Mary Shoup

So does that mean she’s hacking all the time because she’s pretending to use a headset/keyboard combo?

How is she floating?!


Also, she has brown hair!

^ My thoughts/reaction.

Mary Shoup

Also, going with “On a ship” OOOH A SPACESHIP?!?!?!


probably more like a bunker im guessing 😉

Mary Shoup

Ah, but if you’re on the run and the ground and air is poison, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep moving and be somewhere very unexpected (boat/ship/outer space)

Dear Bluey

If she was in space, floating due to a lack of gravity, wouldn’t her braids be all floaty too?


Depends how much hairspray she used.

The Merry Lurker
She used to work for TenKa, right? It would make sense that one of their best programmers has fancy spine-bling like she does. And her brown hair– remember her mother had brown hair. Aneeka shows her, flashback-style, in the issue where she’s about to hack Jane but doesn’t. What caught my eye is 1) all the consoles in the background– this place was meant to be operated by a whole crew of people. I wonder if he uses her ub341337 programming skills to automate some of the systems, or if she’s somewhere where all the fully operational status of her… Read more »
The Merry Lurker

OH! I’m adding on with another observation– what appears to be a partially opened panel or porthole next to the console to the right.

That, and the shape of the room, leads me to believe that maybe she’s in some kind of submersible vehicle under the ocean. Not far from being able to “Buy Food” (as she noted to herself in the beginning), perfect for staying hidden on the run, and it makes sense for the minimalist, close-quarters, all-steel-construction look surrounding her. Oh! And the crew! That would explain why it was built for a crew.

The Merry Lurker

Another thing! (Okay sorry for hijacking this with my crazy rambling)

What if they aren’t consoles, but window-coverings?

That’s an alternative to the crew theory (especially seeing, now, that there’s only once chair), but it raises questions about what the panels on the counter-shelf-looking-things are.

Mary Shoup

But she no longer works for Tenka and generally is in a Me vs. Them mindset about them. Why does she still use it? Does she really have a kido? Is this good enough/better?

With a neural connection can she be damaged/trapped in the computer? (Mina’s fear when Superbug attacked!)

I like your thoughts about the consoles. It will be interesting to see what happens!

(Blonde hair is a recessive gene and so brunettes etc. can still have blonde children)

(Hijack away!)

Well the ceiling hatch wouldn’t be an outside exit on either a bunker or a submersible. They both would want an air lock system with a very heavy door like the one all the way in the back. So the roof hatch probably leads to new levels. Alot of people mention being buried. So assuming these are bomb shelters scattered around in various cities, then the cities fell on them but they still have links to the internet. Since the console areas do not line up with the ‘screens’ and there is no door to where she is I am… Read more »

Woah. Looks fantastic, even if I’m a bit confused about what’s going on here. On another note, I just finished the wanted child and I’m annoyed because I didn’t know it was a series and now I want the sequel to be out now :P. Really novel setting, and I liked the different styles of magic kicking around.


Sandra is right. Kleya definitely a keyboard problem. It’s gotta be hard to use a keyboard interface while FLOATING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM. XD


AHA! She is dark-haired!

That is perhaps not that much of a revelation.

Anyway, I’d like to find out about how the heck she is floating in mid-air before I start my overly detailed speculative assesment of her setup.

Good job hiding the eye’s, adds more drama (and prolongs the entire revelation thing).
The shading an the cloathes is very nice, I bet that alone takes more time than a ‘regular’ L.i.F.e. page.

PS: first silly(?) thought about the room: She is on the bridge of the Enterprise!

Rebecca Sly

I can’t tell what I’m more impressed with, the fact that she’s floating, the art, the computer interface linked directly into her neural system maybe(?), or the fact that she is floating.

I don’t know what I was expecting for the reality pages, but I had NO idea you were this good! so worth the wait! It is absolutely gorgeous!

Also she’s floating. I really can’t get over that. I want to know how she is apparently hovering in mid air…




And that raises some interesting questions. In order to float with magnets, there needs to be enough metal to support her weight. Could the neural interface be covering her entire spine and hip bones?

