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Danni, if she ever bothers to review her playing, will probably be mortified to discover her panicked kick lacked perfect form.


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Thanks everyone!


She can indeed kick… and that’s why she’s not gonna get dropped 😀


Ha this time I see the glowing eyes =)! Also….DANNI WATCH OUT!


i think that would win her some fans 😀


As the faster commenters….commented….DANNI YOU JUST GOT YOURSELF SOME FANS.

For realz, if the audience for the comic was the same for the Game, Danni would be in the lead starting today. The Bandit AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON THAT KICK.

I now want to see Bandit and Danni fight, preferably by air karate, but pillows would be acceptable.

Karma Squirrel

If I were in a position to do so, I would totally subscribe to Danni’s channel. 🙂 No being sick! Get better soon. If you need to take a break to recoup, please do so. We can wait for the awesomeness that is NAV.


I really think that Danni should start looking at River Tam for inspiration. That girl knew how to turn ballet into an awesome looking fighting style.

Dragon Emperor

Plus, she can kill you with her mind. So she and Kleya have that in common. Also, I think River would fit alongside Bloody Mary/Jane quite nicely seeing as how the both have moments were they seem to be purely insane. But then again, sanity is relative not to mention overrated.

Blob Bloberman

She still lost me when she broke the fourth wall. This could be the begining of a come-back though….

Blob Bloberman

Did anyone even see that kick? If I remember right they only have one channel and Paddy has to watch them all, see who is doing stuff fans will like and point the channel at them. He probably turned it away from Dannie a while ago. She finally did something cool but it all happened pretty fast. Did he even get her in the channel in time?


I thought we were “watching” the channel right now, which is to say, “Yes”. It’s just a game, anyhow, so you can always stream highlights. They need not be realtime.

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist
Even if it were in real time, it would certainly be possible for him to get it streamed: If the “ambush scenario” was determined by “The Fiendi attacks X minutes and Y seconds after you enter the forest”, then as soon as Danni entered the forest, Patrick would know she would be attacked in exactly X minutes and Y seconds. I assume he would know something like that, if it always happened. I think The Dude is going to be attacked next, so I expect the next page to be about The Dude running away or something and getting lucky… Read more »

If I remember right, Paddy is in charge of the channel.

And he’s a total fan of Danni.

I bet she’s getting her fair share of screen time. More so than “The dude who’s done nothing” and well…the rest of the group who’ve done nothing….so far. I mean, they’re all preparing something for some reason, but Danni’s the one actively learning stuff.

Andore Mordre

Boot to the head. *wsshh thunk*

Also, get well soon!


Oh Danni, Danni, Danni.
You were ONE WORD SHORT of a really catchy phrase.


… “face” ? Kicking face is much more impressive than kicking #@#$$, imho.


No one else thinks that expression on Danni’s face points to the reason Danni and Kleya are friends? They are both so full of themselves. But then if you were/are good at something, being full of yourself about it is pretty natural. I know if I could do that I would do it ten times a day for an audience.


In addition, there’s the feeling of being completely out of your depth, not knowing things that people just take for assumed, and then…

BAM, I got this.

It’s a well earned full of herself.


i think thats my new motto: i may not know how to swim or know what im doing but, i can kick …ha ha ha


Danni kicks it up notch.
Danni has gained a level.


and I’m up to date after three days of reading, awesome story by the way, thanks


It’s going to win her some fans, but a good kick is not enough to gain a place in the game on competitive grounds. It’s too bad people aren’t considering human needs more, but they ARE two years out from an apocalypse, society will be harsh.

I hope she gains more and more fans.


She may gain substantial popularity from riding the edge of success in her missions though, people may empathize with her as a result, a regular sort of hero with some special ability.


So basically she could be popular because she is just barely scrapping by and people find that being closer to human capability then the godly beings who normally play the Game?


Sounds about reasonable to me. Outside of being undefeatable, why should this Saisuke guy have so many fans? He’s rarely in the game even! People watch what they want to watch, not how much or often you’re shown.

It’s suspenseful to see if Mr.unstoppable will lose.
Now it’s double suspenseful if Ms.on the edge is going to fall, but barely scrapes by. I don’t think she’ll be that bad however, they are a team. They have absurdly popular and known Jane, Bandit, and Kat.


Unfortunately their sponsor made it clear they can be dropped individually. 🙁


Hi Aneeka, i think something happened after you installed the cache plugin.
It’s since then i can’t seem to load the comic, only the comments, and the kickstarter banner and not a villain banner at the start of the page are all jumbled up with strange squares and graphical errors. I use Firefox, latest version out – just wanted to signal this since maybe other users are having similar difficulties.


Make a page that points out where the eyes were in the previous pages perhaps?

Loyal Reader

Totally didn’t see that coming. And neither did the Fiendi!


Say hello to Chie no. 2.