I gotta bad feeling about what The Bandit is going to do with the kid


I spy a fiendi.Poor kid must be confused how he knows all this. Can he be confused? Or at least react confused I guess.


Man, everyone playing this already knows the whole game and all its secrets, except for one person who has no idea how to play.

If I was watching this show, I’d be bored out of my mind. I’d be like: “I’m gonna go work in the fields; let me know when someone gets to the lava world.”


This is getting pretty cool. I wish I could play that game.


OMG 11:11… make a wish. XD


Think Bandit may have done some development on the game? So far, he and Kat have shown uncanny amounts of knowledge for playing it. Dude is about average with his knowledge, Jane has shown a slightly above average amount of knowledge but we really can’t determine how much she knows, and Danni is a total noob.


I wonder if Danni and Jane are in the same instance… =I wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense with the way the game is supposed to work, but it’d be an interesting twist… The mother died because Jane killed her, not because Danni was a newb.


Jane must know some, because she’s already played the game as Bloody Mary. But besides that it’s hard to determine.

I have a feeling though that she’s a lot more informed then she’s letting on, between somehow being in cahoots with Sandra, and just her mysterious demeanor.


I wonder how involved in the development of the Game Bandit was? Or did he just play through it a bunch of times?


Prolly both. It would be silly to think this is his first play through, but we know he was working on this stuff right along with Kleya. Although his knowledge would be more up to date then hers, being out of touch for two years like she was.


Fortunatly for Kat if they didn’t remove the nice for play through I doubt that they touchd it at all.