The Merry Lurker

Would a magnet strong enough to support her weight thrash her (presumably) delicate neural connection?

Not necessarily, so long as a) it held her comparatively still relative to the magnetic field, and b) she activated the connection /after/ activating and stabilising the field. EM induction only occurs in a moving or changing magnetic field. Alternatively, the connection could be shielded – any diamagnetic material (the most diamagnetic material known that has that property stably is bismuth) will, in a magnetic field, produce an opposing field, thus repelling it from the magnet and effectively cancelling part of the applied magnetic field. A perfect diamagnet would completely block the magnetism, but that basically only happens in superconductors… Read more »

Well if you look at panel 2 it dose show more, of what im assuming is the kido, light up under her shirt


Has the same logo on it that TenKa put on their NPCs’ hand. Definitely their hardware.


Huh, for some reason I was under the assumption that a kido was something one lied in.


Frickin’ miracles!


ZOMG BEAUTIFUL. Was not expecting this gorgeous change in style 😀

also, floating. mind = blown. wut?

Tim C


…Also, is she levitating?


Woah. Never pegged her for a brunette. stupid of me though, as the number 1 most wanted person ever she couldn’t have her avatar look like her real self.


I thought she would be. remember, her Life persona is supposed to be her remaking herself. so naturally it will be physically the opposite in every way to her real self a girl avatar could be.


Wait. just realized. I’m pretty sure she’s in a space station.


Wow. Just- wow. No wonder it took so long to draw. That is impressive.

Also, is she sitting in the air?


Well, let’s see:
Darkly mysterious: Check.
Questions answered: Check.
More questions raised than answered: Check.
Success: 100%!

(Is she floating?)

*whistles* Woooooww. Nice work. The shading is gorgeous. The way you show off every wrinkle in her clothing is a level of detail that I… (goes back and does a quick check through my webcomic/manga list) think definitely think could stand proudly against any other webcomic I have read. Offhand, the only one that seems to get that level of detail that you managed for Kleya’s clothing would be Post-Nuke Comic. Even that one isn’t in color. There might be comics I like the aesthetic of more so then this what you are showing on this page but as a… Read more »

Simply wow.

When I first encountered this webcomic, it was the story that made me pause and think it might be worth following. Curiosity has been what kept me. I didn’t think your art was very special by any means, and I was beginning to think you’d leave some significant questions hanging about the milieu. You have stunned me on both counts. The background environment isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but the style has a very strong charm of its own, and the detail on the character is very, very good. Appropriately, the style here gives me a Beneath a Steel… Read more »

this is so awesome


She’s neural connected?


Um… is she levitating? She looks like she is. Ok, now we know for sure that Kleya has super powers.

KRV that what she looks like in real life?
Huh. I know that blonde was just a starter hair color in LiFe, but I guess I just assumed she was blonde in the real world as well.

I like it, it’s very mysterious. Kinda dark.

Good setup.


Been reading a couple weeks now and I must say, I am enjoying the story. Your artwork is getting much better and it really shows in the Real World (I’m assuming here). It is hard to wait for each update as this is among my favorites but every update is like a gift :). Keep up the good work.


Woahhh! This looks incredible! I’m liking the art style for reality so far!

Seros Senric

Took me a second look to realise what the top two panels were.

Also, large panel, she looks like she’s levitating or floating or something.

Seros Senric

That said, I am intrigued and looking forward to what happens in this sequence. Even more-so than before.


She’s floating, is a direct spinal conection like in matrix, d must be he sub consios. She is a cyborg. 🙂


big assumtion there. D could be a program she wrote and just interacts with via her cybernetics.

