‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 108


Finally! We officially meet "D" πŸ˜€

He (okay, technically an 'it') is an AI. He's not self-aware but it's probably not a good idea to mess with him.


I've updated/re-done the character page! 'D' is even included.

And for the vote incentive, it's panel 3 with the dialogue that was running through my head as I drew it.



Tim C
Overdid it? Naw, spot on, D! Take down the server before the disruption gets logged. It’s the only way to be sure to leave no evidence. …Of course, there’s the circumstantial evidence, assuming TENka orchestrated the first hack to bait Kleya. Then the server suddenly going down might be seen as too coincidental. Still, that’s probably a smarter move than combating the hack, as it can at least -could- be a coincidence. Like Hero Smiley. Not sure how I feel about the idea of an AI hacking. Even if it’s not sentient, if it’s able to respond to Kleya’s instructions… Read more »
James Smith

It’s cool effects TIME!


So it works like this;
Try to hack Kleya or someone she likes; get a Dragon AI all over your a***

Seems like a fairly effective defense to me.



………and now you lost me…..
I must have missed something, I’ll have to go back and reread the last comics….


Overdid it? Does someone have to reboot or does it go further than that?
This makes me wonder, how do viruses work? Same as they do now or is there anything fancier? And what about things like keyloggers, benign programs that just record every action, keystroke and password? And what about spam, is that still around?


Woah! Awesome! Just awesome :D!!


Oh, so Kleya also has a dragon that she can sick on people? And it can hack as well?

Fire Hazard

Reminds me of What’s-his-face’s (sasuke?) Dragon-snake pet thingy.


Should’ve known she’d have an AI to take care of such things.


H***, they’ve got programs that pass the turing test NOW. And can fool people by using word-trickery.
Some people may be -good- but there’s a difference between “can work well in teh magic computer, where there are no limitations” and “can work with stupid squishy things” like aids and stuff.

On the contrary, chatbots exist, but none of the them are good enough to pass a Turing test. The 2011 Loebner prize contest (giving $4000 to the best chatbot of the year and promising $100k to the first to actually pass the test) was just held in October. You can see the results here (http://loebner.exeter.ac.uk/results/) but [Spoiler Alert] none of the bots fooled a single judge. The winning entry was Rosette by Bruce Wilcox, but if you go talk to her for about thirty seconds (http://labs.telltalegames.com/rosette/) you might get an idea of why. @Aneeka I feel like I should make… Read more »

Having your own personal AI dragon? What could be more awesome?
On another note, I’m wondering if D is legal. Does her activating it to counteract the hacking count as hacking? Would she be in trouble for using it? I have a funny feeling TENka doesn’t want people to have personal AI dragons to do their bidding…


Read the annotation/description. States that loud and clear.

Where is it in the annotation/description that it’s pointed out the Dragon AI isn’t legal? I seem to have missed that even upon review. I’m quite certain he and his abilities as an AI are frowned upon at the very least(but it doesn’t say anywhere he is for sure illegal). Legality is not really something TENka exactly cares so much about as people standing in their way, and D just did that, and since he’s not self-aware, someone had to be pulling his strings. Screams hacker, though tracking the hacker would be pretty difficult I would imagine with the server… Read more »

Also this was supposed to be in response to Kara’s comment at the bottom. Sorry.


Actually it could be allowed in some cases. She is using it tocounter act a hacking and their all against hackers so it could be allowed. Don’t you agree?


My wife wants a t-shirt with the dragon eating the blob people.


That would be killer…I just want one with the dragon…period…but eatting blob people sounds good.


Why does everyone assume the Dragon is an AI? It could just be a special with a RNG and too high a number causes problems. She refers to it as D taking care of it and overdoing it the same way she refers to hero smiley protecting her.

Not to say that her special couldn’t be an AI, just pointing out that D may just be her special activating and have nothing at all to do with the hacking.


Do’h, just noticed the comment to the comic itself where it says that he is an AI. Go awareness πŸ˜›


ooh, I love how D looks. I can’t wait to see more of his interactions with Kleya.

Also, great update on the character page! I’m a little sad that you took down the Angus twins though πŸ™ But, I guess they’re kinda mean anyway, and not really part of the story right now.


weeee! Oh my goodness that dragon is AWESOME!!! This is my favorite comic to read and I love seeing your art progressing (waaaaay better than mine!) I just wish there were a million of you so I could have more to read each day plus then you could make cookies.


First of all. This is a wonderful comic, the characters are really expressive and really, it is hard not to relate to some of them.

As well, am I the only who thinks that D might just be an anti-hacking AI that Kleya’s had to deal with before, I might be wrong, but it’s a possibility.


“…D might just be an anti-hacking AI that Kleya’s had to deal with before….”

Ah, that’s an interesting idea. Kleya might still have created D, though, or been partially responsible for its creation. πŸ™‚


Indeed, my main reason for this is the fact that Kleya’s statement is “Don’t Hack! Just let D handle it.” That does imply that D is not her A.I. and is in fact anti-hacking material.

I didn’t think of Kleya possibly making D though, it would explain her little grin when D shows up.