that, like some sort of program that interprets the shading and adjusts it?

The Merry Lurker
What if the shading is more like some kind of texture or bumpmap? In RL 3D modeling, there are two kinds of skins that wrap around a 3D model. One is a color layer (Known as a texture) that tells the computer what tones to render. The other is a bumpmap that tells the computer how the lighting is supposed to behave when it hits. That link leads to an image that shows two picture of the same teapot model. The one on top doesn’t have a bumpmap, the one on the bottom does. See the difference? My guess is… Read more »

perhaps the island is rotating around the other in a gravitational type of thing… ya never know..


I don’t know what the logic is supposed to be in Aneeka’s world, but in our world, 3D shading does involve programs that tell the surface how to interact with lighting. I’ve never been quite sure how the system in the Game is supposed to convert a 2D sketch into a 3D avatar anyway, and I tend to try not to pick at the details, but it could be that Paddy knows how to go beyond the automated conversion process to improve the rendering of the avatar. It’s a specialized skill, similar to Kleya’s ability to program Specials.

Danni and Kleya actually strike me as being very similar in some ways. I mean they both have a near all-consuming passion for one thing. And they would do almost anything to be able to do that thing as much as possible. Though admittedly it’s not immediately obvious with Kleya because she’s guilty as heck. I wonder if Kleya’s love of taking people apart in SPECIAL fights wasn’t more innocent than it’s been described? (Hindsight bias making her seem more sinister in retrospect.) I mean she clearly loves to excel, but it seems to stem from a love of what… Read more »

Aww, I caught up already! 🙁 This webcomic is great, I can’t wait to see where the story goes! 🙂


If I was a fan of The Game I would not want her to succeed. Her attitude pisses me off 0_0

Owen Smith

As someone who has been equally frustrated by the lack of instructions in computer games or the pointless hoops they make you jump through, I like Danni. Her “d
***ed stupid game, can’t someone fix it?” mentality is exactly what I have on the odd occasions I’m persuaded to play a computer game. That and my appalling hand/eye coordination which all games seem to need.

I like face to face role playing games that don’t rely on me having a skill and instead put numbers on the character sheet instead that say what the character can do.

Oh my goodness! Danni looks like such a diva in the last panel! I can’t wait to see what sort of a character she starts turning into; it almost could be a true neutral, in particular keeping with her reactions to discovering those twins from so long ago were computers. Anyway, I’m actually really surprised with her lack of roleplaying and the comments on it. I’m not really a ballet expert, but from what I understand from conversations with a ballerina friend, acting is a really important aspect. You not only need the physical dancing ability, but also the ability… Read more »