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The last two panels sound like Dr. Grace thinks that Kleya is the hacker they’re looking for, and he thinks that Bandit also thinks that.

Also, Virus, with a capital “V”? innnteresting.


The Virus? Did Kleya write some kind of unstoppable, maybe a little sentient Virus that no one but her can get rid of, back when she was a villain?


I’m just going to assume that ‘The Virus’ is D.
And that they want it gone because he (it, whatever) immediately blocks any attempt at hacking, cutting off a large amount of power. This is speculation. Random Speculation.

Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)
Hero Blob 017 (aka Toma)

Unexpected plot development.
Dunno what to make of this.
For Kleya to win she has to win twice thought, right?



In which the plot, much like a sauce to which starch has been added, thickens. Wow. Layers and layers of plot in one page. I assume they aren’t talking about D. But did Kleya write a Virus that threatens the servers? Or was it her mom? Is the Virus related to the extra info Kleya gets during matches? Is it really as much of a threat as Grace and co. seem to think? Now I wonder if Sasuke is looking for Kleya in order to kill her…. and if he’s really the Prez. I’d rather believe he’s a former TENka… Read more »

The Virus? An otherwise-undescribed threat that even TENka’s finest couldn’t touch? Sounds like things aren’t quite as ideal as they seem in L.i.F.e.


Is Dr. Grace in his Game avatar or his L.i.F.e. avatar?


My instinct says ‘game’.


It’s probably in L.i.F.e. The Game hasn’t been exposed much yet (I barely understand it’s concept)

The Merry Lurker

The Bandit is using his Game avatar, so I’m guessing it’s a hidden portion of The Game. Sort of like something you’d need cheat-codes or GM-access to get to.


Aneeka has stated previously that the rooms they use for this stuff are like private chat rooms, not portions of the game.


Bouncing between this and 4 other webcomics… And yet, everytime this one updates, it seems to become my favorite again.


Uh… Ok… I’m too lazy to read back through everything, but I don’t recall a ‘D.’ Would someone mind enlightening me, or pointing me back to a page?


It’s what blocked the hack directed at Danni during round 1 of the Game Trials. Pretty sure, from the look, that “D” is short for Dragon. ^^b


Sooo … Let’s see what facts we can deduce from this page :
– There’s a thingy called the Virus which TENka’s employees failed to contain. It’s also so intimidating that even disturbing it is out of question.
– If the “Prez” realizes Kleya is “the hacker girl”,he will kill her.

It’s not surpring that the way the plot unravels is quite satisfactory since new threats and information keep appearing in every page. Seems like Kleya’s fate is determined by many more factors, which, by the way, justify TENka’s actions so far. Brilliant! 😀


Fade to commercial.


Hah! I was right. They need her for her skillz 😀


The game is very likely just some high-latency, high-graphic content and most of all extremely interactive world. Basically the would-be sequel to LiFe if they had the capacity, but since they don’t they use it as a reality show to keep the masses content.


…High-latency means communication between the server and the user’s comp is slow >.>

Oh, world of warcraft… at least you taught me something
‘Consistently high latencies may indicate a problem with your internet connection’


Oooooh, now we are getting started.

that one guy

In the last panel Dr. Grace says “her” and “she”, but does not specify Kat, and we know that the next match is between two females… so there may be a possibility that Dr. grace is talking about Kat’s opponent.



No, they’re talking about Kleya. SHE’S the one they all think is the mysterious hacker girl they need to inform the president about.


I believe they are still talking about Kat.
Kat obviously did some sabotage before disappearing — any one who leaves a place while being hunted by others WILL DO SO.
Kat is really talented.

Uh… Right. Now we need to know more about where/what did kat did before present. And whether or not Kat will bother getting around winning or not. Right now it’s more a “sit back and watch” kind of situation.


Hmm, well I’m going to wait till the last 2-3 days before I double my pledge. Who’s with me? (I understand some can’t though, don’t feel bad. :))


(if it’s needed that is… doubling hurts as it is 😉 (in a good way))


i remember how somebody said in the last page that they believe Tenka is actually good, but idk if its all that black and white. I think they are evil but someone out there is more evil than they are and they need someone. I just hope Kleya doesnt become a part of their group.


Good, evil, law, chaos… this story doesn’t seem to have either, really. We have the protagonist and antagonists, of course, but nobody seems to be really good or evil.

Heck, we just found out the world had programmer witch hunts – and apparently the feeling still pervades through society enough that the average person calls out for blood when anyone is even ACCUSED of being a hacker >.>