Yay! D to the rescue! And by rescue I mean probably forcing another blackout.


As long as that face in the last panel doesn’t mean he is letting her do it by purpose…

If D intervenes quickly enough and sneakily enough, it could be viewed as merely a network blip rather than the deliberate actions of a hacker. As I suggested last time, Kleya could do with agreeing parameters of use for D in LiFe, effectively helping ensure she only accesses raw code on a read-only basis. It may be possible that getting worked up and lashing out unintentionally contributed to the chaos and destruction associated with the Mecha mayhem, so she could have created D partially as a brake on her activity, but then realising how powerful the AI could be, gave… Read more »
Mr. Random

A character interview gave us the hint that D existed before Kleya. He was probably a lesser AI that she altered in some way. The code is still probably in him somewhere, altering some things.


Well a lot of people predicted this… I still like the idea of Jake interfering. Oh well, this is still awesome, and I love the special effects. Can’t wait to see if D can actually save her!


Quick! Hit Undo!




It may be beyond Ctrl-Z territory and into Ctrl-Alt-Delete territory…


Well, this is all fine and dandy, however they’re going to know that there was a hacker, and judging by how quickly they found the source out it was the Scorpion who did it last time, (And the fact that she’s suspected of being a super-terrorist hacker) it won’t take long for them to find out who hacked here. Unless she’s quick enough, and there’s a plausible other reason, she’ll be found out.

Xel Unknown

This wont end well… And we all know it. But here’s hoping for a semi-happy-ish outcome for all.


You can do it, D! … I don’t know how she’s getting out of this one. Maybe TLink’s got the right idea though.


Wow, D looks really awesome! I wonder how he’ll fix this…another blackout right at the moment of her outburst might still set off alarms for a lot of people.


O.o D reminds me of a Dilophosaurus in that last panel. Kudos! Totally loving this series.


“Yes, Master.”


“Mastermind knows best.” LOL

Though D looks to solve the problem by eating the witnesses…. 😉

Dragon Emperor

Don’t you mean by annihilating them? Cause D LIKES the Annihilating bit.

jay bird

D you so cool 🙂


This woul be a great time to take a week or two break to have a buffer again Aneeka


Oh, dear. computers can be so literal some days…


“Overdid it again” in 3, 2…

So i figured out what D actually is. A Security Program ive suspected for a while but this confirms it. A Prison Warden if you will It was created by presumably her mother how do I figure that? all this talk about being a hero and alluding to her mother afterward her mother probably just wanted her to be safe and made D to keep Kleya or even herself safe if the latter is the case Kleya inherited D for the same reason Kleya’s mother made it. ANYWAY D was designed to work behind the scenes and follow Kleya’s commands… Read more »

Interresting theory but D’s interview had him tell us that Kleya (wich he calls Mastermind if my memory serve me right) found him. I remember thinking at the time that he was probably a military grade aggressive security program, the kind which protect from hackers by formating their computer. Or possibly setting it on fire by deactivating cooling systems and emergency overheating shutdown. But I can’t remember if I thought that because it was implied to be a military program or if it’s just my how theory


Don’t forget that real-world-Kleya said a while back that TENKA thinks D is just an anti-hacking program. So TENKA seems to know about “it”, but not about “him” (the custom AI or whatever that’s under her control). But that doesn’t necessarily rule out either theory.

Also, D’s expression in the last panel: It’s great to see someone who truly enjoys his job. 😀


Special effects are soooo cool! Man, I love dragons. You rock, Aneeka! 😀


This is just going to make things worse, isn’t it?

Wait, she’s talking to D in her brain? This changes… absolutely nothing, I think, nevermind.


Yes. I must admit that D looks very scary in that last panel. But, we’ll see. Maybe he won’t make it worse. Who knows?


Depending on how D interpret’s her command, that could make things much, much worse.


Can’t comment on old pages apparently, so I’m saying it here.

Thank you for mentioning Villains by Necessity. Found it, read it, loved it. D*** it’s so sad such a masterpiece isn’t more well known.


Then again 202 is half of 404, which would be a appropriate for Kleya breaking everything.


Aww, D looks so happy to be getting some exercise! c: I feel sort of bad for him, hardly ever getting to cut loose and show off what he can do.


We will hope his thoughts on the matter don’t include eating her character as the quickest way to resolve things, he Shouldn’t based on that interview a awhile back, but it would get results.


Does D stand for Deconstruct or Dragon?


You know you’re a huge NAV fan when it only updates twice a week, and yet you are on there every day without fail to read the comments. 😀

Chris Godsey

Such a bright, happy, and comforting smile. Lol


Huh. I only now realised Kleya’s special –manipulating the generally ignored, emotional parameters of the characters– works practically the same as Miho’s manipulation in Megatokyo.
I suppose that’s coincidence, especially since Kleya doesn’t seem to be intent on manipulating the emo stats for nefarious purposes.


A thought occured to me… TENka already knows that Kleya has programming skills, so except for Bandit (who knows better), the fact that D ‘stops’ her will probably be further proof that she isn’t herself.


Except for the fact that simultaneously hacking a large crowd of people is something only a select few hackers could do.
The only way I can think of how to avoid TENka’s unwanted gaze as much as possible at this point would be for D to overload her avatar aswell and then make the problem look like it came from an external source.


how can he stop her if it’s what she already did?

There is some lag time with signals traveling long distances, especially if it is being relayed a few times. The trick is to find a faster way for the “stop” action to get to the target, or some point along the path to the target. Some of the blobs may suffer unless D can get higher priority pass-through or find shortcuts to them, though. If the attack is complex enough, it will also take longer, just processing that much data, which could help. Also, if there is a way to simply cancel a specific action w/o affecting the rest of… Read more »