‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 294


Oh, look, action scene(s)!



I'm taking a break from Nov 29th to the New Year. I'll still be updating every Tues and Fri, but the NAV storyline will be on hold. During the break, though, I would love to showcase any guest comics or guest art if anyone wants to participate. Contact me if you're interested!

Voting link as requested (with an abandoned sketch of Danni)!  It's also located on the top left; the little button ad with a number on it links to the voting site  🙂


Thanks everyone!


Danni’s split-kick looks awkward-ish, although that works in a game environment sense. 🙂

Love how Bandit’s nonchalantly whistling through his evil deeds.

And of course, The Dude doing his best Ron Stoppable impression. XD

Iron Ed

“Ron Stoppable impression” LOL! 🙂

I’m liking Danni more and more.



So The Dude will be loved by fans of comedy, Danni by fans of action, and the Bandit by fans of excellent whistling~…

(Note: This observation may be intended in jest. You can’t prove otherwise!)


No, i think that’s an appropriate assessment.

Owen Smith

I still want to see what Jane did.


Jane used the portals (with the help of the kid, who is still cooperative because he didn’t technically see her kill his mother) to bring the missing villagers back. Then she killed them all.

100% kill rate: a challenge for the experienced player.

Ad guy

Any chance you could do a donate-to-remove-ads deal? I’ve disabled my adblocker for now (and have donated actually), but they really are a bit much.


G-d! one month without NAV…..that’s going to be a pretty sad month 🙁
anyway, i’ll wait the time you need, even if it’s a year. love your comic 🙂

Turrosh Mak

I know they are in a dark place, but I haven’t been able to see what’s going on for the last few pages. Is there any way to brighten the image?


Turn up the brightness of your viewing device? Perhaps you are simply too dark for the page.

Orange Blossom's Violist
Orange Blossom's Violist

((Starting next week, we won’t have another comic until 2014? That’s, like, next year! 365 days!))

The tilted world is pretty cool.


Ugh, 2014 is depressingly near… What happened to 2013 😐 ?

Darned time, always slipping away so quickly… I need a cage of some sort to pin in it place…

Stig Hemmer

Dude is going to run out of ground to run on very soon now.