First, nice art style. 🙂 Ok, something a bit more extreme than a Kido unit, I think. And the glowing TENka logo in the second panel is pretty creepy. Now I, like everyone else, am waiting to see how you explain the floating. She can’t be in a microgravity environment, because she wouldn’t be in a seated position, her body would be more stretched out and relaxed. Plus the chair is on the floor. But how does this square up with the image we saw on the first page? She’s evidently got a keyboard somewhere (and paper notes). Perhaps she… Read more »

She was in a seated position when she logged out, perhaps that’s why she’s seated here. Space station seems to be the most likely scenario (if so, Mae’s theory of “Hard to get to” is a bit of an understatement). I guess now she has to set her implant thingy to register as a kido now.


Wow…Can’t wait to see more, and to find out why she’s floating, and how much cyberisation she has… Did you by any chance get any influence from Ghost in the Shell? The art was worth the wait anyway, really in depth and stands out well from LiFE.


My first reaction: ‘Yay, Kleya isn’t blond, she’s a brunet like me!

My second reaction: ‘Holy crap, is that a Tenka symbol?’

My third reaction: ‘Why is she levitating? :0’


would you look at that she IS a cyborg


and a psycic one on that


Aneeka – curse you for making me wait for Tuesday.


I like your work so plz forgive the criticism. It kinda looks like she is floating in the seated position. A thought I had (just a suggestion) since people spend so much time in L.i.f.e. maybe they’re laying down usually, or she could be sitting on the floor leaning against a wall. Again I apologize if this offends, that is not my intention. I like your work and just wanted to mention what I saw since sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see what we don’t when making something.


When in doubt, check others’ comments?


Reality looks much different than I imagined… Her connector to Life is like, connected to her neural system?? It’s freaky! :p And, she’s floating in mid air? I am just so… impressed… and so… curious of what is coming next!


WOW!!!! Awesome. I love the bionic interface. Great Job!

Jonah F-G

My….. my g–. Its amazing. So…. detailed…….. thank you. I…. this is like…. art.

Sir Read-a-Lot

Is she… floating? Is she in space?

Neural connection? Space station? I don’t think so. Clearly she is floating but the first couple panels don’t look like a space station at all. It almost looks like some sort of digging machine. Maybe she is at the center of the Earth? Obviously it should be molten, high pressure and impossible but then again that could all be a part of the apocalypse. Neural interface? Is that because she isn’t obviously touching a keyboard? I don’t see any wires or anything, am I missing something? Look at the position of her right hand and fingers. She seems to be… Read more »
Mary Shoup

Compare her position in the last panel to her position as she logged out when in LiFe. With the neural interface, I think it tracks her movements in reality and directly translates them into LiFe.

Still wondering how she is floating in the air though.

The Merry Lurker
I’ve heard of people hacking facebook (Clientside, that is. Not the servers themselves.) to make it look like they’ve been posting from a mobile or whatever else. It has to do with changing the bit of information that your device uses to tell the other computer what it is. Kleya could have hacked her own device to make it tell the L.i.F.e. servers it was a keyboard. After all- all they have to go on is what the computer told them. I was wondering about that, too. Sure, Sandra said she moved amazingly fast for someone using a keyboard. A… Read more »

If she has to actually move her body then it kind of defeats the purpose of a neural interface doesn’t it? If she has to move then it could be a neural interface listening to the same neurons as do her muscles but more likely it’s just a series of cameras, like a Kinect.


Wasn’t sure what to expect, but wow…


Everyone, go look at the first page of the comic. It clearly shows Kleya using some kind of keyboard to log in to L.I.F.E. Since then, it’s been explicitly observed several times in the comic that she’s been using a keyboard. This woman is clearly not using a keyboard.

On the other hand, we’ve seen nothing that suggests in any way that this woman is Kleya. I really think this isn’t Kleya, guys, but I couldn’t guess who it really is.


Also, Kleya can’t possibly be brunette, because I’ve always imagined her as blonde. If it is Kleya, then she’d have to dye her hair ashe blonde immediately or she’ll lose 38 cute points.

Squid Mushroom

Maybe the keyboard is what activates the hover position? Maybe she cyber walks (like sleep walking but while in LiFe)? I noticed the miss-match too. I wish the next page came out sooner. So many questions!

