Good bartering food?… Helps him relate to others?… what.
This is weird and ambiguous and I have no idea what their economic system is.

If you read the comic from the beginning to here, yes you do have an idea. I’ll give you a short summary 🙂 Most of the world is destroyed. Only some cities survived good enough to actually have a somewhat working society at all. TENka city seems to be the only one capable of producing more than basic sustaining of their own city and people, and ships this distasteful food to outsiders (those who do not have a city at all). It is not a far fetched idea that TENka city will use this food for making deals with other… Read more »

Nice to hear you’re better 🙂


Kim is trying to oust Dr. Grace? Best news I’ve heard all day.

(Other than that you’re feeling better, of course. 🙂 )

It’s a riot that Kleya and Jake are both eating sludge when either of them could get “real” food.


Yeah, they have so much in common. When do you suppose the mutant super genius babies will be born?

I am not so sure that Kim trying to oust Dr Grace is such good news. On page 153 Kim was very eager to hand Kleya over to the president, and on page 155, Dr Grace implies that that could be the death sentence for Kleya. Maybe Kim has a different opinion of the president and she does think that harm will come to Kleya; but for now I will side with Dr Grace against Kim (not that that makes any difference 🙂 ), even if Dr Grace seems a bit manipulative. Also I glad that you are better, Aneeka.

I really enjoy your comic! Keep up the good work.

Just a small typo, you left the “i” out of “building”.

Dragon Master

YAY! Aneeka’s BACK and doing well. BTW I have a question for you Aneeka, I recently got some money and was going to buy your servant books. I wanted to know whether you got more money from buying on CreateSpace or from using Amazon. I was planning on buying from whichever you got the most money from. Hope you stay well, and thanks for all your hard work.

P.S. Is it possible to purchase the servant novels in hardback, all I saw was them in paper back.


That’s unfair. Why do high ranking government people get good food while citizens get gross slop. They are controling the outsiders by saying if you don’t do what we say and give us money than no food for you


The slop is likely very easy to transport and preserve as well as having everything essential to continuing life functions. Just so happens it has no pleasant taste as well.

Another reason why people want to live in a city…they can get food that doesn’t taste like compost.


ya but they called it bartering food and where do they get their fresh food when they are under water they would have to transport it. they could grow it under water but none of the domes looked big enough to grow enough food for so many people


Adblockers disabled. This comic is absolutely great. Love the artwork, and the the story is great so far – looking forward to reaching a point (financially) where I can do more to support this.