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Random Background Info:

Originally, English was the only language allowed in this area in order to make sure no misunderstandings occurred in the control room. However, people are lazy and, while everyone here must be able to at least speak and understand English, the rules slowly became more lax and native languages are now allowed. Unless, of course, the translator fails, in which you must switch to English.

Kimi's native language is Japanese, but she left her native country when she was just an angry, rebellious teenager and refused to speak her language for years. It's debatable whether she speaks English or Japanese better now.


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I think she’s the girl on Page 304 in the broadcast on the right


Any translations?


My wish for a new vote bait was fulfilled. Yeah! 🙂


“A becsült Kívülálló területek 82 százaléka újra online.”
Is hungarian and it roughly translates to:
82 percent of estimated Outsider territories are back online.


Enää 4 % kateissa, tiettävästi ei kuollonuhreja (Finnish) translates to:
Only 4 % missing, no casualities as far as we know.
Also, first comment on the site! Keep up the good work, Aneeka. You’re doing great with these Reality pages! 🙂


Heehee, that was from me. *does a happy dance*


????????? ???? ?? ???????? (I think it’s Macedonian) translates to: Antlantis City does not respond


Oh, that’s Macedonian? I just thought it was really bad Russian.


Top right is Serbian (badly translated, to boot).

It says “Atlantic city isn’t responding”


Imaš li ti bolji prevod?

I had actually given multiple suggestions as alternatives, including the ones where ‘Atlantis City’ was fit into the nature of language. This one maintains the seriousness of the situation. Why would I fluff it up? Keep it short, stylistically and grammatically correct.


The thing irking me is the fact it wasn’t translated per se, but only transcribed. You could reach (well, not quite) the same effect by just running the thing through a Cyrillic script.


The only speechbubble I could translate got translated in the comic…


Aaaahhaaha Swiss-German doesn’t translate! Nice one!


Typo. It should be either:
They are requesting to know what happened. (A statement with a period, not a question mark. The speaker is declaring a fact, not asking a question.)

Or else it might possibly be done as including a quoted question, such as…

They are requesting to know, “What happened?”
or more naturally
They are asking, “What happened?”

Nice use of the foreign languages.

It’s an implicit question, I think, the operator wants to know what to tell them. Instead of using so many words to ask the question, they just add a questioning tone to the statement to get the same point across. A more straightforward example would be a helmsman in a small bridge crew telling the ship’s captain, “Iceberg right in front of us?”. It’s an ambiguous sentence fragment that needs context to make sense, especially with the question mark attached. More properly, they might say “Iceberg dead ahead. Your orders, captain?”, but if the crew know each other well, they… Read more »

That only works for languages where you can use the tone to mark a question, though. Not all languages work like that. Finnish doesn’t, for one. Not sure of Chinese (but would imagine not, as tone is important to different meanings of _words_ alone).


Lol, that dialect in the German speech-bubble was awesome! I was hoping to read some German in this comic (and thus I translated all five sentences), but this is even better. ^^


Hakuna jibu watoka Mji Greenland is Suajili and roughly translates to: “No answer from Greenland City”.