Yay, I just woke up and saw this update as it came online. Thanks for making this start into work-day friday more pleasant :). And on the comic itself: Wow, I never would have suspected such a heavy accusation. I mean, yeah, Kleya has done something bad in the past. That was quite clear. But if it is true that she is the ‘Deconstruct Me’ Leader and that they wanted to kill everyone then I think she has to pull off a LOT more heroic actions than what she already tried to do to compensate for it. But given how… Read more »

Long time reader, first time commenter, first comment and first time to be shoock by this comic. I knew she was a xcont, but be the leader of decontruct me, a terrorust group that was sole responsible for hundreds of actual deads is shocking. And the mom dead is the only dead she is most shock about? Just crazy!


They’re terrorists now. But were they revolutionists before? Did they try to change the world for the best, only to have it fail catastrophically.

So far TENka doesn’t read much more than “terrorist” faction that got into the seat of power. Labels change as politics change.


Tsk tsk, Kleya, being the leader of Deconstruct Me. And it seems like she’s also the one who coded the super virus thing that no one else can beat. I’m assuming it can’t be D?

I wonder if Kleya really is (or was) the leader of Deconstruct Me? And if she really deliberately tried to kill everyone? As opposed to trying to take over the system, and accidentally almost killing everyone…. It’s a subtle difference, I know. If she was the leader of Deconstruct Me (assuming they really existed) I don’t think she is anymore. The first panel shows a list including a reminder to buy food. Not usually a task the leaders of powerful organizations have to worry about. But I’m not sure there really was a hacker organization. Kleya doesn’t seem to have… Read more »

Oooh… the plot thickens.

So Kleya’s past is finally being unravelled? If it sounds half as bad as the Bandit makes it out to be, and she’s trying to redeem herself of that past, then no wonder her past crippled her in Bloody Mary’s battle.

Note that Bandit isn’t the one who claims Kleya tried to kill everybody. The Dude says that, and while Bandit agrees, he’s agreeing about her identity, not necessarily about everything she’s alleged to have done. On the other hand, *something* killed Kleya’s mom, and Kleya feels responsible. So clearly she was doing something lethal, whether she intended it to be or not. There’s a major missing piece to this story, though, or Bandit wouldn’t still be hiding Kleya’s identity. Either Bandit doesn’t think Kleya is really guilty of all she’s alleged to have done, or he doesn’t trust TENka with… Read more »

While Kleya might have been the “Deconstruct Me” leader… I doubt myself whether she had dealt the kinds of damage done to the world outside. She probably had her role to play in whatever happened, but I say someone was pulling her strings just as well.

You are right. Bandit’s actions do not act like someone who found a criminal mastermind. Covering up Kleya’s identity to Dr Grace and TENka… but then, why mention it to the Dude?


Ha! I knew it. I knew Kleya had to have some sort of connection to DM. Seemed to much that the only major hacker group mentioned and not have some sort of connection to DM.

On the other hand, Kleya doesnt seem the type to just “Kill everyone” without a reason or goal in mind. So something probably went wrong.


I keep thinking, what game is Bandit playing here?
But on secound thought, what game KLEYA has played in the past? And why she has done so mutch?

So many questions, biting myself of curiosity >.<


So at first I thought Kleya was avoiding TENka because she used to work with them and now doesn’t want to deal with them for whatever reason… she’s the Deconstruct Me leader? No wonder she’s got so much emotional baggage!


I think the real idea that should be focused on is, If The Bandit knows Kat/Kleya is her, and that she is the person who TENka is looking for, and that she is the most probably the most notorious person in the world right now, why hasn’t he givin’ her up yet?


The thought crossed his mind after Kleya wooped his sorry a**, but the look on his face right after implies he has emotional reasons for not turning her in.


Hey, everybody’s got to start somewhere. Making a special that can beat Kat is pretty impressive, as far as starts go.


One of the most important lines yet
“tried to kill everyone”

Is that why everyone is looking for her? Does that make them the good guys since they are trying to prevent it from happening again?
Is that why Kleya turned good? Is that what happened to her mom?

So many possibilities.


It is possible that Kleya learned too much about who is really responsible for the mess the world is in and was blamed for it as result.


How’s that for a curveball?


And one more point: At present it isn´t said anywhere that “killing everyone” would be wrong. They may have very good reasons to do so.


I just noticed that the Deconstruct Me face at the right top and Kleya’s face at the right bottom look very similar.


Kleya is a good hacker, but she lacks elementary skills on how to be a spy.
When you don’t want to be recognized online it is essential to adopt new character traits and avoid exhibiting old ones.


that even goes down to a linguistic level, body language, etc