I love the art style though. She reminds me of Alma from F.E.A.R. and I could see how they say she fought off an army with her mind. Awesome!

Mary Shoup

She might “log in” at a computer to give the illusion of a headset/keyboard interface. There’s a chair over there, and I’m guessing a keyboard and monitors (several of each surrounding her.)

I LOVE that last panel. I love the proportions and the shading on the clothes and the lighting, and you have just the right amount of detail in the background. The top two panels are also good, but they include a lot of things that are hard to draw, such as hair and skin and glowy objects. I’m going to give you a few recommendations, but they are purely extrapolated from my own experience, and you might already know them: 1. It would add to the impression of glowing if you brightened up the hair around the glowy bits. Right… Read more »

For your #3, my friend has long hair, and she keeps it braided, and the hairs that aren’t as long as the rest, keep escaping the braid just like shown on Kleya there.

The Merry Lurker

Ditto. As a fellow long-hair, I can verify this as a factual (and annoying) fact.


Cybernetic implants?
In a creepy dark high tech room?
Questions, questions. . .


In one page, you have managed to answer two to three questions (1. What’s her hair color? 2. She’s using a keyboard setup?)and simultaneously managed to make us raise more questions then ever before.
Tom would be proud!
I know I am! 😀


Sorry, I got too excited there…

I love every bit of this page : Kleya’s hair, the background art, cloth wrinkles, spooky vibes, glowing TENka symbol, and (!!Oh My G–!!) the interface. I hope it’s not a removable gadget but actually a part of her body.


wow…im blown away by all the information we got with just this one scene lol i got chills when i saw the Tenka symbol like Skynet is for the Terminator franchise

Sir Read-a-Lot

Hmm… She’s in the exact same position that she was in in L.I.F.E. when she logged out.

I don’t know what this means, but I’m sure it isn’t a coincidence.

Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)
Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)

Hm. Knowing this Kleya could have told her sponsor that there was simply no safe way to get her to a city, but I suppose there was a risk of it being taken as a challenge.


Maybe only a hacker or ‘the’ hacker would be where she is and she expects them to know that.

Mr. Random
I remember when I first stumbled onto the website. It was because of a random link from the time-sucking TT. The story, was interesting. Enough to keep me interested. The characters, deeper than I originally thought. (Still love the part after she yells at the crowd). The art was a bit mediocre. Now…now I understand. The game is simplistic in graphics, and you showed that. This is REALITY, in all its details. I can’t help it. it’s just…wow. My thoughts on your character creations has always been high, simiarly to your story. BUT THE ART HERE! It’s a completely different… Read more »
Mr. Random

Speculation time! Manager said, Not a Kito box, everyone thinks, keyboard/headset hybrid. I say, she altered a kido box so the signals registered as a k/h set and probably screwed with the signal it sent so it was harder to find her. It’ll take two-three minutes to find a way to hook up her spinal implant back into the box.

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special

Oh, hey! The Dude was right!

She is an unstoppable corrupted cyborg who hacked the geomagnetic field and took out an entire army with just her mind!

Now, it makes sense why The Dude would think those things. She’s got a cyborg implant down her spine; then, the people who didn’t like her would just exaggerate how much robot she is. She can float while hacking, so people assumed that she hacked the geomagnetic field. And so on.

It now appears to me that the TENka symbol is wings.



…why is she floating??

(Also, I love the last panel!! Very detailed!! 8D)


OK first thing firs for one i bet she is on a spaceship or a spacstaion which makes sene the flootingthing second the way sheis floting (she as her braid hooked uto acomputer she could poblystarted in chair then turned off gravity to save power Explaes Flooting) third she used to work for teaka (thear Ship/Station and forthly the pants they look like something astronunt wares wile in the Space station today if i reamber corectly and lastly i ot nothing but i wanted to add a lastly


Sry for misspelling in last post i am horable with spelling to much online gaming and stuped keybord mistypeing on me